100th Temporal Tuesday - 31 May

DoctorSinister: In anticipation of the forthcoming 40th Leader Day, I will be touring my historical conquests, commencing with Imperial Rome. #TemporalTues

axel_445: Are you ready for the imperial visit? Your leader expects! #TemporalTues @DoctorSinister

MassTwitFic: @DoctorSinister Oh, it's YOU that's responsible for this? RT @wildfeather naidrawde naidrawde naidrawde #subliminalmessaging

korikatra: For the 100th #TemporalTues I am off to the future to share meditation & tea with my favorite Vulcans: T'Pol, Spock Soval & Tuvok. LLAP

mousewords: Re: time! Today is the 100th #TemporalTues day! http://temporaltues.blogspot.com/ Borrow @Wendell_Howe's time machine & go somewhen amazing!

mousewords: 100th #TemporalTues -Don't forget to dress for time travel! #TT100 TwitPic

mousewords: Caught between times on #TemporalTues :) TwitPic

Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues #TT100 dropped off 2 monoliths. 1 on Earth in it's distant past & the other on the moon in 2001. Ape descendants freaked out.

Physboy: #TemporalTues Ok, this is my 1st #TemporalTues, and I figured I should take it slow, so I went back a couple of days and observed myself relaxing while driving by singing along to radio songs...More later. TwitLonger

Physboy: #TemporalTues So, I decided that observing myself was boring, as I am just not that vain, & figured I would go back further to see if I could convince Tesla to not trust Thomas Eddison at his word. Obviously that did not work, however seeing the electrical equipment of his designs first hand was AWESOME! TwitLonger

Physboy: #TemporalTues Well, after my trek to see Tesla, I decided, while on may way back to now, that it would be kewl to check in on my cat Chewi as a kitten. It was refreshing to see his youthful vigor, curiosity and sheer determination to attempt feats which he was still not yet able to master. It reminded of what it takes to build mastery in humans much less kittens, but I digress. It is late, and I have grown weary from my 1st ventures through time. I suspect future trips to be less taxing, until then...Good night, & good time to all!

scablander: Going back 1962 to watch my favorite show--Top Cat. YouTube #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: 1891 Cannes - Sitting in my hotel room reminiscing about my first time trip: Blogspot: My Very First Time Trip Happy 100th #TemporalTues

MassTwitFic: Today is the 100th #TemporalTues day! http://temporaltues.blogspot.com/ Where shall we take @Wendell_Howe's time machine? Votes please?

mousewords: @MassTwitFic If we're completely hijacking @Wendell_Howe for the day, how about #TTtfe or #TT100 & I'll collect them for @Scablander? :D

RustyNorman: @mousewords like, ttfn only not? ;] @Zammi @wildfeather @masstwitfic @scablander

MassTwitFic: @RustyNorman @mousewords @Zammi @wildfeather @scablander ttfn! Ha! Marvelous. Yes, #tt100 sounds good. May I request a twapper archive?

MassTwitFic: Ok, #TemporalTues twitter Fiction Event will commence in 1/2 an hr. Get your hats & your coats & be ready to jump in that timemachine #TT100

MassTwitFic: Good evening, Ladies & Gentlemen, I will be your butler for this evening, if you'd be pleased to pass before me into the timemachine? #TT100

MassTwitFic: A gentleman in a smart livery with neat slick black hair bows & opens @Wendell_Howe's timemachine door, disguised as a Rolls Royce #TT100

RustyNorman: @MassTwitFic a rolls, AWESOME #TT100 :offers arm to @Zammi: now this is a MAN'S kinda girls day out! ... or ...somethin

wildfeather: ::Tugs at uncomfortable looooong skirt:: I'm gonna keep trippin over dis! Do i hav to? #TT100

ZAmmi: @RustyNorman *slips arm into yours & sashays elegantly towards the car, blushing* Why thank you, kind sir, would you assist me in? #TT100

ZAmmi: @wildfeather Yes. And-- Where did you get that thing? You look like a gypsy! #TT100

wildfeather: @ZAmmi ::pouts:: Gypsy chic's in this year. Lookit, it even has bells on. ::swishes maxiskirt gleefully:: *Tink tink* *tink tink* #TT100

MassTwitFic: The butler clears his throat politely. "Your pardon, we do have all the time in the world. But... May I be permitted to remind you," #TT100

MassTwitFic: "afternoon tea waits for no man," he bows to the ladies present "or woman." #TT100

wildfeather: ::Giggles:: Stormin Nora he's a posh one, innee! ::sneaks up to butler & tugs his arm:: Is yor name Jeeves? ::dissolves in gigglefit:: #TT100

RustyNorman: @ZAmmi as you wish m'lady! [helps u into time machine w fancy manners learned from maverick reruns] #tt100

ZAmmi: @mousewords oh you look beautiful. Modestly high necklines were very 'in' in the turn of the last century http://twitpic.com/5579dy #TT100

MassTwitFic: @wildfeather The butler raises his eyebrow at you. "My name," he studies your uncouth dress with subtle hauteur "is Havershill." #TT100

mousewords: @ZAmmi *blush* Thank you! (^_^) @Wildfeather Not only are these skirts long, they're *heavy*! o_0 #TT100

ZAmmi: @mousewords *Settles into seat in cavernous back of Rolls admiring claret leather upholstery* Mine's low cut with a lace throat cover #TT100

MassTwitFic: @wildfeather If I might assist you, into the front. Your mistress appears comfortably seated & in no need of your immediate attendance #TT100

wildfeather: @MassTwitFic 'Havershill' ooooo! ::Pouts at hoitytoity man:: #TT100

wildfeather: @MassTwitFic The front? MISTRESS? :-o @ZAmmi!! he can't talk to me like dat! >:-[ tellim! #TT100

RustyNorman: @ZAmmi low cut lace throat cover, all gorgeous if i may say ;] ::tugs tie:: meanwhile mine's jus cuttin inta my throat.. #tt100

ZAmmi: @mousewords Well, in big houses twas the easiest way to keep warm, pile on layers. & meant less washing-only underthings changed daily #TT100

mousewords: @ZAmmi And I thought *I* wore the same go-to items rather often.. #TT100

ZAmmi: @wildfeather Poor Wild, looks like he mistook u for a girl in service. Well, sooner u get into the part, the sooner we'll get there #TT100

wildfeather: @ZAmmi ::Clambers into the front seat muttering about rude men in posh tailcoats and silly stripy waistcoats:: fine. #tt100

mousewords: @wildfeather It's ok, Wild, in Mrs. Jeffries mysteries the Victorian service folk are a secret crime-solving team ;) #TT100

MassTwitFic: @wildfeather The man raises his eyebrow at you again and begins cranking the front of the Rolls to get her engine started. #TT100

ZAmmi: @RustyNorman oh but u look so handsome *swoonygrin* Dude! Real antique car technology!*Ogles at brass speedometer & walnut dashboard* #TT100

RustyNorman: @Zammi ::grin:: @MassTwitFic sweet ride, dude! any chance i can take a turn drivin? #tt100

wildfeather: @mousewords Secret detective disguised as scullarymaid infiltrates Clue party at dark mansion on stormynight w katana in her stockin! #TT100

MassTwitFic: Take a seat, press the red button on the dashboard, and our timemachine will whisk you away to Edwardian England in 1911 for #TT100!

MassTwitFic: @RustyNorman Havershill inclines his head as the engine putters into life. "If Sir would do the honours?" #TT100

ZAmmi: @mousewords *Puts wide-brim straw-hat on ur head & wraps it around w a silk scarf* in case he decides to break the speed limit of 14 mph #TT100

RustyNorman: @MassTwitFic would I! :shifts in smooth leather seat, reaches for red button: ready steady go, gang! #tt100

MassTwitFic: Speeding through the great flow of time, upstream back to 1911. Immediately upon reemerging in a swirl of eddies, a horn blares at you! #TT100

ZAmmi: @RustyNorman EEEK! Rusty! Swerve or we'll hit him! *Clutches own hat to top of head* #TT100

RustyNorman: whoa! ::instinctively grabs for steering wheel at sound of horn:: #TT100

wildfeather: ::Ducks as wheels throw up a skittering mass of grit & gravel that smacks against the low windscreen & me in the face:: #TT100

RustyNorman: [drags steering wheel 2 side, car just misses oncoming horseless carriage] ::bouncy jumpy springs rattle teeth:: o_0; #tt100

MassTwitFic: @RustyNorman "Do you mind!" a faint voice calls over the roar of engines "Keep to the left!" #TT100

MassTwitFic: @RustyNorman "I'm terribly sorry sir," the butler says equanimously. "I'm sure it's my fault" #TT100

wildfeather: @Mousewords @ZAmmi it's alright for you lot, in the back wit your glass an canvas box, I'm exposed to da elements! ::Glares at Rusty:: #TT100

ZAmmi: Alright, let's even the playing field a bit. Haws..worthy..? or, whatever. Can we put the top down? It's a lovely day, & a lil hot! #TT100

MassTwitFic: @ZAmmi "As well it might be" the butler confirms. "It is the hottest summer on record." He begins to peel back the car's canvas cover #TT100

RustyNorman: @MassTwitFic nless you got the force or somethin, Hawsey, I’m the only one responsible for my drivin... @wildfeather :sheepish: #tt100

wildfeather: @ZAmmi ::Whisper:: i dont fink he liked you callin him hawsmith or woteva.. ::stares @ butler with big eyes:: #TT100

MassTwitFic: @RustyNorman "As you please, sir." Havershill opens up the glove compartment & extracts a handful of goggles. "You'll all need these" #TT100

RyanosaurusRex: I'd join #TT100 if my mind wasn't such a mess, honestly.

wildfeather: Steampunk goggles!! ::Grabs pair:: Do we get a daring dirigible chase, & fight off a street performer's magic monkey in pursuit of the #TT100

wildfeather: treasure map which will lead us to the secret burial chamber in the pyramid that holds a golden sphinx with an eye that points to the #TT100

wildfeather: site of the hidden south american city which holds the cure to the common cold when you put it in the ground at exactly midday on the #TT100

wildfeather: 16th day of harvest month on the plan of the earth carved into the floor of the Xin Dynasty Emperor's summer palace? #TT100

MassTwitFic: @wildfeather No. #TT100

RustyNorman: ::slowly adjusts steampunk goggles on face, looking at @wildfeather:: yyeahh....or, they'll keep the dust out [¤_¤] #tt100

wildfeather: @MassTwitFic Oh. #TT100

wildfeather: ::Sits back in seat kicking heels against hollow sounding box below:: Worf a try. #TT100

ZAmmi: I feel ridiculous in the googles, as if I'm about to join a deep-sea-diving adventure with 2 bottles glued to my eyeballs. Steamsunk! #TT100

MassTwitFic: The car tootles along at a leisurely 14mph, taking in wide scenery of rolling English fields & summer lanes. Everything looks very dry #TT100

MassTwitFic: The road is immensely dusty and has no tarmac. Havershill clutches the side of the Rolls as if the speed were breakneck #TT100

ZAmmi: @RustyNorman u must toot the horn at every corner, to alert ppl you're coming. Not..that..the engine isn't loud enuf. >_> #highwaycode #TT100

mousewords: *peers at Havershill through coke-bottle goggles* #TT100 @masstwitfic

ZAmmi: @RustyNorman oh, and pull to one side to let horses pass *Trying to remember lessons on early motorcar etiquette* #TT100

RustyNorman: @ZAmmi y'mean no smokin u turns n playin chicken? ;] ::put-put-car is put-putty:: #tt100

wildfeather: Oh you pretty chittybangbang chittychittybangbang we love you. And our pretty chittybangbang chittychittybangbang loves us too #TT100

wildfeather: ::Stops singin as Haverspunk glares at her askance:: ::Stares out of window wishing Cassie were here to be daft wiv:: #TT100

mousewords: @jimwtodd Thank you! :) Going Edwardian for a Temporal Tuesday time travel adventure --> #TT100

ZAmmi: @RustyNorman & no gazing at the pretty passenger when u should have your eyes on the road *Flutters lashes alluringly behind goggles* #TT100

RustyNorman: ::gettin hot n bothered over steampunk @Zammi:: <3 #tt100 ::SWERVE!bumpityroadbump::

MassTwitFic: Ahead of you, in a majestic vista designed by Capability Brown, sprinkled with groves, leading by a verdent lawn to a serpentine lake #TT100

MassTwitFic: sits nestled a rose-stoned mansion in the classical style, all columns and colonnades, Corinthian carvings & garlanded cherubs. #TT100

ZAmmi: @RustyNorman *Squeaks, and winces as bumpy 1900s suspension makes itself felt in the rear* #TT100

MassTwitFic: Its tranquility soon recedes the closer you get as you see it is in fact a hive of activity. #TT100

wildfeather: @ZAmmi @RustyNorman honestly! Can't take you two anyware! #TT100

mousewords: *awe at gorgeous rose-tinted mansion* #tt100 @MassTwitFic

MassTwitFic: @RustyNorman Havershill taps you on the shoulder & indicates for you to pull over at the top of a rise overlooking the Estate's park #TT100

MassTwitFic: "I thought you might like to stop for a small repast, it being teatime." Warm golden light casts dappled shade from breezy elm trees #TT100

MassTwitFic: over a genteel array of sumptuous looking food & drink placed on a light fold-away table draped in fine linen & attended by 2 footmen #TT100

MassTwitFic: who stand on one side ready to administer lashings of hot tea, cold ginger beer & chilled white wine. #TT100

MassTwitFic: RT @RustyNorman: teatime? works for me! ::peering thru dusty goggles, guides car into rumbly-coughy stop under shade trees:: #TT100

ZAmmi: Sandwiches & syllabub & seedcake & salad & tiffin & pies & pastrypuffs & pickles & strawberries & scones & cream & cold meats & jam & #TT100

ZAmmi: *goes a bit wide eyed* #TT100

mousewords: *mouth waters at sight of delicate tea sandwiches & fresh berries* The setting is lovely, looks almost like California hillside! #TT100

wildfeather: Where's da cucumber sandwiches? It carn't be a proper posh-person tea wivout cucumber sandwiches! Dat's wot '20s toffs have on telly #TT100

ZAmmi: @wildfeather how about pigs trotters in jelly? Edwardian speciality! #TT100

wildfeather: @ZAmmi EEEEEEeeeeewwww!! #TT100

ZAmmi: @wildfeather *Laughs* I shan't offer you sweetbreads then. #TT100

RustyNorman: ::stomach grumbles:: now THAT'S a lunch! i mean, tea. [steps down out of car & offers hand 2 ladies] #tt100

wildfeather: @ZAmmi Sweetbreads sound alright. ::Looks around in amongst delicious looking cakes for them:: #TT100

RustyNorman: @wildfeather hey, more pigs trotters for me! @Zammi uhm...those're like pigs in a blanket, right? sausage in pancake? <_< #tt100

ZAmmi: @wildfeather *Whispers behind hand* Boar's testicles #TT100

wildfeather: @ZAmmi ::Eyes fly open in boggly alarm::Backs away & snatches up watercress sandwich & flomps by tree muttering & eyeing u warily:: #TT100

wildfeather: @ZAmmi crazy edwardian pplz. #TT100

mousewords: *cautiously selects cucumber sandwich & recognizable berries & sits next to @Wildfeather* #TT100

ZAmmi: @RustyNorman *Giggles*Try some & see.*Indicates tourine of wobbly brown jelly, strange forms looming thru like specimens in formaldehyde* #TT100

ZAmmi: *sits down w @RustyNorman against an oak tree looking out from the top of the hill at stately home in the distance, fanning self w hat* #TT100

RustyNorman: @ZAmmi :momentary dazed look at meaty jelly: 0_0 ::shrug:: can't be worse than some o the stuff in my fridge. :spreads on toast: #tt100

ZAmmi: @wildfeather @mousewords *Grins* Don't worry girls, I'll show you what's 'safe' to eat and what isn't - to a 21stC pallate anyway ;) #TT100

ZAmmi: @wildfeather @mousewords Most of this is far too delicious to pass up! #TT100

mousewords: @ZAmmi @Wildfeather I'm willing to be quite adventurous..with Edwardian *desserts* ;) #tt100

(continued next week)


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