130th Temporal Tuesday - 27 December

RyanosaurusRex: For #TemporalTues, I'm going to the 1950s to hang with James Dean. How could I not?

vonHogflume: #TemporalTues 1871, Crystal Palace, London - I visited the world's first cat show. I hope the second one is better organized.

Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues Apparently I've visited Asimov before today. When I popped in he says "For the 100th time, no I not writing fanfic about you."

scablander: How to Time Travel (instructional video from National Geographic) How to Time Travel #TemporalTues



129th Temporal Tuesday - 20 December

vonHogflume: #TemporalTues 1192 - Despite my warning, Richard the Lionheart was captured in Vienna by Duke Leopold. I told Richard not to eat chicken!

vonHogflume: #TemporalTues 1969 - Just back from buying a copy of Peter, Paul and Mary's "Leaving on a Jet Plane".

fangarius:Fangarian Holiday TemporalTues: First stop, takin' the TARDIS 2 to Marizpan City to celebrate Knishmas w/Chowder #TemporalTues

fangarius: Fangarian Holiday TemporalTues: Then invite Ris to come w/me to Stormalong Harbor for Low Tidings Day #TemporalTues

fangarius: Secretly Ris and I were going to 'punk' Knish Krinkle w/a Smengerbread TARDIS, watch out on how you eat it. #TemporalTues

fangarius: Then we're going to Stormalong and take Flapjack and K'nucles on a Low Tidings' Adventure #TemporalTues

Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues Took Lilly to Vienna c1192 for some struddel. Big commotion, some ape descendant w/ a lion's heart named Richard was captured.

BoArthur: @Wendell_Howe I'd go back and meet Tesla, personally. #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe:@BoArthur Tesla likes to do things in threes so you should go back two more times. #TemporalTue

BoArthur: @Wendell_Howe I was thinking I'd go & visit him but I'd also have myself go visit him from 2 other future times so it'd be 3 of me at once!

Wendell_Howe: @BoArthur Good call. Tesla would probably find that more comforting than scary. #TemporaTues



128th Temporal Tuesday - 13 December

History_Singers: Germans and Brits sing the same song across a hospital corridor during #WWII. #TemporalTues #LiliMarlene Your Hit Parade

History_Singers: Scarlett and Rhett waltz to a song in 4/4 time. Huh? Actual mega-hit of the #CivilWar #TemporalTues #GWTW Yout Hit Parade

History_Singers: Just listened to #BeingForTheBenefitofMrKite and had to turn over the #record. #TemporalTues #Beatles #SgtPepper Your Hit Parade

fangarius: The Inquisitor's going through the Chronosphere pretending to be the Ghost of Christmas Future to those Scrooges through Time #TemporalTues

vonHogflume: #TemporalTues 1577, Plymouth - Saw Sir Francis Drake's fleet depart at the start of his circumnavigation of the world. His ship was Pelican.

ZAmmi: Sounding It Out sings Gower Wassail Foldedol fol dedoldedol fol dedoldedol fol dedol dedi #temporaltues off 18thC carolsingin to record their jaunty song

ZAmmi: A-wassail, a-wassail thruout all the town Our cup it is white & our ale it is brown Our wassail is made o the good ale & cake #temporaltues

ZAmmi: Some nutmeg and ginger, the best you can bake.. #temporaltues They all seem a bit tipsy.. They're swaying keeps bumping into my hidden mic!

ZAmmi: @explodingdragon yoo poot in zee custoomes,und a guud peench ooff cheer,pup it in zee teememechine-a,&zee red boottun heetten! #temporaltues

@ExplodingDragon: @ZAmmi Up til the temporal tues hashtag I thought you were doing a swedish chef impression.

ZAmmi: @explodingdragon Bork bork bork #temporaltues

@RyanosaurusRex: @ExplodingDragon Just my thought! @zammi

ZAmmi: @RyanosaurusRex what do the Swedish think of the Swedish Chef? /cc @ExplodingDragon

@ZAmmi: @ExplodingDragon :D maybe we should get the Swedish Chef to give @Wendell_Howe his recipe ;)

ExplodingDragon: @ZAmmi *sniggers* That's brilliant.

@Wendell_A_Howe: Does your Wassail recipe include tea? @ZAmmi @ExplodingDragon

ZAmmi: @Wendell_A_Howe I'm sure Victorian carollers were offered tea when they went door to door ;) @ExplodingDragon

ZAmmi: @Wendell_A_Howe In the 18th C, tea was drunk in an evening, after supper- unlike Victorian tradition. So it'd be on tap! @ExplodingDragon


127th Temporal Tuesday - 6 December

vonHogflume: #TemporalTues December 6, 1991 - premiere of movie "Star Trek VI - Undiscovered Country". I was disappointed with this.

History_Singers: #TemporalTues Pearl Harbor chaplain who helped move ammunition is immortalized in a galvanizing song. Your Hit Parade

History_Singers: #TemporalTues "We Did It Before And We Can Do It Again" is composed and performed a mere 3 days after #PearlHarbor Your Hit Parade