86th Temporal Tuesday - 22 February

Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues 10/21/1962 hid behind curtain as JFK approved nuclear action against USSR. World War 3 lasted only 2 days: Today In Alternate History

mrrustymonkey: Mud pies...mud pies... That reminds me...it's #TemporalTues & I used to make lots of mud pies!

mrrustymonkey: * opens the door to the #TemporalTues playground. chooses to run toward a big mud puddle, left by yesterday's rain *

mrrustymonkey: * carefully squats down & digs out a clump of #TemporalTues mud, squishing it into a ball & then pounding it flat *

mrrustymonkey: * stacks his #TemporalTues creations into a pancake pile & smiles. he realizes that these are his muddy little memories *

mrrustymonkey: Today on this #TemporalTues we're making a mess, but it's so much fun! It's 1971.

mrrustymonkey: We're sculpting mud pies #TemporalTues, for our pretend bakery. The fun we've made is rich, yet the ingredients are free.

mrrustymonkey: #TemporalTues - We shout, "Paddy cake, Paddy cake, Baker's man! Bake me a cake as fast as you can!" And then...

mrrustymonkey: We pass out pies #TemporalTues, to all our nursery school friends. Now this is when the mess really begins!

mrrustymonkey: #TemporalTues, some kids start throwing mud & a "food fight" ensues. Within minutes, everyone's breaking the rules!

mrrustymonkey: But we're the one's #TemporalTues, who will surely have to pay. We'll have to give up our next day of play. :-(

mrrustymonkey: We don't care #TemporalTues. We were just hungry, you see. We needed an outlet for our creativity!

mrrustymonkey: What did we learn #TemporalTues? What was our lesson this time? Along with the sunshine, there's gotta be a little rain sometimes.

mrrustymonkey: Oh #TemporalTues time machine, a couple of nursery school bakers sing... Rose Garden

mrrustymonkey: * runs back inside to wash his hands @ the #TemporalTues sink. then blows a big kiss to @pasikas & exits the twitterverse, stage right *

anachronisma: I am going back to the later part of the 12th century to see Lincoln Cathedral as it is first being finished this #temporaltues

korikat: I want to go to the future. Not far...just 5 months ahead to a summer's night full of stars. #TemporalTuesday

meredeth: i wouldn't mind heading back to 1853 to see matthew perry's Black Ships show up on Japanese shores. #TemporalTues

Pictmatrix: 1825 - Lousis D'Amboise, you're a rotten mother! You only wanted the money! *hits her over the head with a shovel* #TemporalTues

Pictmatrix: 1825 - George Spence. Learn to write you stupid, worthless, illiterate lawyer! AND LEARN PUNCTUATION! *batters with a stick* #TemporalTues

Wendell_A_Howe: @Pictmatrix My word! You ARE a brutal literary critic! Almost as bad as George Bernard Shaw. #TemporalTues



85th Temporal Tuesday - 15 February

Monday, 14 February
transmitdisrupt: I managed to convince myself it was Tuesday for five minutes just now. Temporal Tuesday bubble. Now crushing realisation that it's Monday.

Tuesday, 15 February
mrrustymonkey: * pops his monkey head into the #TemporalTues twitterverse, all excited - knowing that this is no ordinary school day! *

mrrustymonkey: * rides in a book satchel to the #TemporalTues school room. sits down @ his desk & reaches inside to get out crayons, scissors & glue *

mrrustymonkey: * waits on the #TemporalTues teacher to pass out sheets of red construction paper. folds the pieces in half & cuts out heart shapes *

mrrustymonkey: * takes out the #TemporalTues glue & sprinkles glitter on 1. adds a paper doily to another. but adds candy to the 1 that's extra special! *

mrrustymonkey: * delivers these Valentines to the classroom mail bag that's taped to the #TemporalTues chalk board. then closes his eyes &...*

mrrustymonkey: Today on this #TemporalTues, there's too much sugar in the air & this ain't no jive! It's 1975.

mrrustymonkey: It's Valentine's Day #TemporalTues & we're eating iced cupcakes. And there are red hots & pop rocks for goodness' sake!

mrrustymonkey: But our favorite candy #TemporalTues, are the conversation hearts. They say "groovy" & "dyn-o-mite" - tiny heart shaped art!

mrrustymonkey: We glue them down #TemporalTues to our paper valentines. But the most elaborate ones, will never dry it time...

mrrustymonkey: ...to be passed out #TemporalTues, but no one really cares. As I mentioned before, there's too much sugar in the air!

mrrustymonkey: Now it's time #TemporalTues, for me to peek around & see... if my special childhood friend likes their Valentine from me?

mrrustymonkey: Thank you #TemporalTues, this was a sweet trip back in time, when love was as simple as candy, & candy only cost a dime.

mrrustymonkey: Oh #TemporalTues time machine, let the candy kisses of childhood sing... Love Will Keep Us Together

mrrustymonkey: *quickly gathers up his #TemporalTues memories & puts them back in his desk. hops in the book satchel & waits for the school bell to ring*

BlindMaximus: @mrrustymonkey very "sweet" #TemporalTues

pinkbunnyr: @mrrustymonkey my Girl particularly liked today's #TemporalTuesday. Thank you! HUGS

pinkbunnyr: @mrrustymonkey oh yay! *Pinky gives MRM a huge hug* I have missed you! Hoppy post-birthday, my most poetic friend!!

mrrustymonkey: I'm so glad you liked my #TemporalTues @pinkbunnyr. * passes his friend a little pink heart that says "Be Mine" & ;- *)

pinkbunnyr: @mrrustymonkey oh YUM!!! *Pinky waggles her cottontail happily* thank you!!

scablander: #TemporalTues Going back to June 1953 and talking my parents out of getting married or they'll beget me.

hamsterabout: @scablander #TemporalTues Classic temporal paradox averted by the powers that be, and will be again :)

Pictmatrix: @scablander NOOOOO!! *Swift tackle! Chloroform! No apologies!* O_O

TomYHowe: @scablander What???!! But then the famous novelist never would be born and we'd be left without Ser and Sherman and Wendell! Bad idear.

scablander: #TemporalTues Okay, but can at least get them to change my name to Patricia Briggs? (Never mind, not that crazy about horses.)

jeanettemarsh: @scablander You're not allowed to change your name from Jeanette - or I'll get upset!!!



84th Temporal Tuesday - 8 February

Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues pt1 England 1671 took Lilly to see Isaac Newton's demonstration of the reflecting telescope to the Royal Society. To her I ~

Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues pt2 ~whisper Issac's brother, Figby, also was an inventor. She replied, Sir Issac Newton's brother, Figby? What did he invent?

Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues pt3 He invented a cookie, I reply. (She groans) Oh Zaphod, you don't mean? I certainly do Lilly. He invented...the Fig Newton!

mrrustymonkey: * pops his monkey head into the #TemporalTues twitterverse, feeling fractional - like his painting is always unfinished *

mrrustymonkey: * sits on the floor in his #TemporalTues studio & stares @ the blank wall. then closes his eyes &... *

mrrustymonkey: Today on this #TemporalTues, we're single & we're lonely. Life's all work & no fun. It's 1991.

mrrustymonkey: It's Valentine's Day #TemporalTues, but there's no valentine for us. We want flowers & candy & the usual fuss. :-)

mrrustymonkey: But more than this #TemporalTues, we want that love from our dreams - the kind of love that just bursts at the seams!

mrrustymonkey: Does true love exist #TemporalTues, will we find our soul mate? We're anxious, passing time with these mediocre dates.

mrrustymonkey: Why did we come back here #TemporalTues? What did I come here to see? Well, I see me when I wasn't so lucky.

mrrustymonkey: Now let's go forward #TemporalTues. Tonight, we'll cuddle & hug. I'll feel loved & as snug as a bug in a rug!

mrrustymonkey: Thank you #TemporalTues. I needed your mirror to "see" - to remember what's most important to me.

mrrustymonkey: Oh #TemporalTues time machine, tonight for my valentine, it's time to sing... Baby, Baby

mrrustymonkey: Yes you can certainly be one of my valentines this year @MissyDeer! It's nice to have valentines & I'm glad you liked my #TemporalTues !

mrrustymonkey: Thank you @Wendell_Howe for last week's #FollowFriday! Thank you for allowing me to travel on your #TemporalTues time machine each week. :-)

Wendell_Howe: #TemporaITues I would like to go back (no wait, forward) to 2011 and ride in the Sherlock Holmes Museum's Hanson Cab.

Wendell_Howe: #TemporaITues Then I would visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum. You can join me on a virtual and video tour.

vonHogflume: Ach! I missed #TemporalTuesday again. Why does it have to be Tuesdays? I would find Wednesdays better. The Tuesday button keeps jamming.



83rd Temporal Tuesday - 1 February

mrrustymonkey: * pops his monkey head into the #TemporalTues twitterverse, feeling as if he's been in some kind of frozen suspension *

mrrustymonkey: * takes out his tiny #TemporalTues snow globe & shakes it for a moment. waits for the flurries to become still. then closes his eyes &...*

mrrustymonkey: Today on the #TemporalTues, I'm peering into a snow globe heaven! It's last week, 2011.

mrrustymonkey: I'm in NYC #TemporalTues, & this snow just won't stop! What will happen ( I'm afraid! ) if the temperature drops?

mrrustymonkey: I wake up #TemporalTues in a city that doesn't sleep, to meet some kings of this hill - the very top of this heap! ;-)

mrrustymonkey: #TemporalTues, I lunch @ Olives, dine @ Gotham & shop @ fantastic stores! People watching is fun. I never get bored.

mrrustymonkey: And then #TemporalTues, I can hardly wait... to climb the Empire State Building... like that great King Kong ape!

mrrustymonkey: Will I make it home #TemporalTues? Guess we'll just wait & see? Hey mommy, don't forget to pack your little monkey!

mrrustymonkey: Oh #TemporalTues time machine, this "monkey about town" is ready to sing... New York New York

mrrustymonkey: * opens his #TemporalTues eyes & smiles @ the NYC snow globe sitting on the shelf. yes he's home, in his room, in the very old house *

Moogie55: @mrrustymonkey Glad you had a lovely time in NYC, but VERY glad you're back. No #TemporalTues story last week :-o, we were lost without you

ExplodingDragon: I think for #temporaltuesday I would like to go ANYWHERE ELSE BUT HERE.

Wendell_Howe: Maybe I'd go back and get love advice from Venice's most famous native, Giacomo Casanova. #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: Or maybe not. If Casanova was that great a lover, why couldn't he hang onto one woman? #TemporalTues


Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues took Lilly to 2062, needed to see what the ground looked like way under the Jetson's apartment building. Couldn't find it...