113th Temporal Tuesday - 30 August

mrrustymonkey: * a monkey doll slugs down the stairs, in a #TemporalTues fog. he pours himself a cup of coffee & heads to the conservatory *

mrrustymonkey: * his #TemporalTues employees are gathered around the table, waiting for the morning meeting to start *

mrrustymonkey: * he hears lots of #TemporalTues chatter, mostly about things of no importance. the word "like" is used way too much. *

mrrustymonkey: * he grimaces & closes his eyes as he takes a seat. this is his seat on the #TemporalTues time machine.

mrrustymonkey: Today on this #TemporalTues, you kissed me tenderly on the cheek. It's late afternoon, the middle of last week.

mrrustymonkey: When I close my eyes #TemporalTues, I see just me & you. :-) And when I open them again... it's 1992!

mrrustymonkey: We're in a happy place #TemporalTues, where the world's shut away. Nothing bothers us at all on this most perfect day!

mrrustymonkey: We have the wind in our hair #TemporalTues & the sand between our toes! Our plans for this day... nobody knows.

mrrustymonkey: Maybe we'll go sailing #TemporalTues or just sit here & stare? We're just happy to breathe... this relaxed kind of air.

mrrustymonkey: Later we'll get cocktails #TemporalTues at a weird Tiki bar. We'll dance to steel drum music under the stars.

mrrustymonkey: Do you remember this place #TemporalTues? It's where we do all of our art. It's our place of escape - our place of new starts.

mrrustymonkey: Hand me that shell #TemporalTues. I'll put it up to my ear. It'll whisper to me everything I want to hear.

mrrustymonkey: Now hand me that napkin #TemporalTues & let's map out a plan. Let's put it in a bottle & see where it lands.

mrrustymonkey: * notices a familiar lighthouse, with a beacon of #TemporalTues light - so bright it can been seen through the thickest fog *

mrrustymonkey Mr. Rusty Monkey
#TemporalTues, daddy says again to mommy, "Take my hand & we'll run! A world of possibilities awaits."

mrrustymonkey: Oh #TemporalTues time machine, lets walk on the ocean again & sing... Walk on the Ocean

mrrustymonkey: * he opens his #TemporalTues eyes. the fog has lifted. it's nothing but fair winds & following seas now!

mrrustymonkey Mr. Rusty Monkey
* :-) as he heads back up the #TemporalTues staircase, to his room in the very old house *

vonHogflume: #TemporalTues I risked life and limb to watch the "battle of Hastings" in 1066. I still could not see if Harold was hit in the eye.

vonHogflume: #TemporalTues The Bayeux Tapestry was an early example of war correspondent artistry. Later achieved with paintings and photography.

nancyoverbury: RT @tomwrussell: We-e-ell doggies! #steamtuesday #TemporalTues is upon us once again! Feels lilke a good day to get stuff done.

Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues August 1850 celebrated Mary Shelley's last b-day w/ her. Brought Gargleblasters & 70's vinyl Frankenstein costume as presents.



112th Temporal Tuesday - 23 August

Captain_Zaphod: Poor Reggie, I met him one #TemporalTues He was stuck in the past due to a transporter accident: Reginald Witherspoon III Wonder how he's doing?

kaolinfire: #temporaltues I visit Van Gogh, to mix paints for him; and keep an eye out for The Doctor.

vonHogflume: #TemporalTues I have just returned from 1617 when the first one-way street was implemented in London, England. What chaos!

vonHogflume: #TemporalTues The first one-way street in London was Albemarle Street, Mayfair, the location of the Royal Institution.

vonHogflume: #TemporalTues It was designated London's first one-way street because the public science lectures were so popular there.

followthewabbit: @Wendell_Howe May the Wabbit twavel back on #TemporalTues to meet Paul Felix Armand-Delille. We have unfinished business.

ProfessorMorrow: #TemporalTues It appears as my zero point device begins it's cycle" up" , I am unable to use lesser means of multiverse/chronotravel.



111th Temporal Tuesday - 16 August

vonHogflume: #TemporalTues I had to visit 1977 just to see how amazing the outpouring of grief was, the day Elvis Presley died.

Captain_Zaphod: #temporaltues P1 - 1997 as a family of ape descendants prepares to leave Earth to colonize Alpha Centauri, I becomes trapped aboard while...

Captain_Zaphod: #temporaltues P2 - trying to take their Robot to swap for @Marvin_SCC_GPP . After liftoff, the ship is whisked off course & into a ...

Captain_Zaphod: #temporaltues P3 - meteor storm due to my extra weight upsetting their craptastic navigational computers. In an attempt to save my ass I ...

Captain_Zaphod: #temporaltues P4 - revive the crew early, resulting only in the Robinson's & myself becoming Lost In Space. I drink heavily for 3 years



110th Temporal Tuesday - 9 August

ZAmmi:Going back in time to 1848 to see how London's early police force; the Peelers dealt with riots #TemporalTues

ZAmmi: #TemporalTues 1848 like 2011,was a year when revolution was in the air.Uprisings were widespread across Europe,&Marx published his manifesto

ZAmmi: In 1848 when the world was rocked by uprisings & revolution, 1 man's words shaped the course of history for the next 150yrs #TemporalTues

ZAmmi: in 2011, with the world again shaken by chaos and regime change, who's manifesto dropped into the waters of politics #TemporalTues

ZAmmi: will ripple far into the 22nd century? I'm almost tempted to take a trip forward to find out. #TemporalTues

But I think I'll stick to discovering the future one day at a time. :) #TemporalTues

Captain_Zaphod: #TT100 took Heart of Gold in for it's 100th #TemporalTues tune-up. Galactic Police arriving reminded me that I'd stolen it. TTFN coppers!

Wendell_Howe: 1888 Glasgow - Forgot to tweet. Should use #TemporalTues to return to this morning to tell you of last night's lecture. The Infinite in Nature, in Man, and in the Self

@Canageek: @ZAmmi What is #tt100?

ZAmmi: @Canageek #TT100 is an on-goin celebration of the 100th #TemporalTues we're in the Edwardian era, tryin to stop Enforcers crashing the party

[And the adventure continues from 104th Temporal Tuesday]

@wildfeather: Desperately tryin to find Cassie, in this crazy warren of posh glamor and utility,. 'Upstairs, downstairs, in my lady's chamber..' #tt100

@wildfeather: Didn't get a chance to tell @RustyNorman what was going on, dumb chambermaid poked her nose under the bed. Who knew they dusted #tt100

@wildfeather: this early in the morning? S'all right, she didn't see nothin but unruffled shadow. #tt100

@wildfeather: this early in the morning? S'all right, she didn't see nothin but unruffled shadow. #tt100 ::GONE::

@wildfeather: No, she didn't hear me! She had a featherduster! an was hummin! >:-/ #tt100

@ZAmmi: @RustyNorman *slips up to you as people disperse from the breakfast table & puts hand in yours. Whispers discretely* #TT100

@ZAmmi: @RustyNorman Have you seen Cass or Wild yet today? *Tries to peer thru open door into Main Hall & past crowd of waiting footmen* #TT100

@RustyNorman: @ZAmmi ::bows head to whisper back:: haven't seen Cass, but oh boy did I see Wild! ninja-stealthed inta my room this mornin... #tt100

@RustyNorman: @Zammi ...said somethin about FP..an a huntin door..? i dunno. a maid came an interrupted her, then next thing i knew she was gone. #tt100

@ZAmmi: @RustyNorman *Heart yammers just a little bit* That doesn't sound good. If Wild's gone stealth-mode..... #tt100

@ZAmmi: @RustyNorman *Looks around the room, itching to get away from the toffs**Pause*On that note..::faint,tender smile:: how was ur night? #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords The duke approaches as everyone rises "I have something I'd like to share with you, care to join me?" he offers his arm #TT100

@wildfeather: [::Stumbles into the kitchen::] #TT100

@wildfeather: [::Dodges passing footman, ducks behind burly laundrymaid carrying a pile of linen, slips up to Cass::] #TT100

@wildfeather: @Cassiebarrister *Tugs ur sleeve- gets a slop full of dirty water and suds in the face* Alright, alright, ya didnt haveta jump! ffbh! #TT100

@CassieBarrister: @wildfeather *frazzled swamphug* Wild!! ohemgee thank goodness this place is drivin me nuts I've got dishpan EVERYTHING where IS- #tt100

@CassieBarrister: @wildfeather -wait, evryone's still here, right?? I'm not stuck in kitchen duty forever?? *grabs ur shoulders* *slightly wildeyed* #tt100

@wildfeather: @CassieBarrister Ohmuhgosh Cass, I don' have time for dis, I'vgotto get afterfabulouspanda! *hasty distracted fraughtness* #tt100

@wildfeather: @CassieBarrister ::Jerktugs ur arm like she's starting to heft a large bag of flour across the floor:: C'mon! #tt100

@CassieBarrister: @wildfeather *skids, poofy white cap askew* *already-instinctive look round kitchen in fear of butler-retaliation* FP?? what-? #tt100

@wildfeather: @CassieBarrister *Tugskids you across the room* Fabulouspandadisappearedinthemiddleofthenight::Breath::I'vebeenrunninallthewaytothe- #tt100

@wildfeather: @CassieBarrister nextvillageandback,tryintofindatraceofherThentherewasRustyanhe'snoelpcosthemaidinterruptedusannowhe'soffwiththetoffs #tt100

@CassieBarrister: @wildfeather *hop-skips along beside, starting to catch every other word* wait- is she ok?? whathappened? #tt100

@wildfeather: @CassieBarrister ::Breath:: andIfellinthemudbutIthinkitwasanoldtrailcositlookedlikeadayoldmaybeitwasyesterday::Breath::anwegottacatch #tt100

@wildfeather: @CassieBarrister herbeforeshegetstotheturnpikeorelseshe'llbeofftoLondonanshe'sonly gone n run off wiv da footman,asn't she! *Bursts-* #tt100

@wildfeather: @CassieBarrister *out of the service entrance into the hot dry summer air* #tt100

@wildfeather: @CassieBarrister *Puffs out tensed-up breath and places head on your shoulder* An I'm so glad yor here #tt100

@CassieBarrister: @wildfeather *hot summer air hits my face* *deep surprised breath, squint into sun* Oh...*sigh* wow fresh air... #tt100

@CassieBarrister: @wildfeather *impulsive tight squeeze-hug, buries stinging eyes in ur shoulder* me too... #tt100

@wildfeather: [::Looks back over shoulder::] Look like yor on an important errand an nobody stops ya. *Grin* They're all too busy to notice enyway. #tt100

@wildfeather: @CassieBarrister [::returns gaze to you::] aww.. [::Puts gentle hand on your warm head::] got stuck in miserable drudge dungeon huh? #tt100

@CassieBarrister: @wildfeather *puffs hair out of eyes* boy, that's the truth. NOBODY notices me, unless it's psycho-butler! *makes face* :P #tt100

@wildfeather: @CassieBarrister [feels a mite guilty for havin been gallavanting across the estate while u were buried under crockery & dishcloths] #tt100

@CassieBarrister: @wildfeather *tosses head, wipes cap off hair* no problem. I had them fooled, right? ;) so what's our next move? #tt100

@wildfeather: @CassieBarrister Psycho butler, hoah aint that de troof! he only-- *Halts in recounting Havewotsit's horrors* wot'm I sayin? we gotta #tt100

@wildfeather: @CassieBarrister *halt* I dunno. I was hopin you'd hav sum idea. [::looks at you helplessly::] #tt100

@CassieBarrister: @wildfeather uh. well. I guess we could...*thinks of asking Jeff, discards idea* 0_0 wait. Did u say she ran off w a footman?? #tt100

@wildfeather: @CassieBarrister *Sheepish* uh.. yeah.. @Wendell_Howe's gonna kill us! If the Enforcers don't get there first! #tt100

@wildfeather: @CassieBarrister *thinks of mild gentlemanly harmless Wendell, then spooky temporal cops. Tries to think which'd be worse. Can't* #tt100

@CassieBarrister: @wildfeather *rubs forehead*oh man, that's...*thot of anothr romantic adventure* the establishment sure doesn't..*hysterical giggle* #tt100

@CassieBarrister: @wildfeather ..I mean..*cough* Poor FP. #tt100

@CassieBarrister: @wildfeather *takes ur arm* nevermindI'lltellulater. Cmon let's find the kid who mucks out the stables, I talked w him a little, #tt100

@CassieBarrister: @wildfeather he knows all the gossip, who comes and goes. Maybe he knows if they took a horse or something.*leads way 2 stable* #tt100

@CassieBarrister: @wildfeather he knows all the gossip, who comes and goes. Maybe he knows if they took a horse or something.*leads way 2 stable* #tt100

@wildfeather: @CassieBarrister *Blinks at you. somewhat at a loss for words* O.o #tt100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic I smile politely, but can't resist the draw of curiosity. My vow to remain invisible is fading fast. *takes Duke's arm* #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords The duke escorts you over to the side table replete with silverware "Your hair looks particularly lovely- #Tt100

@MassTwitFic: @Mousewords "...this morning." he says politely as you walk. Plush carpeting beneath soft indoor shoes #Tt100

@mousewords I feel a blush climb into my cheeks, try to hide it with a pat of my hair. "Thank you.." #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords The duke smiles and considerately deflects attention away. He reaches behind the larger teapots and decanters #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "This," he says, "if I have perceived my lady's preference aright, is just your cup of tea." #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "Or rather, coffee." he adds, pouring a delicious thick stream of fragrant black liquid into a china cup #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords He presents it with delicate flare "It's from my own estate in Brazil," hot steam rises, wending its way up to your nose #tt100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic My curious interest flickers into a smile, & I laugh; then accept the cup with fascination. "You have an estate there?" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords he smiles. "That's why I came back from Huatanay Valley via Porto Velho and Belem on the Amazon" #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "It was a difficult trek, especially with a game leg," the duke admits."But it was worth it."his smile changes to private #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords amusement, recalling something he does not say. But then his eyes trail back to your face and he adds candidly; #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @Mousewords "But it was better than being tossed about in a ship,seasick & delirious,all the way across the Pacific,&round the Cape!" #Tt100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "Well, almost better." and that secret smile comes back again. #Tt100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic I take a sip of the hot, dark ambrosia, savoring its smoky-earth flavor; nothing like Starbucks in the 21st century #TT100

@mousewords: @massTwitFic (in a good way). I can't help watching the Duke's face; his eyes with their changing expressions & quiet humor.. #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic his air of mystery is a tempting puzzle. I take a stinging swallow of coffee to shove me back on course. "It sounds- #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic "as if your journey was..not uneventful?" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords his eyes lit up with hidden fire, he places his fingers across his lips. Pensively he begins "Yes, it..." #Tt100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords and then stops. #Tt100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic "It..what?" I ask, in a low, confidential tone--against my sense of decorum, but darn it I'm curious. #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Mousewords "There was..." His eyes drop and flash about the room "Some difficulties. Did you detect the notes of caramel, and" #Tt100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "red berries?" He goes on, "there's even a hint of chocolate. In fact," he slides another pot over "I find," #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "it goes very well together." He urges you to take another sip. "Is that dangerously revolutionary?" #Tt100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic "It might seem so to some," I say with a grin. "But I have to agree with you." Especially since #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic -chocolate & coffee practically fuel my days back home.."But. You were saying..difficulties?" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @Mousewords "Don't worry," he says, "I shall keep our deviant ways to myself." and his eyes light up with dancing merriment #Tt100

@MassTwitFic: @Mousewords then he exhales with bashful discomfort at your pressing "I.. was taken captive by a highwayman.." #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "highway, woman, in fact." He glances at you amused, yet sheepish. "I almost got shot" #Tt100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic "Oh my!"--I don't have to feign ladylike vapours; my hand darts to my lips automatically. #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords ::hastens up to u and rudely interrupts.:: please pardon the intrusion, but, *hisses* we have a *mouthes* slight problem #Tt100

@mousewords: @ZAmmi I blink; glance from you to the Duke to you- & "problem" wins out. "Ohhum. Excuse me a moment plz." #TT100 @masstwitfic

@MassTwitFic: @ZAmmi the duke makes no objection to your interruption, but politely defers with a formal smile #tt100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords Wild's disappeared, and it seems she's not the problem. Rusty said something about FP #TT100

continued in 120th Temporal Tuesday



109th Temporal Tuesday - 2 August

mrrustymonkey: * a #TemporalTues car pulls up to a building with a "For Lease" sign in the window. a monkey doll hops out to inspect this empty space *

mrrustymonkey: * he walks around from room to #TemporalTues room, imagining where everything & everyone could be placed *

*mrrustymonkey: there's a metal chair sitting in the #TemporalTues corner, next to an empty water cooler that some previous occupant left behind *

mrrustymonkey: * this is his seat on the #TemporalTues time machine *

mrrustymonkey: Today on this #TemporalTues, magazine publishing...it must to be our fate? :-) It's 1998.

mrrustymonkey: Here we go again #TemporalTues. We've been down THIS road before. We're old hats at this point, but who's keeping score.

mrrustymonkey: It's an old title #TemporalTues. We'll revive it again. We'll make it our own. We'll spin it & win!

mrrustymonkey: ...for this new phase of our lives #TemporalTues! Retirement just didn't last. You see, my friend, we get bored pretty fast. ;-0

mrrustymonkey: We need a sales team for our masthead! We'll need an honest CFO. Oh & by the way #TemporalTues...before I go...

mrrustymonkey: ...lets hang onto this feeling #TemporalTues - our wide eyed start off anew. Sadly, it won't last long. Now here's the 1st clue...

mrrustymonkey: ...It will be a public company #TemporalTues, with investors & stock. The "dot.con" age is dawning. Prepare for the shock.

mrrustymonkey: The world is changing #TemporalTues. Tangible is tossed out for air. Every little tech geek kid becomes a MILLIONAIRE.

mrrustymonkey: But for now #TemporalTues, everything still makes good sense. So let's time travel back out, before it starts getting tense.

mrrustymonkey: Oh #TemporalTues time machine, it's time to join the world again, & sing... Walking On the Sun

pinkbunnyr: @mrrustymonkey I love #TemporalTues. But I love Mr. Rusty Monkey more!

tomwrussell: Inspired by a #DrWho ep I watched last night, I'm going to spend my #TemporalTues in Pompeii, before Vesuvius blew its top.

ProfessorMorrow: #TemporalTues Found Quantum tunneler, clearly discharged. Looks as if the whole colony may have gone through. Rewiring and heading home.

ProfessorMorrow: #TemporalTues Chronal beacon fixed onto Earth 112 Mon's Meg. The quantum tunneler should allow a glimpse of the supergun's better moments.

Wendell_Howe: I'd love to go to October 1985 to listen to Carl Sagan speak on Science and the Search for God here at Glasgow University. #TemporalTues

scablander: @Wendell_Howe Carl Sagan and friends on Our Place in the Cosmos from Symphony of Science #TemporalTues

vonHogflume: #TemporalTues I visited the New Forest, Hampshire, England, in 1828, and do you know? Nothing happened. So peaceful.

Mortythemouth: #TemporalTues 2150,After returning from my stay on the planet Exxon, (formally Mars) I'm happy to be standing on top of Mt. Chevron again.