152nd Temporal Tuesday - 29 May

@vonHogflume: #TemporalTues I enjoyed my campfire feast and singsong with some Neanderthal friends, but they just could not get "Row row row your boat".

@vonHogflume: #TemporalTues Ugg made a good tenor, while Igg was excellent with harmonies. It was spoilt a bit by Nogg's tone deafness.

@ScotsSmiler: Just returned from 5 minutes into the future (@vonHogflume matrix clogged again). Did we really live like that?! #TemporalTues

@Mortythemouth: #TemporalTues Washington D.C.,2066.The U.S. Government issued warnings for parts of 24 states:Don't drink Chromium 6 infested well water.



151st Temporal Tuesday - 22 May

@Wendell_Howe: Today is #TemporalTues Everyone gets a time machine. (Don't drink and drive or could wind up at the Black Plague.)

@Jonessurname: @Wendell_Howe Will need a few flea bites along the way.

@Wendell_A_Howe: @Jonessurname If you get bit by Bubonic Plague fleas, you WILL need a stiff drink.

@Jonessurname: @Wendell_A_Howe In 1350 you also needed a stiff box, but very few around.

@lousmom313: @korikatra where should we go for #temporaltues ? @Wendell_Howe

@Wendell_A_Howe: @lousmom313 Where and when ever you would like.

@korikatra: @lousmom313 Mmmm...we could get our togas on & sunbathe in ancient Greece? #temporaltues

‏@ladyrainbow: @korikatra I'll second that. RT @korikatra @lousmom313 Mmmm...we could get our togas on & sunbathe in ancient Greece? #temporaltues

‏@lousmom313: @korikatra sounds good! Make sure we're well off, so we can enjoy good food too! #temporaltues !

‏@korikatra @ladyrainbow @lousmom313 LOL You coming too, @theladywrites? <3 #supermamasneedtropicalvacations #temporaltues ************************************************************************************ @Kate_Atwood: Architect creates "hiding place" in the Beje. #TemporalTues Women Heroes of #WWII: Corrie ten Boom #Holocaust

@Kate_Atwood: Dietrich places herself in harm's way for the Allied cause. Women Heroes of #WWII: Marlene Dietrich #TemporalTues

@Kate_Atwood: Dutch resister gets the Gestapo on the phone. Women Heroes of #WWII: Diet Eman #TemporalTues

@Kate_Atwood: American OSS spy comes face-to-face with the Germans. Women Heroes of #WWII: Virginia Hall #TemporalTues

@Captain_Zaphod: Was gonna tamper with time so that I could be the one who invented #TemporalTues Instead I ended up inventing Happy Hour.

@scablander: It would appear Queen Victoria has gotten in on #TemporalTues time travel. Here she is Aston Park 2008. photo @Wendell_Howe



150th Temporal Tuesday - 15 May

@Wendell_Howe: It's our 150th #TemporalTues Take a time machine anywhere you like. (No women's locker rooms, though. Use discretion.)

@RiffGaffer Forward or back?

@Wendell_Howe: You can take your #TemporalTues time machine anywhen...before Big Bang might be iffy.

@RiffGaffer: hehe well so many choices... how many we get?

‏@Wendell_Howe: Until you or the #TemporalTues time machine run out of fuel

@RiffGaffer: Excellent. I think I'd like to visit the Big Bang, the End of the Universe and the formation of the Moon... #temporaltues

@RiffGaffer: When will you go on #TemporalTues ? I think some dinosaurs might be interesting :)

@vonHogflume: #TemporalTues I travelled to 1928 to watch the first movie featuring Mickey Mouse.

@Captain_Zaphod: was the drunken frood sitting 3 rows behind @vonHogflume this #TemporalTues in 1928 as he tried to watch the 1st Mickey Mouse feature film

@scablander: In honor of the 150th #TemporalTues may I present a future adventure of @Wendell_Howe in the past: Carry On



149th Temporal Tuesday - 8 May

‏@vonHogflume: #TemporalTues When I read about a Parliament of Worms in 1521, I had to see it. It is not made of wriggly worms, sadly.

‏@mrrustymonkey: * a nursery school door opens in the #TemporalTues twitterverse & a monkey doll steps inside. he's carrying a box of crayons & paper *

‏@mrrustymonkey: * he hands them to the teacher & watches as she spreads them out across the #TemporalTues "mahogany" floor *

‏@mrrustymonkey: * he sits down on his little "red" floor mat, just like all the other children. this is his seat on the #TemporalTues time machine *

‏@mrrustymonkey: Today on this #TemporalTues we're coloring with crayons! Oh joy! It's so much fun! It's 1971. :-)

‏@mrrustymonkey: We're making a mural #TemporalTues for our "gray" nursery school wall. All the boys & girls are having a ball!

‏@mrrustymonkey: It's a Crayola world #TemporalTues on a giant "white" paper sheet! The teacher says, "Children, please keep your space neat."

‏@mrrustymonkey: But it's hard #TemporalTues with so many crayons, you see. There's a rainbow of fishes in our deep "navy blue" sea!

‏@mrrustymonkey: At the top #TemporalTues , there's a "sky blue" sky. We're adding swirls of "gold" & "silver" but we don't know why?

‏@mrrustymonkey: #TemporalTues the center's all "spring green" grass & trees. We add "brick red" tulips & "goldenrod" bumblebees!

‏@mrrustymonkey: #TemporalTues beside a "forest green" tree, we've drawn a "raw umber" log… & it's complete with an "olive green" bullfrog!

‏@mrrustymonkey: Something's missing #TemporalTues - something to swing from our trees? How 'bout some "bittersweet" monkeys, please!

‏@mrrustymonkey: * he imagines taking a few #TemporalTues bites out of the "apricot" & "melon" crayons, but puts them back down & grins *

‏@mrrustymonkey: Our memories are "sepia" & "maize" & so very "plum". Perhaps my #TemporalTues trip was a little bit dumb? :-)

‏@mrrustymonkey: But you see #TemporalTues , a box of crayons & some paper was our sweet & simple start... to a lifetime of creativity & a passion for art.

@mrrustymonkey: So thank you #TemporalTues for this colorful trip in time, when our world was a box of crayons & everything was " peri- ;-) -le " fine.

‏@mrrustymonkey: * he grabs up all of the #TemporalTues crayons & tosses them high into the "twitter blue" sky & :-) *

@mrrustymonkey: Oh #TemporalTues time machine, "Joy To Our Crayola World!" It's time to sing… View video



148th Temporal Tuesday - 1 May

@vonHogflume: #TemporalTues I am just back from 1751 after watching the first American cricket match being played. Not a very thrilling spectacle.

@Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues went back & invented the sub-etha net.

@ScotsSmiler: Bugger! Bad, bad landing! I just hope I'm in the right when #TemporalTues