178th Temporal Tuesday - 27 November

@Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues Opened a wormhole over the Western North Atlantic w/ a delta shaped aperture-Sept. 16, 1950. Connected it to my used ships lot

************************************************************************************ @vonHogflume: #TemporalTues 1895, Paris. Watched Alfred Nobel sign his will, setting aside his estate to establish the Nobel Prize on his death.

@vonHogflume: #TemporalTues 1895, Paris. Mr Nobel signed his will at the Swedish-Norwegian Club. It was a very noble thing to use his estate this way.



177th Temporal Tuesday - 20 November

‏@vonHogflume: #TemporalTues March 1738, London. Stumbled into a Captain Robert Jenkins, minus an ear, who gave his name to the War of Jenkin's Ear.

@vonHogflume: #TemporalTues March, 1738. Jenkins had been summoned to Parliament to recount how a Spanish officer had cut off his ear, accusing him of...

@vonHogflume: #TemporalTues March 1738 ...piracy, despite an agreement between England and Spain. War susequently started. Over an ear!

************************************************************************************ @ScotsSmiler: ITT heard my case and authorised a temporal assassin to 'diswade' the inventor of woodchip. I hope he's successful! #TemporalTues

@Inst_TimeTravel: @ScotsSmiler We don't have "Assasins" in the Institute of Time Travel. We do have "Security Agents" in the Enforcement Agency. #TemporalTues

@Inst_TimeTravel: @ScotsSmiler Security Agents will take whatever measures are necessary. Your case is valid. #TemporalTues

************************************************************************************ @Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues waited at Napoleon's camp for a group of performing dwarves & a kid to steal THE Map from them. By Zarquon they're fast.



176th Temporal Tuesday - 13 November

@Wendell_Howe: It's #TemporalTues http://temporaltues.blogspot.com/ Where would you go if you had a time machine? (Someplace warmer than January in Russia, I'm sure.)

@ScarletShocker @Wendell_Howe London 1483 -find out the truth about Richard III

************************************************************************************ @Ultraman_USA: #TemporalTues Gone back to the days when my enemies were men in rubber suits, instead of shadow boxing cgi kaiju in front of a green screen.

************************************************************************************ @scablander: Traveling back in time watching an animation of the 5,000 year old story of Krishna. Little Krishna #TemporalTues


175th Temporal Tuesday - 6 November

@Scablander: Going back to 1844 and convincing Dr. John McLoughlin not to let Americans cross the Columbia River. I'd rather be Canadian.