103rd Temporal Tuesday - 21 June

tomwrussell: I believe I shall take a little shopping trip today. Away to New York 1850 for a browse around the Marble Palace #TemporalTues

korikatra: @tomwrussell Hi! So nice to meet another time traveller! #TemporalTues

korikatra: A beautiful #TemporalTues! I'm just gonna press pause on my time machine and stay in this moment all day. :)

fangarius: Summertime is here.. of course, in Texas, how can one tell, eh? Perhaps I'll #TemporalTues back to the Summer of '69. 1669, that is, and go bother Cap'n Jack Sparrow. Tweetdeck

vonHogflume: #TemporalTues I have just been to London in 1675 to see the laying of the foundation stone of the new St Paul's Cathedral. Such fun!

vonHogflume: #TemporalTues After the Great Fire of London it was nice to see the fruition of some people's desires to rebuild London.

vonHogflume: #TemporalTues It was just a shame that London was not rebuilt on a grid plan, it would make navigation SO easy today.

mrrustymonkey: * a car drives through the gates of a #TemporalTues country club & drops off an apprehensive monkey doll @ the front door *

mrrustymonkey: * just inside, he makes his way through the throng of seemingly "older" folks, & signs his name to the #TemporalTues roster *

mrrustymonkey: * he pins on a #TemporalTues badge & makes his way inside the ballroom - to hunt an empty table @ the back of the room *

mrrustymonkey: * it's so hot & noisy, but he finds a remote spot ( under an air vent ) to perch. this is his seat on the #TemporalTues time machine *

mrrustymonkey: * he watches, as a huge #TemporalTues buffet of Southern foods is staged. then, he closes his eyes, inhaling the aroma of "home" & ...*

mrrustymonkey: Today on this #TemporalTues, our world is still innocent. We're young & carefree! It's 1963.

mrrustymonkey: We're graduating from highschool #TemporalTues! We have a lifetime ahead! We're looking forward to college - nothing to dread!

mrrustymonkey: #TemporalTues, we love our family & our friends. Our whole world is right here. This town ( our own Newton ) is so incredibly dear.

mrrustymonkey: But there's a world to explore #TemporalTues! "Oh The Places We'll Go!" The possibilities are endless! Let's get on with this show!

mrrustymonkey: Now let's skip ahead #TemporalTues, to May 2011. We're @ our high school reunion / a kind of time machine heaven.

mrrustymonkey: We've come home #TemporalTues, to all things familiar & good. To say, "You can't go home again" seems misunderstood?

mrrustymonkey: #TemporalTues, we see our old girlfriends - Lee Jean & Loletta Weems! Yep, they're still sweet on me! Or @ least so it seems. ;-)

mrrustymonkey: #TemporalTues, we see little Judy Rainer & there goes Sue Valentine! Perhaps we'll head to the bar for a glass of red wine? ;-)

mrrustymonkey: #TemporalTues, there's James Youngblood & Bobby Payne & even old David Speed! Yes, we're starting to have a good time indeed!

mrrustymonkey: What a relief #TemporalTues, we're right back in our groove. Whew! Everyone's just themselves. This evening cannot improve!

mrrustymonkey: Was I afraid #TemporalTues, that this night would be a real drag? OK. But I still say, "Thank God for name tags!" ;-)

mrrustymonkey: 40+ years #TemporalTues, is a REALLY long time! The Memorial board's way too filled, but the idea was so kind.

mrrustymonkey: Are you retired #TemporalTues? How many grandkids & such? Are you still working hard or maybe not doing so much?

mrrustymonkey: We take class pictures #TemporalTues & hash out old glories. Future days will be filled with these reunion stories.

mrrustymonkey: Then they'll dance #TemporalTues. Daddy will show off his wife. Everyone can be certain... he's enjoyed a good life! ;-)

mrrustymonkey: Secretly #TemporalTues, we needed this "get out of town." We were starting to feel fractured & a bit haggard & down.

mrrustymonkey: As we leave, the stars will put on their show for free. And you were there #TemporalTues, to share it all with me!

mrrustymonkey: Oh #TemporalTues time machine, let's watch my parents dance & sing! Up On The Roof

Moogie55: Thank you for another beautiful #TemporalTues story lovely, lovely @mrrustymonkey *SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH* xx

mousewords: Or anywhen! RT @Wendell_Howe It's #TemporalTues 1st day of summer, so you may not wish to go anywhere. http://temporaltues.blogspot.com/

mousewords: I got an early start on Temporal Tuesday by rejoining @MassTwitFic's Edwardian #TT100 in honor of the 100th #temporaltues. Not home yet!

Wendell_Howe: It's #TemporalTues Wish I could back up to last Sunday to wish Dad a Happy Father's Day. blogspot (So embarrassing.)

Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues (cont) 1 of their number had his head bitten off by Ozzy Osbourne. They then took off leaving an uninjured E.T. behind.

History_Singers: Lovelorn Ohio poet surprised to hear his lyrics sung around Confederate campfires. #TemporalTues @Wendell_Howe Lorena: Born in Ohio, Beloved in the Confederacy

History_Singers: Mgt. Mitchell was no musician for R&S couldn't have waltzed in 4/4 time. Dear Ms. Mitchell: Scarlett and Rhett Couldn’t Possibly Have Waltzed to “Weeping Sad and Lonely.” #TemporalTues @Wendell_Howe

scablander: #TemporalTues Jumping ahead to 2021 and having @cg360 sign his New York Times bestseller for me. Boy, sure is a long line.

Our fourth installation of #TT100’s continuing Edwardian adventure in honor of the 100th Temporal Tuesday

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi "the Romans had their share of barbarism too -they killed men simply to satisfy their own thirst for entertainment & boredom" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi "Executing criminals? It's hardly the same." "Perhaps your right." A young lady in delicate lilac morning gown pauses in the #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi act of lifting scrambled egg to her mouth,& lowers her fork."If you will pardon my intrusion,they murdered the Christians too" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi "Quite right, my dear!" the Portly MP says in a big, expansive voice, slapping his large palm down over her hand & engulfing #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi it in a robust shake. "Tis wise to remember that" adds the Duke. "I wasn't sure I'd remembered aright," says the lady #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi "Such matters are, so lofty and erudite. I find myself uncertain I've recalled all the facts in right order." Mr Howard gives #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi a shout of laughter "You're not like that insufferable Pankhurst woman" he says a little too loud considering she's at the far #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi corner of the room conversing over the buffet tray. "Debate is not for you, eh?" "And why not?" asks the Duke, quietly -more #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi to hear the answer than to contradict, in spite his clear and known disagreement #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi "Well," Mr Howard answers, without a moments hesitation, "It's of little use to a woman. Debate and politics go hand in hand," #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi "and it's not as if they are suited to that!" "Again, I say, why not?" the Duke continues to be quietly calm in manner, as if #TT100

@ZAmmi: @MassTwitFic *chokes- just a little bit -and drops fork* #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi merely observant, though Bertie & George who know him well see steel in his eye. #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords *Torn between wanting to hear & getting as far away frm MP as possible. attempts to remind self it's not his fault he's * #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords *a product of his time & a hang over from the previous gen from the 1 surrounding us: seeming entrenched even to them* #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords *Pulls and tears at silk napkin under the table* #TT100

@mousewords: @ZAmmi *also transfixed by conversation, swallowing dry toast & reciting to self: /must.be.forgettable./ #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi "I think women will find," Howard answers; avoiding the question like a good politician, "that it's a matter of" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi "Aliena nobis, nostra plus aliis placent. That is to say if they are given the vote the gentle sex will find it to be no such" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi "pleasurable matter as they thought it! When they encounter the heavy tussle of internal and foreign affairs, they shall wish" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi "it was not incumbent upon their leisure, their art & music and fair societal pleasures, to be involved." he clears his throat #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi "To whit, sir, it is a case of 'Conditio sina qua non'." #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords Condit..conditio.. Con... *tugs at lip, unconsciously, trying to remember Latin* #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi "To whit, sir, it is a case of 'Caeca invidia est'." #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords Ca... caeca.. Ca.. *Knits brow in concentration, trying to remember Latin* #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi "Many a man would wish not to be inflicted upon by the noisy governmental tug of war,"the duke replies"But that does not mean" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi "Many a man would wish not to be inflicted upon by the noisy governmental tug of war,"the duke replies"But that does not mean" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi "he should be deprived of his right" "It is his right!""And why not a woman's right?""-A right he has ~earned"the MP continues #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi "A man must if required, fight for his country. It is this that gives him the entitlement to influence the machinations of" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi "Government; it is a conditio sina qua non. -an essential requirement: something women cannot do." The Duke lets out #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi an involuntary breath of laughter. He turns in his seat to face his opponent more directly. "You who are so fond" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi "of the classics, have you never heard of the Amazons?" "Savages!" the portly MP retorts derisively. "Oh, come on, that's" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi "doing it a little too brown." It is the MP's turn to snort dismissively. But the Duke continues "A woman may be forced to" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi "take up arms were we invaded, to defend herself or die, though she had no influence over the course of action that led to" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi "the breach in our defences." "You're dealing in hypotheticals! We have not been invaded in 1000 years!" "Very well," says the #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi Duke, "Amoto quaeramus seria ludo. Let us ask the ladies their opinion." He turns to you & @mousewords #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords ::Whispers:: I know that one. It's Horace. 'joking aside, let's turn to serious matters.' #TT100 @MassTwitFic

@mousewords: @ZAmmi *whispers back* So much for staying invisible..@MassTwitFic I'm afraid my opinion may be prejudiced, #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic for my grandmothers hefted rifles beside my grandfathers, fighting to defend their pioneer homes @Zammi #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic & their families. And women such as ClaraBarton have gone to the front lines of war,serving well. @Zammi #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "Ahh the Americans" says Humphrey Howard in dismissal. "One cannot measure civilization by their rustic methods" #TT100

@ZAmmi: @MassTwitFic >feels more than a little slapped in the face< D: @mousewords #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "Brave women"says Charlie with a respect calculated to soothe any sore feeling,&indicate his own regard for their courage #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic Rustic at times, but most surely not hypothetical *I say, sipping coffee to hide twisting lip* #TT100 @Zammi

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic *grateful smile at Charlie* #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords *Tries to highfive you under the table* @MassTwitFic #TT100

@mousewords: @ZAmmi *highfives back, serious-face crumbling* XD @MassTwitFic #TT100

@mousewords: @ZAmmi *highfives back, serious-face crumbling* XD @MassTwitFic #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords The Duke smiles as appreciatively at your gentle pun as he does at the sight of your own peeping politely over ur teacup #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords The Duke smiles as appreciatively at your gentle pun as he does at the sight of your own peeping politely over ur teacup #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords Howard huffs & puffs a little before continuing his argument. "Very well, I'll warrant that in so unstable a state as" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords Howard huffs & puffs a little before continuing his argument. "Very well, I'll warrant that in such a volatile state as" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "As America, women may be driven to circumstances of such and extreme nature that they are required to fight, but I note" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "That your Senate has not granted women suffrage either. Nor if you did would it follow that more civilized countries" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "should emulate your choice. A man in Papua New Guinea may wear a bone through his nose to denote his chiefdom, but that" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "doesn't mean you will find MPs wandering about Westminster with last nights dinner lodged decoratively in their beards!" #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic I can't help laughing out loud, & saying with a grin, "At least not on *purpose*" #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic "Excuse me, but I believe the question was one of ability & willingness of my sex to debate&fight- #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic -&from the ancient biblical judge Deborah to my wild n'crazy grandmas, women have proved both #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic "As for politics & suffrage.." I smooth my napkin w a shrug "..time will tell." #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords The Duke finds his admiration increasing towards you with every glimpse into your head, he is reduced to having naught #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords to say in reply. "Again you demonstrate my point," persists the MP "one may learn from primitive society, the Israelites" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "perhaps more than even the Greco-Roman city states, but that does not mean one should emulate them" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords Charlie waves his hand dismissively seeing that they will get no further fighting circuitously through the MP's argument, #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords instead he turns to @Zammi & asks "And what is the opinion of the Countess? You have stayed strangely quiet" #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic I mumble behind my hand at @Zammi: 'Shouldn't emulate the primitives, yet so many do..' >:-| #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords *anxious squeeze* *Was fighting to hold her tongue, now involuntarily caught in the spotlight* @MassTwitFic #TT100

@mousewords: @ZAmmi *squeezes hand back, egging you on* #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords *frowns anxiously* *considers, in this house, to be silent and not to voice an opinion would seem to them more unusual* #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords /And *glances at Howard* no matter what I say to him it won't change his opinion. Maybe its safe for me to say my peace// #TT100

@RustyNorman: @ZAmmi :reading ur face, catches your eye & winks, encouraging w a nod /g'wan! knock em dead!/ #tt100

@ZAmmi: @MassTwitFic *chooses words carefully* I think... I think a woman can watch her children starve, facing taxes she cannot pay consume #TT100

@ZAmmi: @MassTwitFic *chooses words carefully* I think... I think a woman can watch her children starve, facing taxes she did not vote for, #TT100

@ZAmmi: @MassTwitFic and cannot pay consume her entire budget leaving naught for food. I think a woman can sweep the floors of a cotton mill #TT100

@ZAmmi: @MassTwitFic under dangerous machinery, and hasten to stay ahead of the looms and presses as they approach and endanger her life, yet #TT100

@ZAmmi: @MassTwitFic she cannot vote in favour of the legislation that if passed would render her job safer &more free from accident. I think #TT100

@ZAmmi: @MassTwitFic a penniless woman can suffer injury or old age, and yet have no power to pursuade Government to organise services to #TT100

@ZAmmi: @MassTwitFic tend to her needs for free.I think a woman can send the son she's nurtured all his life off to a war she has no voice to #TT100

@ZAmmi: @MassTwitFic stop, and through her loving letters and encouragement fight to keep his spirits up on the battle field, though she has #TT100

@ZAmmi: @MassTwitFic nearly no hope of seeing him again, and yet cannot do a thing to bring him home or influence those who could. I think a #TT100

@ZAmmi: @MassTwitFic woman can fight all her life to keep her family business afloat, contributing to the country's economy, yet cannot #TT100

@ZAmmi: @MassTwitFic debate in parliament against proposed trade laws that would shut that business down. I think, sir, in short #TT100

@ZAmmi: @MassTwitFic that women have fought long enough. #TT100

@mousewords: @ZAmmi *gives your hand a strong quiet shake, in place of applauding* #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords *murmurs nervously*we had suffrage in the future when we came here,dint we..*Tugs tight lace collar,thinkin of Enforcers* #TT100

@mousewords: @ZAmmi *whispers back* Oh, yeah, think of all my Twitpic-ed 'I voted' stickers.. #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords *mentally wipes her brow, even tho she can't for decorum's sake* Just checking. #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi "Well said." applauds the Duke. "Perhaps women have some place in parliamentary debate after all" he winks at you for he was #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi "Well said." applauds the Duke. "Perhaps women have some proficiency in parliamentary debate after all" he winks at you, for #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi he was already entirely convinced. Ignoring Howard's inevitable snort, he rises, & bows. #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords ::Tugs you to rise too:: *Stands and curtsies, inclining her head* @MassTwitFic At the very least, it might inject some #TT100

@ZAmmi: @MassTwitFic common sense into debate, instead of like it is now, all omnia dicta fortiora si dicta Latina. *pert faint wink & smile* #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Zammi The Duke laughs out loud, and the MP cannot resist a large guffaw. "Touché, madam, touché." #TT100

@mousewords: I got an early start on Temporal Tuesday by rejoining @MassTwitFic's Edwardian #TT100 in honor of the 100th #temporaltues. Not home yet!

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