101st Temporal Tuesday - 7 June

vonHogflume: #TemporalTues I joined a street party in 1977 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee.

mrrustymonkey: * the conservatory door in the #TemporalTues twitterverse opens and a monkey doll tiptoes out. *

mrrustymonkey: * he has a glass of #TemporalTues red wine in his hand, as he slowly makes his way over to the reflecting pool. *

mrrustymonkey: * he checks the "frog box" filter, just to make sure there aren't any #TemporalTues critters trapped inside. ;-) *

mrrustymonkey: * then, he tosses a float into the water and hops on board, wiggling into place. this is his seat on the #TemporalTues time machine.*

mrrustymonkey: * he stares up into the darkening sky and watches as the stars begin to appear and #TemporalTues slowly comes to a close. *

mrrustymonkey: Today on this #TemporalTues, the sun's playing hide and seek! It's sometime last week.

mrrustymonkey: Late afternoon shades in and all #TemporalTues marsh birds fly home to roost.

mrrustymonkey: A frog chorus begins on the #TemporalTues pond, followed by fiddling crickets!

mrrustymonkey: Then evening says "Come out!" to all the #TemporalTues creatures of the night.

mrrustymonkey: The screech owl in the old Oak tree & little #TemporalTues black bats begin their hunt.

mrrustymonkey: Then, it's darkest night! The #TemporalTues stars begin to ;-) @ me.

mrrustymonkey: Yes, I'm here #TemporalTues - floating in your planetarium gallery of night.

mrrustymonkey: But soon, I'll be safely tucked in my bed and ready to dream. Night night monkey. Night night #TemporalTues.

mrrustymonkey: Oh #TemporalTues time machine, it's time to dream. * shuts eyes * Time to dream... zzzzz... Under The Milky Way

mrrustymonkey: I was back today @Moogie55 @MissyDeer. I traveled back to last week on the #TemporalTues time machine. I've missed you both!

mrrustymonkey: *runs to his bed & shuts the linen press door, hoping "Push" the butler won't find him. hide & seek's a good game to play on #TemporalTues *

Happpiii: @mrrustymonkey Hello my friend! Your #temporaltues is fantastic. Happpiii colourful memories! *wave*

CharityKochsato: On this #TemporalTues I am visiting 21st century Earth. So nostalgic.

tomwrussell: #TemporalTues. When shall I travel today?

tomwrussell: #TemporalTues I know, how about Italian for lunch, off to Tuscany 1840. Perhaps a visit with Archduchess Maria

Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues Eureka! I've discovered the Vogon's big secret! They're devolved ... (cont.)

Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues pt.2 ...ape-descendents and #Cthulhu cultists! Think about it they've hideous aberrations who's poetry (garbled chanting)(cont.)

Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues pt.3 ... causes madness and or death. #Lovecraft Only had to travel through a lost weekend to discover that.

Wendell_Howe: 1891 Cannes - I'd like to go back to fifth century Île Saint-Honorat and meet St. Patrick while he was a student here. #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: 1891 Cannes - I think I'd ask St. Patrick what he has against snakes. =):{ #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: 1891 Cannes - That's a history joke. St. Patrick never drove snakes out of Ireland, because it never had any to begin with. #TemporalTues

shinyemptyhead: @Wendell_Howe Or he's going to borrow your time machine, go way back and drive them out properly.

@shinyemptyhead Perhaps. I understand Ireland did have a snake problem in the 21st century with people releasing exotic pets into wild.

scablander: #TemporalTues Jumping ahead to Ye Merrie Greenwood Renaissance Faire, June 25 & 26 in Richland, WA website Real Time Travel!


[Last week was the 100th Temporal Tuesday so @MassTwitFic and Company had a special Twitter Fiction event that lasted several days. Here is the continuation of #TT100 from last week. See also the #TT100 archive on Twapper.]

@RustyNorman: @MassTwitFic @mousewords @ZAmmi :gets up and dusts grass off pants: dinner, after we just ate lu- tea? :shrug: ok by me. :] #tt100

@mousewords: RT @MassTwitFic Havershill bows and motions to the car. "Ladies, Mister, er.." Now what /is/ the gentleman's name? "Sir." #TT100

@mousewords: RT @MassTwitFic: @mousewords @ZAmmi @RustyNorman "I do believe you are expected at the house for dinner?" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords Havershill moves to open the car door, while the first footman bends over you with a flourish and a twinkling of his eye and #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords Offers his hand to assist you to rise. #TT100

@CassieBarrister: @Rustynorman @Zammi @wildfeather hey guys! Are u on a hist reenactment trip? Some guy's tryin 2 sell me on joining and I'm like, #tt100

@ZAmmi: @RustyNorman *Sits gently fanning herself with her hat, languishing beneath the tree, studying you thru lashes, amused* Well, Rusty, #TT100

@ZAmmi: @RustyNorman aren't you going to help me up? *a slight dimple pout appears behind the lazily wafting white ostrich feathers* #TT100

@CassieBarrister: @zammi @rustynorman @wildfeather just checkin :) #tt100

@RustyNorman: @ZAmmi :straightens vest importantly: o'course milady! :flourishy bow & reach of hand, w a wink: #tt100

@wildfeather: @ZAmmi u look almost as mischievous as da footman! ::Straightens face hurriedly as Footman flashes her a glance and becomes serious:: #TT100

@ZAmmi: @RustyNorman *fights off creasing giggles and rises demurely, eyes sparkling* *Slides arm into yours sighing* I could get used to this. #TT100

@wildfeather: Why do I get da feelin I'm gonna be in trouble a lot here. ::juts jaw uncomfortably:: #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic Thank you kindly! *extricates self from seat on the grass, disentangling from long heavy folds of skirt* #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords The footman escorts you in silence to the car, where he hands you over to Havershill's care and withdraws without a word #TT100

@RustyNorman: @CassieBarrister histry reenactment? yeah, u can call it that ;] give MTF a buzz and cmon over! @Zammi @wildfeather @masstwitfic #tt100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic Thank you! *wave* //quiet sort of fellow...// #TT100

@mousewords: I pause to take in the moment. Garbed in yards of blue skirt, with lacy high-necked black blouse and broad, scarf-wrapped hat- #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords Servants..ah..rules of engagement were very interesting in the Edwardian era.. Not at all how they were 100 years before #TT100

@MassTwitFic: Two gentlemen, and a lady- screaming uproariously- go speeding by in a motorcar, with a raucous toot of their horn & a "make way!!" #TT100

@mousewords: I play the role of a well-to-do lady in "light" summer daytime gown, roasting in the summer heat of the English countryside, 1911. #TT100

@mousewords: The gorgeous sprawl of dry golden hillsides and tired, dusty trees reminds me of California; except for the jewel of the landscape- #TT100

@mousewords: an elegant rose-stone mansion, shimmering in the hazy distance like a fairytale come true. I catch my breath #TT100

@mousewords: and turn eagerly to climb into our chariot: a shining Rolls Royce motorcar. Fabulous--despite the fact there's no air conditioning. #TT100

@mousewords: @ZAmmi Soo...I'm gathering our 21st century social media sociability won't work with "the help"? ;) #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords *Wince* well.... They might take you for an 'interesting' American. (Goodness, that word has so many applications!) #TT100

@wildfeather: ::Watches strange peeps go by in cricket-type outfits with trilbys on and big flashy grins as big as their big flashy sportscar:: #TT100

@wildfeather: ::Sighs wistfully:: //dey look like more my kinda ppl...// ::Wishes @CassieBarrister were here, again:: #TT100

@CassieBarrister: So I've got this lavender pioneer dress I wore to a reenactment thing in Boston once--apron & straw hat & all. cute, 4 a dress ;) #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister The gleaming Bugatti that sped past the others comes to a halt as its tire bursts in the heat, in a swerve of grit & #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister The gleaming Bugatti that sped past the others comes to a halt as its tire bursts in the heat, in a swerve of grit & #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister metal beside you. "Oh blast it!" says a handsome blond riffking his hand through a shock of messy hair. "Hullo!" he #TT100

@CassieBarrister: I put that on & meet up w MTF's history guy. *guy looks surprised* what, never saw a lady in fancy-dress before? ^^ #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister metal beside you. "Oh blast it!" says a handsome blond riffling his hand through a shock of messy hair. "Hullo!" he #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister says in surprise, as he leaps out to examine the damage & sees you. "Georgie!" the girl in the back says, "Is this" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister "Going to hold us up long? We'll be late for dinner." Georgie smiles at you, "Fancy giving me a hand?" #TT100

@CassieBarrister: Guy kinda rolls eyes at me. We get into a shiny black elevator, he hits a red button. Elevator hums, door opens, and--! #tt100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords I can tell u're frantically googling servants etiquette on the hidden computer in the powder case @Wendell_Howe gave u ;) #TT100

@CassieBarrister: I walk out of an old like SHED thing into the boonies! & dude it's like HOT. Awesome FX & location selection! How'd he do that? #tt100

@CassieBarrister: There's a road up ahead...&...I see Rusty & the others! W00t. *jogs to road, waving* #tt100

@wildfeather: Chuggin along in ma automobile... ::hums to self looking out at green fields & ripening wheat & little coppice woods. Hears gunshot:: #TT100

@wildfeather: ::Turns round to kneel on front seat & leans over hot leather back to tug at @ZAmmi's sleeve in the rear:: Someone's huntin! #TT100

@CassieBarrister: @MassTwitFic *shrieks at spray of dirt at stopping car* *blinks @ blond guy* help? Uh, sure, I can change a tire I guess... #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @wildfeather "Sit /still/ young lady!" Havershill's sharp voice punctuates each word. "What indecorous behaviour!" #TT100

@mousewords: @ZAmmi You got me ;) #TT100

@RustyNorman: @MassTwitFic :frowns: hey, chill, Havvie, she's not botherin anyone @Wildfeather #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister Georgie's grin is sparkling & perfect white. "I thought you could" he says cheerfully. "I can always tell the type" #TT100

@wildfeather: @MassTwitFic ::Flumps back down, cheeks stinging hotly:: ::Looks forlornly out the window:: Hey! There's Cass-- ::Car turns corner:: #TT100

@mousewords: @Zammi @Wildfeather Oh dear. One thing my research reveals is that treatment of servants varied from household to household.. #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister "Why don't you two go on?" George motions to the pair in the car, "It's only a short walk from here." "Alright" #TT100

@mousewords: @Zammi @Wildfeather Pleasant interaction between employers/employees might be the norm in one home, while servants aren't considered #TT100

@ZAmmi: @Mousewords danger of putting one's foot in it is offset by the great pleasure the English will get at the opportunity to correct you #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords There's nothing the English like more at this period than correcting Americans over matters of etiquette ;) #TT100

@mousewords: @Zammi @Wildfeather to be *people* in others. Household would even gossip in front of them--statues can't repeat it, after all <_< #tt100

@mousewords: @ZAmmi *adjusts scarf* Well, seein' as how I'm from a self-made railroadin' family back in Californ-i-ay, they'll have opportunity! #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister "What about your ankle?" the girl asks the other man present. "It's only a short walk, Bertie, silly, I'm not an" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister "invalid!" & he leaps out of the car without bothering to open the door & dusts his hands staring up into the canopy #TT100

@CassieBarrister: *crosses arms watching 'George' & the others* {just cuz I CAN change a tire doesn't mean a guy shld expect me to, in a dress even! #tt100

@CassieBarrister: {...yknow I thought historical ppl had better manners when it came to ladies?} #tt100

@MassTwitFic: Before offering his arm to bouncy young lady 'Bertie' & strolling down the hill. @CassieBarrister "You'll look after him, won't you?" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister George tosses you the jack. "You get ready to hitch her up & I'll get the new one out the back" #TT100

@CassieBarrister: @masstwitfic *bites tongue from saying 'why, is he a kid or something?'* *grins & waves* yeah, sure! #tt100

@wildfeather: @mousewords @Zammi I can be a statue! ::Balances in old ninja pose & freaks everyone out by not movin a muscle even tho car's-:: #TT100

@CassieBarrister: @masstwitfic *fumble-catch of jack* 0_0 {so I guess guys are guys throughOUT history} #tt100

@wildfeather: @mousewords @Zammi ::bumpettybumpin:: (After several mins) But, ::Torn between temptation to show off invisible ninja-skillz &:: #TT100

@wildfeather: @mousewords @ZAmmi ::outrage:: I'm not a puppet, I'm a REAL BOY! a PERSON! D-: #TT100

@RustyNorman::stifles chuckle behind hand at @wildfeather: XD [sneaks random squeeze of @Zammi's hand under cover of her skirt floofs] #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister George trundles out the heavy new wheel, hand over hand, over the dusty white surface of the road "Can you hold it?" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: The car enters a long winding driveway through parkland studded with deer&deliberately staged picturesque views of lakes,lawns&groves #TT100

@CassieBarrister: @MassTwitFic *sighs,shifts jack in hand & moves forward 2 help* yeah, sure! #tt100

@MassTwitFic: Classical style buildings dot the landscape to catch the eye. Eventually it wends between a second set of gateposts into the majestic #TT100

@MassTwitFic: shade of the front of the house with its oval lawn & sweeping staircase up to a vast oak door framed by columns in creamy limestone. #TT100

@mousewords: @Masstwitfic *gasps a little in geekout over beautiful estate* #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @cassiebarrister George flashes you a winning smile, passes control of the spare wheel & begins jacking the car upwards fiercely #TT100

@ZAmmi: Not much moved by the estate. I've seen so many, & everything here looks so..young, the trees not yet mature. It all looks kinda fake #TT100

@ZAmmi: maybe bc it's not yet established.seems almost like a hollywood set-much like shiny medieval weapons seem fake if not grimed up w age #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @cassiebarrister "You sound American" the young man says glancing uncomfortably over his shoulder as if conscious he's offended you #TT100

@RustyNorman::low whistle: fancy digs...could get a great touch football game goin on those greens! #tt100

@ZAmmi: @RustyNorman *Squeezes back* Mildly curious to see it in proper use w full quotient of groundskeepers tho,instead of in retired state #TT100

@CassieBarrister: *smile @ George* I should, I've lived there all my life! I mean...*roleplay engaged* uh, till I came here #tt100

@CassieBarrister: Cuz of course all young ladies travel overseas, you know, for culture & all *piecing together novels read* #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister As if you flipped a switch, the young man became animated. He was about to launch into something, when he halts & #TT100

@mousewords: @Zammi Looks a bit Disneyfied ;) #TT100 @MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister rubs an awkward thumb across his forehead leaving a greasy smudge, excitement immediately deflated by consternation #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister "Oh I say." he says abashed. "I haven't offended you, have I? I took you for staff!" /she said 'lady'./ #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister "Oh I say." he says abashed. "I haven't offended you, have I? I took you for staff!" /she said 'lady'./ #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords *studies top of Havershill's bald head* *avoiding your gaze* touché.. So, um, shall we get out? *cough* #TT100

@wildfeather: @ZAmmi Yu mean it's not dilapidated? X-D [::giggle behind hand::] #TT100

 @CassieBarrister: @masstwitfic staff? You mean...0_0 uhh...*casually wipes bangs out of eyes* what gave u that impression? #tt100

@CassieBarrister: @masstwitfic *laughs out loud* :D I CAN! I guess I'm more comfortable changin a tire than painting my nails... #tt100

@MassTwitFic: "Sir" says the butler"Refreshments are on offer, but you may wish to know the dinner gong just sounded, so you might prefer to dress" #TT100

@CassieBarrister: @masstwitfic *looks down at self, smooths lavender cotton skirt, remembering the way 'Bertie' was dressed* um, truth is- #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister "Tell me about America?" he becomes animated again. "My uncle went, made a FORTUNE on foresting, he wants me to go," #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister "for the gold, you know" his eyes twinkle conspiratorially. #TT100

@CassieBarrister: @masstwitfic I'm not rich. I guess I'm what you'd call a working girl, have 2 earn my way. But doesn't mean I can't ACT like a lady #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister "They say there's" he stops "Oh I do beg your pardon, go on." #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister "Oh." He adjusts himself for the 3rd change of station in but a few minutes."Well, I won't tell anyone if you won't" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister & he smiles in a more friendly & down to earth way #TT100

@RustyNorman: @masstwitfic :raises eyebrows at butler:: what, i look nekkid? XD #TT100

@ZAmmi: *Descends on Rusty's hand from the car* /I never thought I'd find this disorienting, I feel more like an ornament than a person./ But #TT100

@ZAmmi: I haven't got anything to WEAR for dinner! #TT100 @mousewords: @RustyNorman (>_<) Uh, what the gentleman means, Russ, is dress *up* for dinner. Fancy clothes. #TT100

@mousewords: @RustyNorman (*_*) Uh, what the gentleman means, Russ, is dress *up* for dinner. Fancy clothes. #TT100

@mousewords: @ZAmmi I wonder if Havershill has luggage for us in the back of the car? He knew we were invited here--and servants did the packing #TT100

@wildfeather: ::Skips out of car and round to join @mousewords:: can I wear pink? With fluffy feathers like hers? (Z) ::Behind hand:: only, pink. #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords @RustyNorman upwards of 5 changes a day! Morning clothes, day, riding/sport, dress for afternoon tea, evening gowns, bed! #TT100

@RustyNorman: @mousewords @Zammi so what you're sayin is, monkeysuit. :saintly sigh: 9_9 #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords @RustyNorman and that's not counting going visiting #TT100

@mousewords: @wildfeather You'd look /adorable/ in-! *crestfallen* Oh dear. I wonder if we can convince Haversham.. #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @wildfeather Havershill flicks his eyes to wing of house "Servants to the rear." he says, none too impressed with your conduct #tt100

@mousewords: @wildfeather You'd look /adorable/ in-! *crestfallen* Oh dear. I wonder if we can convince Havershill.. #TT100

@ZAmmi: @RustyNorman *Giggles shyly behind gloved hand clutching shut bone fan handle* Oh but you look soooo.. haaandsome in a monkeysuit #TT100

@CassieBarrister: @masstwitfic *laughs again* Jinx ;) ok nevermind. So...America? Yeah, there's been some gold there. I went panning myself once ;) #tt100

@RustyNorman: @ZAmmi :grin: ymean sorta...James Bond-like? ;] :suave: :stoops & brushes a kiss on your lips: #tt100

@mousewords: @RustyNorman @ZAmmi Eeps! *covers eyes* #tt100

@ZAmmi: *Tries to get over the thought that SHE always feels uncomfortable seeing R in a dinner outfit**Unless it's scruff for cajun,@ shack* #TT100

@ZAmmi: @RustyNorman *Flame red cheeks* *hisses* Rusty! Not in front of the servants! Not until the '20s! #TT100

@wildfeather: @MassTwitFic ::Eyes flame:: ::Tenses into muscle-readiness, barely perceptible from outside, except by angry clenched fists:: #TT100

@RustyNorman: @ZAmmi [[0_0]]; :glance sideways: guess i'm a man before my time... #tt100

@ZAmmi: @wildfeather *Jerked out of blushing glee* uh oh.*Hastily dosey-do's round Rusty* I recognise that cold quiet. uh Wild? *Touches arm* #TT100

@wildfeather: @MassTwitFic ::Cold of katana concealed under skirts: Listen Mr Hawswotsits. ::Through clenched teeth ready to bite:: I..am...not...a #TT100

@wildfeather: @ZAmmi 0_0 ::Blink double-take:: #TT100

@ZAmmi: @wildfeather *Exhales uncomfortably* play along? *Apologetic* You might be severing ur own great-great-grandpoppy #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister George dusts his hands together. "All done." picking up the jack, he heaves you unceremoniously up from the floor #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister via his free hand in a comeradic shake. "Can I give you a lift somewhere? Return the favour?" #TT100

@CassieBarrister: @MassTwitFic :D um, thanks! Yeah, did u see the car that went by, with the redheaded guy driving? If u could catch up to them... #tt100

@wildfeather: @ZAmmi ::looks from you, to Havertwit:: ::& Then to Rusty in instinctive, hunt for reassurance:: #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister "Of course!" George helps you into the car like a gentleman, privately puzzling over you not being Staff & yet #TT100

@RustyNorman: @wildfeather ::sympathetic:: [rubs back of neck, at a loss] @ZAmmi #tt100

 @MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister attached to the Redheaded Gent's party though too polite to ask."By all means." he says & speeds into the setting sun #TT100

@wildfeather: ::Tears sting behind reddened cheeks::@ lack of champion::spins w bottom lip juttin precariously wobbly & strikes off over crunchin:: #TT100

@wildfeather: ::gravel all discombobulated and dangerously close to bursting into bewildered tears:: #TT100

@mousewords: @Wildfeather twiddles fingers out of sight of gentlefolk< "Run along, miss" #TT100

@ZAmmi: @wildfeather *Lets out whispery 'Wild--' feeling helpless- held back by protocol* #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords I don't kno. If we weren't in the past & required to behave accordingly, I'd punch 'Mr Haverhill' across the snooty nose! #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords I don't kno. If we weren't in the past & required to behave accordingly, I'd punch 'Mr Haverhill' across the snooty nose! #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic *bites lip, frowns at Havershill* *srsly close to layin some 21st century smack down* #TT100

@mousewords: @ZAmmi Worst part is, we're supposedly the elite, but we're as afraid of overstepping bounds in front of him as his underlings are! #TT100

@MassTwitFic: "Afternoon Havvers!" George says swinging the car into the oval & out of the Bugatti in 1 fluid movement."I've got one of your party" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: "Afternoon Havvers!" George says swinging the car into the oval & out of the Bugatti in 1 fluid movement."I've got one of your party" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: "here." he addresses @RustyNorman & slings Havershill the carkeys. "You'll excuse me, won't you, if I hurry in? I'm awfully late" #TT100

@CassieBarrister: *adjusts hat out of eyes & looks around at house* whoa. #tt100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords Sounds pretty normal to me. The Butler, & housekeeper rule the roost ...Speaking of which, It'd offend the Missus, if #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords we pry into how @wildfeather's getting on, infringing on her territory.But, perhaps it's expected & thus acceptable if we #TT100

@CassieBarrister: *breaks into huge grin* Rustyyy! Zeee! And mouse! *quick, athletic jump out of car, easy movements in cotton dress* #tt100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords prefer our own servants, & thus send for Wild in preference to the ones offered, as much as possible? #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister Havershill examines you with a gleam in his eye that might be misinterpreted as /"Ah, another minion to command-"/ #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister /"oh goody!"/ and addresses you sharply. "Follow the other gel, hurry along now." #TT100

@mousewords: @ZAmmi *nod nod* Especially if one of us is very particular about such things. I'm an ignorant American anyway, I can hack it ;) #TT100

@CassieBarrister: @masstwitfic *sarcastic squint at Havershill* Chill out, dude...Zee! *flomps arms around @Zammi in big hug* #tt100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic *look at Cassie* (0_*) *look at Havershill* Sorry. This one's mine. #TT100

@MassTwitFic: Havershill gives @CassieBarrister a thick ear, then pinches it, twisting her from grip-lock around @ZAmmi, and pulling himself up #TT100

@MassTwitFic: to full height to tower over her in outrage "Don't assault the guests! WHAT do you think you are doing!" it's not a question. #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "I'm most dreadfully sorry, madam." he says mortified. "Quite how this can have happened.." #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "Clearly it's my fault. I shall whip her into shape immediately and I assure you this. won't. happen. again." he #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords finishes, addressing @CassieBarrister in a manner that brooks no disobedience. #TT100

@RustyNorman: @masstwitfic HEY! :grabs Havershill's wrist, quick painful thumb-pressure on soft tissue forcing him to let Cass go: that's ENOUGH! #TT100

@RustyNorman: @MassTwitFic maybe u're a high n mighty, an maybe i'm steppin in a cow field o manner violations, but STOP-:waves finger in H's face #tt100

@ZAmmi: @masstwitfic *Reduced to gaping embarrassment.Mortified @ own self for primary thot bein fear C'll make a scene,stead o'defendin her* #TT100

@RustyNorman: @masstwitfic :voice coming from deep in throat, a dangerous rumble: -BEATIN.UP.ON.OUR.GALS. #tt100

 @MassTwitFic: @RustyNorman Havershill drops @CassieBarrister's ear immediately with practiced obedience, losing none of his dignity."Of course,sir" #TT100

@ZAmmi: @RustyNorman *Semi-concealed My-hero swoon* #TT100 @CassieBarrister: *eyes smarting, ear burning, can only stand & stare open-mouthed at R & H* #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @RustyNorman "I do apologise there has been a scene." he indicates the ushers awaiting the party's convenience."I shall deal with it" #TT100

@RustyNorman: @masstwitfic :eyes blazing, jaw twitching in effort to contain anger: :keeps stare fixed on Havershill, saying low to Cassie:* #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @RustyNorman "in a matter that will satisfy you. If the ladies will care to retire to a more comfortable situation,I shall take care" #TT100

@RustyNorman: @cassiebarrister Cass, Wild's in there somewhere. go find er an stick together. an they give u any trouble-:vivid look @ Havershill: #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @RustyNorman "of your gels personally." He smiles, and bows in apology. #TT100

@RustyNorman: @cassiebarrister -you come to me. #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @RustyNorman Havershill inclines his head with dignified respect. #TT100

@mousewords: *biting nails* o_0;; #TT100

@ZAmmi: @CassieBarrister *touches gloved finger to your cheek* You ok sweet? #TT100

@RustyNorman: @MassTwitFic yeah, just see y'don't take care of em TOO personally. :burning scowl at H, turns on heel & offers arm to @Zammi: #tt100

@CassieBarrister: @Zammi *skittish deer-in-headlights nod* I..I'll go check on Wild #tt100

@IanFHood: RT @mousewords: *biting nails* o_0;; #TT100 [don't!! I lost the top of my nail polish so I have to do EVERYONE"S nails tonight LMAO]

@ZAmmi: @RustyNorman *Finds she's shaking without realising* *Pauses for a moment feeling bewildered staring at ur proffered elbow* #TT100

@RustyNorman: @ZAmmi :encloses your hand in his, tucks it into crook of his arm w gentleness & plaintive reassuring look into your eyes,: #tt100

@RustyNorman: @ZAmmi :shaken up himself, still fighting down inner burning anger at sumovapeach Haverwhatsis: #tt100

@RustyNorman: @ZAmmi [moment's pause feels like a long empty stretch without Z's closeness...jars him away from Haverwhosis focus & blinding anger #tt100

@fabulouspanda: Rrrrrrring. Rrrrrrrring. Why is @wildfeather not answering my calls? We were supposed to meet in Earls Court for afternoon tea! #TT100

@fabulouspanda: Taps foot impatiently. Passerby stands on said foot..:O "Owwww!" Hop. Hop....fall..through the doorway of a blue police box! #TT100

@fabulouspanda: "What the...?!?" Quickly scrambles up. "I have been asked to drop you off in 1911," says the man. " You might want to go change." #TT100

@fabulouspanda: "But...but..it's bigger on the inside". "Yes, yes I know. The wardrobe is up those stairs, and 2nd door on the right past the pool." #TT100

@fabulouspanda: Choices...choices. So many pretty dresses. I think I will go for the white ruffly dress and the.. Wait..are those yellow shoes!!? #TT100

@wildfeather: ::Trundles off to the door into the basement, scraping toes in slow melancholy:: #TT100

@wildfeather: ::It's big and greystoned and very smart and new cut, as if it was only just built. Lots of bustle, coming and going, stablehands &:: #TT100

@wildfeather: #TT100 ::oddjobsmen, gardeners bringing in large armfuls of fresh cut vegetables for the salads, picked late so they would not wilt::

@wildfeather: #TT100 ::prior to being presented at the table with elegant french flair. Flowers selected to be placed in vases for the centrepiece::

@fabulouspanda: Choices..choices. I think I will go for the white ruffly dress with the..WAIT.. are those pretty yellow shoes. *Undignified scramble* #TT100

@wildfeather: #TT100 ::Some, perhaps, to be eaten, marigolds and violets, rosepetals for raspberry and rose jelly, honeysuckle for the fruit displays::

@fabulouspanda: "I thought you knew how to fly this thing!" Picks self up off floor for the fifth time. Brushes dress down. And opens blue door. #TT100

@wildfeather: #TT100 "Wotch it!" objects a large garden hand nudging me out the way as he burlys past.

@wildfeather: #TT100 ::Walks thru doorway out of blazing heat of evening sun & long shadows & into chill of cold stone & the whiff of boiling cabbage::

@MassTwitFic: @wildfeather A tall, busy looking woman with a severe pinch of a mouth greets you at the door. "Norman?" #TT100

@wildfeather: @MassTwitFic Nn-no, Saskia. Saskia McNain. ::frowns:: I'm..I'm a girl. //thinks, I don't look that boyish, do I?// #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @wildfeather woman's forehead wrinkles in a tight frown"You're part of the Norman party?"she checks her book "Russel Ulysses Norman?" #TT100

@wildfeather: @MassTwitFic ::snickers:: //Ulysses?// Um, yes. er. Dat's right //Oh good, dey's realised their mistake// #TT100

@fabulouspanda: Steps out into the glorious evening sunshine. Squinting into the sun, casually opens the white frilly parasol and surveys the scene. #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @wildfeather "Upstairs, second door to the right from the back stairs, Lady Taylor's in the green room and the Countess Z..er..Za.." #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @wildfeather housekeeper frowns over unusual name. "The Countess is in the blue. Take this." she passes you a large pitcher of water #TT100

@fabulouspanda: The sun is glinting off the rose coloured stately home which dominates the landscape amongst the rolling green hills. #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @fabulouspanda A magnificent neoclassical rotunda is to your left. A couple are strolling down the hill both in tennis gear #TT100

@fabulouspanda: *Deep relaxing sigh* So nice to be out of the hustle and bustle of noisy 21st centuary London. Starts to walk slowly downhill. #TT100

@wildfeather: @MassTwitFic ::Gapes and fumbles with shock of heavy pitcher, sloshes water on stone tiled floor, it's scalding hot:: But, but, I'm #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @wildfeather "Get a move on!" she says and whips away out of sight #TT100

@fabulouspanda: Catches sight of two people walking down the same hillside a bit further off. *Squints in the sunlight* Is that @CassieBarrister? #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @FabulousPanda Bertie and her quiet dark haired companion, who has a slight limp, catch up with you "I say." the gentleman exclaims #TT100

@wildfeather: @masstwitfic I'm not a servant! ::Humphs as finds she's talking to air:: #TT100

@fabulouspanda: It is. Who is that good looking guy with her! *Starts waving madly, jumping up and down. Shoe heel gets caught in a rabbit hole....* #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @fabulouspanda "What a magnificent dress!" Bertie giggles"I've never seen a lady take a turn in th grounds in an evening gown before" #TT100

@wildfeather: ::Feels all awkward and not at all ninjary, struggling to stairs with sloppy pitcher & trippin over bells on skirt:: #TT100

@fabulouspanda: The words "I say" are still ringing in my ears as the earth moves beneath my feet. Bumpity. Bumpity. Thump. World spinning. Ow! #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @wildfeather First Housemaid hoves into view "Dear oh dear! that won't do" she tuts at your dress."Follow me. & be quick! We're late" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @fabulouspanda Bertie and her companion run forward to try and assist you #TT100

@wildfeather: @MassTwitFic We're late, we're late, for a very important date. #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @fabulouspanda "Good gracious!" the man says, "Here, may I rescue you?" Strong arms surround that delicate lacy waist & gently lift #TT100

@fabulouspanda: Struggle. Struggle. Admits defeat and with as much pride as possible accepts the gentleman's hand out of the bush. #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @fabulouspanda "Oh dear" giggles Bertie, "Your dress is awfully dirty! I do believe you've landed in the only wet patch left in all" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @fabulouspanda "of drought filled England!" "Never mind" the man says cheerfully with a friendly twinkle in his eye. "You still look" #TT100

@fabulouspanda: Attempts to maintain an air of superiority with a now green/brown/white torn dress and only one yellow shoe. #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @fabulouspanda "ravishing.Dont need a dress for that." he smiles politely & bows over your hand. "Like a Knight Gallant!"Bertie laughs #TT100

@fabulouspanda: Blushes at the gentleman's compliments and agrees to accept his arm. "May I enquire; to whom am I endebted?" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @fabulouspanda "Well, I rescued her, didn't I?" "Where's your steed?" B howls again. The man ignores her "Are you alright?" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @fabulouspanda "Horatio Charles Marcham Frederick Bathfield-Welles. Duke of Avon. And, you are?" #TT100

@wildfeather #TT100 ::Tries not to feel ridiculously stupid in a short grey servant's outfit & silly white mobcap & thick white stockings & black shirt::

@fabulouspanda: Desperately racks brain for impressive title."Erm... Lady Amelia Caroline Laurels, Duchess De Lancray. Pleased to meet you." #TT100

@wildfeather #TT100 ::Tugs at calf length skirt which is neither long enough nor capable of being hitched up,havin been sewed to da pinafore at da front:

@fabulouspanda: "And you are?" @MassTwitFic Turning to the giggling lady next to the Duke. #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @fabulouspanda "A Duchess?" Charlie's lips spread in a subtly suppressed smile. "I'm very pleased to make your acquaintance." #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @fabulouspanda "I'm Bertie Bathfield-Welles. Alberta really. But you can call me Bertie, everyone does!" #TT100

@wildfeather: ::Attempts to mount stairs again. Squeal-roaring in vexation at awkward pitcher:: I kno! ::balances pitcher on head:::Ninja-balance:: #TT100

@fabulouspanda: Smiles at Bertie's infectious smile. "Do you know anywhere I could go to clean up...I seem to have got myself into a bit of a pickle!"#TT100

@wildfeather: Much better! ::Marches up stairs with arms spread and pitcher on head, not a drop spilt:: #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @fabulouspanda "Well, you could always go to the side entrance- we use it when we're hunting. It's next to the doorman's readyroom." #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @fabulouspanda "Be warned.There's lots of guns in there &dirty hunting boots waiting to be cleaned.You'll fit right in!" Bertie lols #TT100

@fabulouspanda: "Thank you. I don't mean to impose but do you have any spare clothes I could borrow Bertie?" #TT100

@fabulouspanda: Casually ignores Berties jibe but secretly worried. Attempts to portray a regal air while limping down the hill in only 1 yellow shoe.#TT100

@MassTwitFic: @fabulouspanda "Oh." Bertie blinks "Didn't you bring any more." "I'm sure you've got plenty to spare" Charlie teases "You have" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @fabulouspanda "a whole room full!" "Men!" Bertie rolls her eyes conspiratorially at you. "Honestly, I never have anything to wear!" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @fabulouspanda "Don't you feel the same?" she smiles "Ask for Jane. She's my lady's maid. She'll get you something" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @fabulouspanda "I'm afraid it won't be as pretty as that was tho..." she sighs."But maybe Jane can rescue it for you,for another day" #TT100

@fabulouspanda: Waves and thanks Bertie and the Duke as they drop her off at the hunting entrance. Wrinkles nose at the smell of musky boots. #TT100

@fabulouspanda: "Erm...hello. I've been told to ask for Jane.." *Tries to stop knees knocking as man in stripoy waistcoat glares at her* @MassTwitFic #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @fabulouspanda As they wander out of earshot, you may or may not have heard B say "Do you know, I dont think she's a Duchess at all.." #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @fabulouspanda "Wot you doin ere, missy? You should be downstairs!" #TT100

@wildfeather: ::Wanders into pretty mint green room wit delicate yellow& pink touches::puts down pitcher & examines big chest on floor::reads label:: #TT100

@wildfeather: "For Lady Christiana Taylor, with my compliments @Wendell_Howe. PS, /please/ return the time machine without a scratch, this time?" #TT100

@wildfeather: ::Opens chest and pulls out *amazing* dresses:: STORMIN NORA! ::Goes a bit dreamy-eyed meltyswoony:: ::Lays them out on bed:: #TT100

@wildfeather #TT100 ::Can't resist dancing round the room with one pressed to her servant's togs::

@fabulouspanda: "Erm...downstairs? I'll have you know that I am the duchess de..." The scary man raises an eyebrow and points to the stairs. #TT100

@wildfeather #TT100 I know you, I danced with you once upon a dream. I know you, the gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam

@MassTwitFic: @fabulouspanda "What on earth have you been doing?" the Housekeeper exclaims at the sight of you. #TT100

@fabulouspanda: "Erm...looks down at feet." #TT100 @fabulouspanda: "@wildfeather!" runs to hug her as she dances into the room. #TT100

@ZAmmi: *Settles into Blue room, gazin out over pretty views thru sash windows, seated in delicately floral windowseat beside dressingtable* #TT100

@mousewords: I emerge into the guestroom assigned to me, rolling down my wrist-length lacy black sleeves. My face feels cool & refreshed- #tt100

@mousewords: water from a pitcher, rose-scented soap on the washstand, did wonders to erase signs of the sweltering English countryside dust. #tt100

@mousewords: I squinch my nose--how did Edwardians exist without moisturizer?..-& look around the soft-green room, aglow w sunset light. Now what? #tt100

@TobyTales: *wanders across the grounds, ears perked* #tt100

@mousewords: //I should dress for dinner, I wonder if Havershill did bring luggage?// I look to the wardrobe & see- "@Wildfeather!" #tt100

@TobyTales: A bit confused, as last I remember this area didn't smell quite like this... #tt100

@wildfeather: @mousewords laadaa, laadaaa laaadaadeedeedee-- Oh! ::Blushes and suddenly feels like she's been caught redhanded:: #TT100

@TobyTales: Wandering around the main building, wary, I come upon a door that's not quite closed. Sticking nose through, smelling more odd smells #tt100

@mousewords: No militant upper servants around, so I'm free to give @Wildfeather a big {{hug!}} "Are you all right?" #tt100

@TobyTales: #tt100 Nothing seemingly terrible, so I push the door a little more open with my head, peeking inside.

@wildfeather: @mousewords M'ok. cept for da silly dress. ::Tugs at servant stuff awkwardly:: Where's Cassie? #TT100

@fabulouspanda: Follows @wildfeather into the room lugging a bucket of water. Mutters.."Stupid, annoying itchy servants outfit." #TT100

@TobyTales: #tt100 From experience, I know my shaggy coat and lack of collar doesn't help make a good impression, so I keep a low profile inside.

@mousewords: @wildfeather Are you ok? Did you see Cassie yet? Havershill boxed her ear, OMG! They didn't box y- oh, we would've heard about it. #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @TobyTales A large pack of hunting dogs reign in the house, be warned, your presence has been scented! #TT100

@fabulouspanda: @mousewords! Drops bucket and hugs @mousewords.:) #TT100

@TobyTales: #tt100 Clear scent of other dogs - expected. Not too worried yet. The corridor is grand..!

@wildfeather: @mousewords I've got my katana ::frowns:: AAUGH! @fabulouspanda! All over da oak floor! #TT100

@mousewords: @fabulouspanda! You here? {{hugs!}} Oh..dear, they've got you in the servants' quarters too? I feel like a piker in this finery #TT100

@TobyTales: #tt100 Stop to smell another doorway. Nothing special, at least nothing of interest. Corridor is ending at a door and a drape. Hmm...

@TobyTales: #tt100 Ears perk - reason for worry? Something approaching! Slip in behind drape, quickly!

@mousewords: @wildfeather Ooh, this I can do! *rustles off to bathroom for big towel to sop water off floor* I used it once anyway.. #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @TobyTales A low growl sounds behind you #TT100

@TobyTales: #tt100 Door opens, feet pass me by. A quick dash puts me on the other side of the door before the human remembers to close it - where am I?

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister "Lawks ha mussy!" exclaims a frazzled kitchen maid at the sight of you "Where have you been?!" #TT100

@fabulouspanda: Runs round like a headless chicken trying to help, falls over bucket and slides spectacularly across the floor. #TT100

@TobyTales: #tt100 The growl causes me to spin around - a dog decidedly more made for speed than me. I growl back reflexively.

@RustyNorman: [alone in cool, evening-shadowed room w dark red & brown curtains & furniture, finally takes off jacket & loosens damp tie]:whew: #tt100

@wildfeather: ::Picks up spreadeagled @fabulouspanda and dusts her down:: Why do I get da feelin we're gonna be in somuchtrouble!? #TT100

@mousewords: Oh dear! *swoosh-hurries to @FabulousPanda, toes just barely not catching in skirt hem* #TT100

@TobyTales: #tt100 Backpaws trampling, eyes moving around the room to check possible escape routes. Try to apologise and make a deal w/ the other.

@MassTwitFic: @TobeyTales he sniffs at you and his bared teeth spread in a fiercer grimace. He barks ..and the bark is answered by many others #tt100

@CassieBarrister: *looks around kitchen uneasily--servants rushing around, dressed pretty much like I am. That explains it!* @MassTwitFic Uhm..sorry #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister "Don't just stand there! Grab a bag of coal and get it to the kitchen! Quick!" #tt100

@TobyTales: #tt100 The answering barks get me going! Stairs - up, up, up! Sprinting along, careful not to crash into anything. Open door - in!

@mousewords: RT @MassTwitFic: @TobyTales he sniffs at you & his bared teeth spread in a fiercer grimace. He barks.. #tt100

@mousewords: RT @MassTwitFic ... and the bark is answered by many others #tt100

@MassTwitFic: Havershill swans into the kitchen, nose held high to converse with the French chef, who's up to his arms in pots, pans and blancmange #tt100

@CassieBarrister: @TobyTales ::WHAM!:: *topples at collision with you* #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @TobeyTales a pack of dogs running helterskelter thru the house, disturbing guests, upturning trays carried by footmen, all after you #tt100

@CassieBarrister: @MassTwitFic uhhhmm..coal, right, where's the coal? Where's the kitchen? *this'll ruin my reenactment dress* #tt100

@TobyTales: @CassieBarrister *topples over your feet and does a roll across the floor, accompanied by a yelp!* #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister Havershill spies you. He marches over in a full fury. Hauls you to your feet, & slaps your thigh with a butterpaddle #TT100

@TobyTales: #tt100 I scramble to my feet again, the awareness of the other dogs making me keen to escape further..! Where am I - kitchen? Where's out?!

@CassieBarrister: @TobyTales Aww, poor pup- *hears threatful barks & noise of other dogs coming* 0_0 oh crud! *jumps 2 close door* #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister "That! is for assaulting the guests, and THAT!" he slaps again. "Is for making a scene, and-- WHAT is that DOG?" #TT100

@CassieBarrister: @MassTwitFic *Havershill's stopped me from closing the door* *i yelp at the slap, & so help me almost punch him in the face* #tt100

@TobyTales: #tt100 I hear the door close, but still dive into the closest space to hide - aah! Trash!

@TobyTales: #tt100 *covered in food waste, shaking body and pawing at all the goo in my fur*

@MassTwitFic: The kitchen is in uproar! Pack dogs crashing between feet &barrels,pots & pans,the gelatin centrepiece,designed as a ship,goes flying #TT100

@TobyTales: #tt100 Dogs! Away I go again, run run run!

@CassieBarrister: @MassTwitFic *ohmigaw this guy'd kill @tobytales* he's mine!! I mean--my--boss's dog! #tt100

@CassieBarrister: *momentary pause-of-weirdness when I think that @Rustynorman IS actually kinda my boss irl* o_0 #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister "Yours? This mongrel, is YOURS?!" Havershill's face is puce as he points at fleeing @TobeyTales #TT100

@TobyTales: #tt100 Colliding with several other dogs! Resorting to biting to try and defend myself - fighting hunting dogs?!

@CassieBarrister: @Masstwitfic *straightens up* He belongs to Senator Norman, and you better not hurt him! #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister "Get this mutt out of here! Get him to ur master,&..Your on scullery duty for the rest of this evening!" @TobeyTales #TT100

@CassieBarrister: @Masstwitfic Fine by me..*jerk!* *jogs down the hall after @Tobytales, following the sound of growls* Here pup! *whistle* #tt100

@wildfeather: @mousewords ::Finished cleaning up water:: Whatcha wanna wear? ::Points to dresses:: There's a pink 1, or a green 1 or a purpley 1 or #TT100

@wildfeather: @mousewords Or a sky blue one, or.. ok deres a lotta dresses. #TT100

@TobyTales: #tt100 @CassieBarrister *finding a space between tall dog legs, I weasel through and run over, jumping up at you with a whine*

@mousewords: @wildfeather Oohh..gorgeous dresses..//all with longer skirts, gulp// Green! It's beautiful w the froth of lace on the sleeves.. #tt100

@ZAmmi: *Dressed in a pale,slightly olived,green dress of cleverly water-stained satin(that I put on myself)I stare into long mirror,forlorn* #TT100

@CassieBarrister: @TobyTales *catches furry bundle* aw, u poor kid! Uh...yipe! *other dogs come after us* where's Rusty when I need him?!? #tt100

@ZAmmi: *Tryin to work out how to put up my black curly hair in an appropriately Edwardian fashion.All is tranquil,no sign of chaos downstrs* #TT100

@TobyTales: #tt100 *curled up in @CassieBarrister's arms, paws holding onto her shoulder, growling and barking at the hunting dogs*

@ZAmmi: *On the shadowy side of house,the shape of the architectural marvel is cast across the lawn below.It's a vaguely mournful grey scene* #TT100

@CassieBarrister: *commanding voice at dogs* No! Sit! Stay! ...back! *shriek* *runs* @Tobytales fur brushing sore ear w evry bounce* #tt100

@ZAmmi: #TT100 *Fringed with the gold of the setting sun beyond, and the wheeling swifts high up in blue-clouded sky* #TT100

@CassieBarrister: No way I can outrun a pack of hunting dogs! So I take the nearest escape, up a flight of plain stairs & thru an open door #tt100

@wildfeather: @mousewords ::Tugs at your corset straps fiercely:: better hold onto da bedpost miss, dis is gonna take some tuggin! #TT100

@RyanosaurusRex: Join in the #tt100 - great fun! I'm there as @TobyTales, check the hashtag and play along!

@fabulouspanda: Bustles down the corridor "A whole hour to help Lord & Lady Moore to dress for dinner!" @CassieBarrister and a dog rush past. #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister @TobyTales "DOWN, Buster!" A commanding voice addresses the dogs over your shoulder. The tall gentlemen who was in #TT100

@mousewords: @wildfeather o_0 Shh-sh-shades of P-Pirates of the Ca*hwoof* (x_x) *small voice* corset's tight enough, thanks! #TT100

@mousewords: RT @RyanosaurusRex: Join in the #tt100 - great fun! I'm there as @TobyTales, check the hashtag and play along!

@fabulouspanda: After an impressive juggling act manages to not drop the three dresses, five starch collars and bucket of water. "Phew". #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister @TobyTales the car with George rises from a languid perch on a windowseat opposite the door. The hounds skitter #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister @TobyTales to a halt on the shiny floor at the sound of his voice. "Having trouble?" he asks #TT100

@wildfeather: ::Giggles at how she's gettin into character:: @mousewords you're ready to sink the Titanic in that thing. Or maybe just dive off it #TT100

 @TobyTales: #tt100 Barking at the others, I then see them calm down and wiggle around to look at the man. A lick to @CassieBarrister's ear as thanks.

@CassieBarrister: @MassTwitFic *puffing & panting, hair askew & @TobyTales lower half giving in to gravity* uh, yeah, kinda. Thanks #tt100

@wildfeather: @mousewords wiv Leo di Caprio... @_@ ::Loses self gazing into ceiling:: #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @TobyTales the man scritches your ear and looks at @CassieBarrister with beautiful blue sparkling eyes full of merriment. #tt100

@TobyTales: #tt100 *wiggles to stay in @CassieBarrister's arms, but starts slipping*

@CassieBarrister: *snuggles @TobyTales fur & studies man hesitantly* uhm, sorry..sir..for the mess. Do you know where I can find Sen- Mr..Norman? #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister "I'd say they just want to play, but these lot" he tosses his head at pack "think tearing apart a fox w/their teeth" #TT100

@mousewords: @wildfeather *faint voice* Wild? Tight enough, thankssss (;^_^;) #TT100

@fabulouspanda: Sees the tall, stern man in the stripy waist coat striding down the corridor. Quickly walks with purpose through the nearest door. #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister "is a game." he glances over his shoulder "Norman? Oh, I think he's been invited to the billiard room" #TT100

@wildfeather: @mousewords sorrysorry! ::Stops pulling:: I wonder where @fabulouspanda's got to? She can come in if she likes #HINT #HINT #TT100

@fabulouspanda: "Ahem...what are you doing here dressed like that?" Oh no it's the Duke of Avon...what do I do!? #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @fabulouspanda The duke looks at you over @CassieBarrister's shoulder. "It would appear to be my Duchess..." #tt100

@fabulouspanda: "Erm..there seems to be a mix up. These were the only clothes available while my dress dries. Oooh bletted fruit. May I have some?"#TT100

@CassieBarrister: *spins round in swirl of cotton skirts & sees @FabulousPanda* Duchess-? Hi F-! Uh *sudden Havershill memory*i mean, ur ladyship #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @fabulouspanda The duke laughs at you but decides to play along."It's persimmon,from Japan,all the rage after the London exhibition" #tt100

@CassieBarrister: *tries to curtsy with @TobyTales in arms & it goes badly* #tt100

@fabulouspanda: Wanders casually over to the fruit bowl with a regal air...#TT100

@MassTwitFic: @fabulouspanda "And I should think you, and the scullery maid should get away with a bite or two if you're lucky." @CassieBarrister #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @fabulouspanda @CassieBarrister "I won't tell." He winks at you. "But, best not feed any to the dog..." @TobyTales #TT100

@TobyTales: #tt100 Tumble to the floor with a huff, immediately scramble to my feet and hide behind @CassieBarrister, light snarl on lips.

@RustyNorman: [fidgety n tired of waiting around, heads out of room to go see what's what. feels cooler after spit bath, but] :blasted monkeysuit: #tt100

@fabulouspanda: Tries to wave to @CassieBarrister while the Duke isn't watching. "What a beautiful dog you have there. What breed is it?" @TobyTales #TT100

@MassTwitFic: The 2nd gong sounds to inform the guests that dinner is served. Most are in the ballroom conversing. Others descend from their rooms #TT100

@CassieBarrister: @fabulousPanda Uhm..@TobyTales is a...*gong sounds* Wait, what's that? #tt100

@fabulouspanda: Hands a persimmon to @CassieBarrister and whispers "I think @mousewords and @wildfeather are in the room opposite." #TT100

@ZAmmi: No, no, @Wendell_Howe, he's a temp-- er he's a professor of... *Blushes* He was my professor at Ox..cambridge! #TT100

@fabulouspanda: "Ah...dinner time. I had better go change." Elegantly runs out of the room and into the room opposite. #TT100

@CassieBarrister: @FabulousPanda *brightens* you saw @wildfeather? Awesome! I'll go- I mean *glance at the duke* excuse me, sir *curtsy* #tt100

@ZAmmi: *Talking to a half deaf gentleman with a speaking trumpet who sits in an armchair by the ballroom fire* You've never heard of him? Oh #TT100

@RustyNorman: [follows the sound of party voices thru hallways & down a big staircase, into a Cinderella ballroom] :fidgets at collar: #TT100

@fabulouspanda: "Quick. I need a pretty dress to wear. Do you have any spare?" Looks up and sees @mousewords and @wildfeather surround by dresses. #TT100

@ZAmmi: @RustyNorman *Spins at the sound of your voice* *Smiles in elegant s-bend dress with discrete bustle & falling gold-trimmed lace* #TT100

@fabulouspanda: "ooooh lilac with spakly bits" Disappears under layers of material that @wildfeather throws over me. #TT100

@mousewords: @fabulouspanda *having tons of fun acting as your lady-in-waiting with @Wildfeather* The skirt goes this way..and- #TT100

@wildfeather: @fabulouspanda mwaha does dis mean I get to tug ur corset too? >:-] #TT100

@mousewords: @FabulousPanda *whisper* Word to the wise, watch out for the ninja-style corset laces.. >_> @Wildfeather #TT100

@fabulouspanda "I...Can't...Breath..Gasp." as @mousewords and @wildfeather pull me in opposite directions at the same time.#TT100

@RustyNorman: :jaw goes slack at sight of @Zammi in princess dress w curls all soft around her face: [:*_*:] #TT100

@MassTwitFic: A stupendous display of Edwardian excess greets the eyes of those who enter the diningroom. Sparkling chandeliers & liveried footmen #TT100

@MassTwitFic: Venetian glass and silverware guild the scene. The food would make any man boggle, what do our timetravellers think of it? #TT100

@ZAmmi: @RustyNorman *Slips arm into yours* The room's emptying, we should make for the diningtable, Mr Norman. #TT100

@RustyNorman [ppl start movin out] :makes quick work of getting thru crowd to reach @Zammi before some other buddy escorts her: #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords The housekeeper enters "Begging your pardon, your Ladyship, but the first course is about to be served." #TT100

@fabulouspanda: Adjustments and amazingly still on speaking terms with @mousewords and @wildfeather."Quick @cassiebarrister your turn next."#TT100

@RustyNorman: @Zammi :gently covers ur hand with his & looks down at you, eyes kindling w smiles: you look gorgeous, honey #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic *@Wildfeather, @FabulousPanda, @CassieBarrister, @TobyTales & myself all freeze in place* Yes..thank you very much! #TT100

@ZAmmi: @RustyNorman! I just met Sullivan! From, the operettas? W.S. Gilbert died a few months ago. he said he was 'mourning the old codger!' #TT100

@patrickgates: @ZAmmi what is this #TT100??

@ZAmmi: @RustyNorman I nearly laughed out loud! *Whispers behind hand* they never did get on very well. #TT100

@mousewords: .@PatickGates We're using #TT100 because we *knew* we'd hog the #TemporalTues tag ;) Join in! Are u a dinner guest at 1911 English mansion?

@ZAmmi: @RustyNorman I gave him a rendition of 'I am the very model of a modern archaeologist' I..I/think/ he was impressed..Well, he laughed #TT100

@ZAmmi: @RustyNorman ...politely... >_> XD #TT100

@RustyNorman: @ZAmmi wait, THAT gilbert & sullivan? whoa! 0_0 :impressed: wonder who else is here? #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @CassieBarrister @wildfeather You two! Get back to the kitchen immediately! #tt100

@mousewords: @PatrickGates We're using #TT100 because we *knew* we'd hog the #TemporalTues tag ;) Join in! Are u a dinner guest at 1911 English mansion?

@CassieBarrister: @massTwitFic aw, shoot. *sigh-look at @Wildfeather* #tt100

@fabulouspanda: Grabs @Cassiebarristers hand as the housekeeper starts to drag her off. "Back to the kitchen with you. Don't bother protesting."#TT100

@wildfeather: ::Pauses midway thru pulling on a posh dress and peeps out the open collar at the housekeeper:: m'just ...checkin it fer mothholes.. #TT100

@ZAmmi: *'George' is here, talking loudly about rugby* *Nudges @RustyNorman* go say hello! It'll make his day #TT100

@fabulouspanda: Mouths "Sorry" to @wildfeather and @cassiebarrister as they are dragged off. " Well @mousewords shall we join the others for dinner?"#TT100

@MassTwitFic: @wildfeather "Stop dillydallying missy and go help with the dishes." The housekeeper curtseys at @mousewords & @fabulouspanda "The" #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic Well you see..my maids..I need..*wracking brain for historically accurate excuse*.. Moral support? #tt100

@TobyTales: #tt100 As @CassieBarrister is ordered back to the kitchen, I slip along quietly and sneak out a backdoor. I think I've had enough of being>>

@TobyTales: #tt100 >> chased and shouted at. Back to the badger den for more sleep any maybe I'll wake up where I went to sleep...

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords @fabulouspanda "Duke of Avon is waiting outside to escort you down. He wished to make your Ladyship's acquaintance" #TT100

@mousewords: @FabulousPanda *sighs* *flips fan open & links arms with you* I suppose we'd better! #tt100

@TobyTales: #tt100 [Waving out, guys. Sleepy, hungry, but had fun for the brief time I joined! Enjoy! :D]

@wildfeather: @mousewords @fabulouspanda *I* don't mind. I'll just whip @cassiebarrister with a wet teatowel in a big waterfight :-D #TT100

@RustyNorman: @Zammi rugby? which century's rules? ;] :wanders toward George, fidgeting shoulders in warm monkeysuit: #TT100

@fabulouspanda: *Deep breath* finishes putting on elbow length gloves. Links arms with @mousewords and curtsys to the Duke of Avon.#TT100

@RustyNorman::wonderin if all the other guys in monkeysuits are as uncomfortable: [a few are red-faced & moppin at faces w handkerchiefs but #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @RustyNorman George is gesticulating wildly & pronouncing all sorts of fantastical predictions for the first ever rugby Kangeroo Tour #tt100

@RustyNorman: [most of the others take it as matter o course] /prolly cuz they never wore tees n board shorts.../ :nods at George: hey @masstwitfic #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @fabulouspanda "2 breathtaking beauties! Well well if it isn't my duchess!" the Duke greets you "And who is your charming companion" #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @RustyNorman "And the scrum lasted nearly 3 minutes! And then Evans grabbed the bladder and was OFF down the field in- Oh, hello." #tt100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic *demure blush* ("-_-") I am Lady Christina Aguilera Taylor of California. And you, sir? #TT100

@fabulouspanda: "Erm..." looks sideways at @mousewords. "This is Lady Christiana Taylor my dearest companion"#tt100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords The duke offers you his arm."Horatio Charles Bathfield-Welles,Duke of Avon,but please, do call me Charlie, your Ladyship" #tt100

@fabulouspanda: Takes the Duke's arm which is offered while @mousewords takes the other as we sweep down the majestic wide staircase.#TT100

@fabulouspanda: Mouths "Aguilera!!!" to @mousewords and raises her eyebrows behind the Duke's back. #TT100

@wildfeather: ::scrubbing dishes in da kitchen singin songs from the Sword and the Stone:: #TT100

@mousewords: @fabulouspanda *shrugs* 0_0'' #TT100

@fabulouspanda: "May I introduce you to my mother's newest friend Emmeline Pankhurst" said the Duke on entering the drawing room. #TT100

@CassieBarrister: @wildfeather what was that Harry Potter spell for animating objects again? *peers at pile of crockery yet-to-wash* #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "Lady Taylor" the gentleman says smiling selfdepreciatingly"May I be permitted to accompany you in a waltz this evening?" #TT100

@fabulouspanda: "Honoured to meet you" I say while curtsying. the Duke looks at me funny before introducing me to @RustyNorman. *Smirks* as I curtsy #TT100

@ZAmmi: @fabulouspanda @mousewords *Waves @ u discretely frm across the rm locked in conversation w an engineer on the subject of escalators* #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic *wave at @Zammi**freeze* Ahhm..//waltz,that's a box-step// why yes, I'd be delighted..//let him lead, let him lead// #TT100

@ZAmmi: Apparently they just installed the 1st ever electric escalators, in Earls Court tubestation. Wow! bet @Wendell_Howe would love a look #TT100

@RustyNorman: :wink at @fabulouspanda: #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "You'll have to excuse my poor leg. I injured it on expedition in the spring. But I assure you I shall still sweep you" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "off your feet." He winks in a carefree manner, his dark curls flop across his forehead. #TT100

@fabulouspanda: Hums to the music tapping my foot. discretly waves to @Zammi and gives @mousewords a 'thumbs up' as she is chatted up by a gentleman.#TT100

@ZAmmi: Also, it's good, because, it's a heck of a climb without them! *Squeeks at @RustyNorman* Is that Emma Pankhurst, the suffragette?? #TT100

@MassTwitFic: The butler requests you all to be seated. One must sit alternately male & female, and only converse to those directly opposite. #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic //don't step on sore foot, don't step on sore foot..// *smile at charming banter* Expedition? That sounds fascinating #TT100

@fabulouspanda: Sidles up to Emmeline Pankhurst. Where to begin? "Nice weather we are having." "Terribly hot in here isn't it" #TT100

@fabulouspanda: Foiled by the seating arrangements! Manages to position myself between @mousewords gentleman and @rustynorman. #TT100

@RustyNorman: @ZAmmi :leans sideways to look: wal, it sure could be *coughIfIknewWhoTheHeckSheWascough* ^_^ #tt100

@MassTwitFic: To do otherwise is considered rude. The first course is Puree de pommes parmentier with crouton de huitre. In other words... #TT100

@MassTwitFic: Leek and potato soup with oysters! #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords The duke pulls out your chair for you. "Yes, I was an archaeologist. On my way to Peru, but I was injured in Brazil" #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "almost lost my leg, so I had to be left behind while the others went on." a sad tint enters his blue eyes #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords @MassTwitFic *head whips round at sound of 'archaeologist' like it's a chocolate wrapper to a toddler* #TT100

@fabulouspanda: Glares at @mousewords thinking I saw the Duke first. Oh well. Proceeds to explain to @rustynorman women's rights in a whisper. #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic *awe* Ohh, that's frightening! So glad you're all right. But you must be disappointed--Peru! It's *bites tongue* #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "Of course, the press prefer to call us 'antiquarians' but, Bingham detests it. We're not tomb plunderers!" #TT100

@RustyNorman: mm..good soup...:slurpnom: :nods listeningly at @fabulouspanda: #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "I beg your pardon?" he queries politely, sitting down opposite you. "You were about to say something?" #TT100

@fabulouspanda: "Emmeline Pankhurst was...is (sudden tense confusion due to time travel) the leader of the suffragete movement. My hero." #TT100

@fabulouspanda: Smiles at Emmeline Pankhurst who appears to be in the middle of a heated discussion with Mr Sullivan. #TT100

@RustyNorman: @FabulousPanda oh! yeah right, like mrs banks in mary poppins! #tt100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords *Desperately wants to ask the Duke about famous antiquarian Bingham &his hunts for inca cities.Cant bc he's too far away* #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic Oh..just that South America is so fascinating these days, with all the talk of..What were you planning to do in Peru? #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "We're looking for Vilcabamba, the last city of the Incas, Hiram had a lead from a rector at the University in America" #TT100

@RustyNorman::suddenly hears part of conversation across the table about heavier-than-air-travel: "-Australia, & has it stored here now" #tt100

@fabulouspanda: "@RustyNorman exactly like Mrs Banks in Mary Poppins." "Oh is that Mrs Banks of the Cheshire Banks?" asks the gentleman sat opposite."#TT100

@RustyNorman: "said he was going to use it to tour with, but as far as I know hasn't taken it out yet." "maybe he's afraid" :laugh: "u mean bored!" #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "where I was studying my PhD, and put together an expedition. It's really very exciting, if it turns out to be true! But" #TT100

@RustyNorman::looks quickly at gentleman: ah, naw, that'd be the Disney Banks. they're pretty big in America. @fabulouspanda #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "I'm sure it will seem dull to this scintillating company, so I shall keep my inane historical ramblings to myself." #TT100

@fabulouspanda: "Erm..no." Brain frozen." The London Banks?" "Oh I am not acquainted with them" says the gentleman and goes back to his soup. #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords He laughs. "How do you like the wine?" he asks over his glass #TT100

@RustyNorman::turns ear to other conversation again: "-ever seen Harry afraid of anything? simply that flight's been done, so he's moved on" #tt100

@fabulouspanda: Raises eyebrows at @RustyNorman. "We seem to have got away with that one" I say before knocking the half full soup bowl onto my lap." #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic *glance at full wine glass* I didn't even think to drink it, your tale is so fascinating! //Macchu Picchu!!// *sip wine* #tt100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords *Splurts out a mouthful of bread* Mmmphum pffhum!! Mmphum.! *swallows* *hiss @ mw* Machu Picchu! He's talkin about- er. #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords No, I'm fine, thank you. *Smiles at gentleman concerned I'm choking* *Strains to hear more of archaeology conversation* #TT100

@fabulouspanda: Quickly excuses herself as the guests look on horrified. Runs off to the kitchens to find @wildfeather to help her into another dress.#TT100

@MassTwitFic: @fabulouspanda Footmen hasten forward to assist you. One is the same mischievous lad who served at tea earlier in the day. #TT100

@RustyNorman: "-take his next idea, I can't mention details of course, but if u thought the milk can was good-" :@FabulousPanda soup incident: 0_0! #TT100

@RustyNorman: ::grabs napkin & daubs at @Fabulouspanda's lap: :stops & blushes: uh, mebbe you better do it #tt100

@mousewords: @Zammi *makes excited wide-eyes expressions at you in between companion's wineglass sips: 'Macchu Picchu!!' #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "The Urubamba is a fierce tropical jungle infested by snakes and spiders that could kill a man with a bite" the duke says #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "Yet it's there the Incas chose to make their last stand against the conquistadores" his eyes sparkle animatedly #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "Perhaps they knew the Spaniards would struggle there. I've been before and it's a savage & dangerous place." #TT100

@fabulouspanda: Thanks the nice footman for escourting me back to @mousewords room and preventing a breech of etiquet. "Send @wildfeather to me."#TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic *absorbed at words, takes absentminded bite* o_0 *_* *oyster* :-P #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "But if you could see the vistas.. Roaring waterfalls that deafen as they plunge 1000s of feet. Green canopies adorn the" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "mountain pikes like a spread of malachite after azurite" he blushes, "Er, do you know your minerals?" #TT100

@fabulouspanda: "It may take some time to locate @wildfeather I suggest you make yourself comfortable." Loosens the corset and lies down. Zzzzzzz. #TT100

@fabulouspanda: (Night everyone. I need to go to sleep. Have fun.) #TT100

@MassTwitFic: The 2nd course is a fish course; delicate salmon caught by the Duke and his brother in their own rivers & served in hollandaise sauce #TT100

@RustyNorman: [settles down to meal again, adjusting stiff collar & sneaking a look at @Zammi. she's got that archaeolojoy look goin on- #tt100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic *smiles demurely* Malachite, azurite--green after blue. #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic Your descriptions are epic, you should totally-! That is..I do encourage you to write your adventures. #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords The young man's eyes light up, and he smiles at you with renewed respect. "I did not wish to presume." he explains #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "Why thank you! Alas, there is little to write about. A tale of false leads and disappointments. We thought we were on" #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "the road to Vilcabamba, but all we found was a small settlement perched on a narrow terrace jutting out over the deep" #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "valley. We called it, er, Eromboni Pampa. Hiram moved on, but I received a letter that my Papa had died, and I had to" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "return with haste. On the way back, in Brazil, there was a... er.. little altercation." He avoids your gaze. "I was" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "injured, and spent most of the voyage back to Portsmouth in a delirium. Fortunately the ship's surgeon was a marvellous" #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic *sympathetic-listening face* #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "medic, and I survived." As if aware he's been monopolizing the conversation, he gestures over his glass"What about you?" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "What do you do to entertain yourself?" #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic //"I research stuff like Macchu Picchu & write stories about it!" almost tumbles out of my mouth..I try to calm down, #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic //-suddenly remembering that as a Time Traveler, I'm supposed to be forgettable// Oh, I like to read.. #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic *have to say this thru clenched teeth* -so I've happened to come across science & geography now & then..mostly I paint #TT100

@ZAmmi: *Notices the elder, portly gents at the other end of the table are getting rather hot and bothered* "But it's outrageous!" #TT100

@ZAmmi: "Imagine getting a salary! It's an insult to our centuries of service to the crown!" "It's so poorer men can afford to be MPs!" #TT100

@ZAmmi: "Poorer--?" the elderly man's face turns an even brighter shade of red. "You want the plebs to join?" "It IS called the Commons!" #TT100

@RustyNorman: "-Theodore's idea. Harry used to work out of view. I saw in Merveilleux Exploits du Célébre Houdini-" [uproar drowns out voice] #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "Women are even getting degrees nowadays, I hear?" #tt100

@RustyNorman::looks over at portly gents in consternation: #tt100

@Zammi @MassTwitFic: The main course, of smart mutton with capers and anchovies is being served. #tt100

@ZAmmi: "Next you'll be wanting the Irish to self-rule!" the angry politician says. #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @ZAmmi The duke cannot resist expressing his opinion about that, in an even-tempered voice desirous of cooling the tension "Better" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @ZAmmi "that than they break away." #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic *winces at appearance of capers & anchovies* Yes, some women are getting degrees these days..quite the exciting times! #TT100

@wildfeather: ::hauls piles of hot steaming white dishes up to the dumbwaiter::Trudges back for more::hair flopping out limply from under mobcap:: #TT100

@wildfeather: How many more courses are dere? #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic but tell me, what do you have planned next? Another expedition? *fights inward desire to unleash geeky knowledge #TT100

@ZAmmi: @MassTwitFic You don't want the Irish to seperate? *curious* #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic *so Fascinating Historical Adventure Guy won't think I'm totally useless* *_* //must be forgettable! forgettable!// #TT100

@CassieBarrister: @Wildfeather *pushes up droopy sleeve* dude, they haven't even gotten to dessert yet! #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @ZAmmi The Duke considers for a moment, choosing his words with care to avoid offending any of the disparate opinions of his guests #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @ZAmmi "If the Irish want to rule themselves, God bless them." He nods to American Senator @RustyNorman. "But..." #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @ZAmmi "As for breaking away. Such things usually involve revolution. And that would mean blood spilt-- on both sides" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @ZAmmi "Better to remain unified, in that case." #TT100

@RustyNorman: @MassTwitFic :blink: 0_0 #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "Oh... I must enter parliament, in my Papa's stead. But I do hope to travel again once things have settled. I received a" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "..telegr--" he coughs and rubs the tip his nose with the finger not locked around the wineglass. "But tell me, surely" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "a curious reader, like yourself, could tackle something more challenging? An accomplished lady like yourself has no" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @mousewords "need to be modest before a man whose mother's dearest friend is the leader of the suffragettes? No plans for a career?" #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic *takes a breath to reply then chokes it back* //last thing I need is to go down in history as the American poster child #TT100

@ZAmmi: @MassTwitFic *bites her tongue thinking of how the self-governing plans will be shelved in 3 years when WWI breaks out* #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic of the early 20th century suffragist movement >__> #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @RustyNorman "How are they responding the the news from Mexico?" #TT100

@RustyNorman: @masstwitfic :doesn't miss a beat: how d'they respond to news about anythin? same ol same ol :chuckle: #reallyhasnoclue #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @RustyNorman "They're not worried that the revolt will spill onto your own borders?" #TT100

@RustyNorman: @MassTwitFic :cough-choke on jello: :swallow: ehhmm...if they are, they ai-aren't sayin. but yknow, behind closed doors? :shrug: #tt100

@RustyNorman::really wishes he had access to wikipedia at the moment: #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @RustyNorman "I've heard it said" says the fat MP "That Texas is positively full to bursting with Mexican immigrants escaping it all" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: Simultaneously George says "Charlie..Th ladies dont want to hear about politics" he glances at Pankhurst"Ms Emmaline notwithstanding" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @RustyNorman "We'd much rather hear about the Australians. Isn't it a tragedy about Day and Williams!" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: As cheese & fruit are served, the ladies are free to retire to the drawingroom, while the gentlemen remain for cigars, business.. #TT100

@MassTwitFic: ....and political debate. #TT100

@mousewords: @MassTwitFic *links arms with @Zammi as we leave the room* *looks back at Rusty thinking: good luck..* 9_9 #tt100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords *Rises, and blushes as all the men rise politely with her* I'm sure Ms Pankhurst would like to stay, #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords But I do hope she doesn't insist upon it and make a *mouths* P.I.T.A of herself, the suffragettes storm parliament- #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords at th end of the year,many of them would willingly die to enforce their right to be an integral part of those discussions #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords &have th power to shape th real life course of the very debates that poor @RustyNorman doubtless wishes he could escape #TT100

@mousewords: @ZAmmi *watches guests mill out of the room, or settle into their chairs* Really puts 21st century freedoms in perspective..& #TT100

@mousewords: @ZAmmi makes me feel like a piker for real! And wonder: what needs *my* impassioned activism in my time? #TT100

@wildfeather: ::drownin under endless stream of crockery::eyes glazed ¬ just from steam::numb all over & achin from standin over sink for hrs:: #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords *escape from right now #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords I guess the best thing we can do for activism, after all these women & their US counterparts have done, is put our mark #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords on the ballot papers which they won for us the right to use #TT100

@wildfeather: ::crawls upstairs on shaky legs to divest @fabulouspanda of her dress::pulls it off her comatose form & rolls her over to make room #TT100

@wildfeather: ::Strips off her sopping apron, covered in smuts and dishwater:: ::Flops on the bed, blinkin thru drowsy eyes:: jus forty winkzzzZZZZ #TT100

@wildfeather: :Rubs eyes blearily,chews at inside of cheek cos of furry,just-woke-up fug. Dark stuffy room, pulls back curtain.Cold dawn greyness:: #TT100

@wildfeather: ::Squints at light &rubs palms on thighs.Blinks in surprise at coarse cloth,looks down from watchin dancing dust:: Whut am I wearin?! #TT100

@wildfeather: o_0 Oh. #TT100

@wildfeather: ::Looks over at big heavy-damask fourposter, & ruffled pile of counterpanes and linen:: ::Tilts head lookin for sticky-out feet:: #TT100

@wildfeather: ::Pulls at coverlets and quilt, peering into shadow of bed. Cautiously quiet, not wanting to startle on awakening & disturb guests:: #TT100

@wildfeather: ::Frowns just a little:: #TT100

@wildfeather: ::Stops unravelling bedclothes:: :Freezes & eyes hastily rove room:: ::Hesitant, quiet voice:: @FabulousPanda? #TT100

@wildfeather: ::Echo of silence. The reply of empty air:: ...::The only sound of breathing is me:: o_0 0_o #TT100

@wildfeather: ::Untangles sheets & heaves them onto floor, like thick white streamers divesting themselves empty of secrets::Sleepy fog clearing:: #TT100

@wildfeather: ::Dismantling faster&faster. Stops at vacated bed::Leans knuckles on matress,body dominated by da 3 Ps; Pantin, Poundin an Panickin:: #TT100

@wildfeather: ::Spins round, looks around room, helpless. Anxiety-constricted pant:::Eyes alight on dark corner shaded by curtains::dressingtable:: #TT100

@wildfeather: ::Crosses dazzle-chink of curtain slit, blinking blearily at bright east rising light peeping over knoll of garden hill:: #TT100

@wildfeather: ::Plunges into dark further shore again::Plumps knuckles down on dressingtable countertop,with full force of leaning weight:: :Note: #TT100

@wildfeather: ::Rips off mirror, & reads::"Dear WildFeather, Have met rather nice footman. He 'twinkled' at me at dinner. I rather liked it - " #TT100

@wildfeather: "I rather like *him*. Don't wait up. --F.P." 0_¤ "P.S. - Carriage or motorcar for the wedding?" 9_9 ¤_¤ #TT100

@wildfeather: ::Fume:: ::Agitated examine of note in pique:: "P.T.O" ::Turns over, ~really rather~ forcefully:: #TT100

@wildfeather: "P.P.S: Really. don't wait up. Will find own way back. Tootles." #TT100

@wildfeather: AAAAAAAUUUUGH!!!! #TT100

@mousewords Forecast for tonight: showers, high wind advisory, 90% chance of temporal anomalies. Tune in to channel #TT100 for frequent updates.

@CassieBarrister *clink!* /it's just a tiny sound, but it wakes me up/ #tt100

@CassieBarrister /my eyes are thick w still-sleep-left feeling, hard to open them up. but my head jerks up fast & I gasp, heart goin mile a minute #tt100

@CassieBarrister /i don't know where I am for a second. Not home.am I in a hotel? Was I traveling? -wait/ *splish!* /now my eyes DO open/ #tt100

@CassieBarrister /i was traveling all right, TIME traveling!! I blink dryly &squint at the point of sunlight comin in the window, thru pretty drapes #tt100

@CassieBarrister /waay better than a hotel, this Edwardian princess-room w 4poster bed&ivy-painted green wallpaper &white lace evrywhere...&..? #tt100

@CassieBarrister /i blink again &realize I'm staring into a stranger's face across the room. She's dressed like I am, plain cotton dress& apron, #tt100

@CassieBarrister /crazy marshmallow hat like the psycho butler gave me last night- even holding a pitcher, OMG do I know pitchers!washed 1k of em! #tt100

@CassieBarrister /she must b filling the washstand, they had me do that for the 'upstairs' maids. And...she's lookin at me like...oh, crud./ #tt100

@CassieBarrister *'what-are-you-DOING-here?!?'* /she mouths it at me...terrified! she's almost in tears! I sit up super-fast. OW.Evry muscle is stone #tt100

@CassieBarrister /a shiver of fright goes thru me, contagiously.I look around fast. I fell asleep on the awesome-soft chintz couch in @mousewords rm #tt100

@CassieBarrister *rub eyes* *apologetic face at maid, who IS crying now*/she twists her fingers together& looks at the 4poster.mouse is there,out. #tt100

@CassieBarrister /last night I was elected scullery maid #2--we're not supposed to be SEEN upstairs, let alone sleep in a guest's room! they'd never #tt100

@CassieBarrister /believe mw invited me to couch-surf(cuz no way Rusty was leavin me alone--thank goodness) if I was a REAL maid I'd get thrown out #tt100

@CassieBarrister /&for a dirt-poor girl in 1911, that's not a pretty prospect. No wonder she's terrified. I jump up fast& quietly./ #tt100

@CassieBarrister /maid wipes her eyes on her sleeve &hurries to finish work, quiet as a ghost. Ohh, that hot water looks good...I SO need a bath! #tt100

@CassieBarrister /but if I even get one today, it's sure not gonna be with perfumed soap. I tuck my hair back under my tickly cap & follow her out. #tt100

@CassieBarrister ":Hey-:"/i try to whisper an explanation in the hall but she waves at me like crazy to shut up. So I do,all the way 2the basement. #tt100

@CassieBarrister /i'm kinda afraid we'll run into the psycho butler, but none of those upper servants are around. Only scullery girls filling jugs #tt100

@CassieBarrister /or stoking fires, &a couple young guys runnin around delivering boots. Here, I can talk./ "lady T's my boss,I won't get in trouble" #tt100

@CassieBarrister "u will if the housekeeper hears about it! Maybe that's how they do things in America, but not here!"/She takes a sobby gulp/ "an" #tt100

@CassieBarrister "Missus Weaver'd think *I* had somethin to do with it cos I found u!" "S'ok,s'ok, don't freak-k-ah-Calm down. Look, lemme help u" #tt100

@CassieBarrister /the maid relaxes a little/ "y'don't have time. It's nearly 7:30! Eat breakfast quick, so you can take your lady's tray up at 8!" #tt100

@CassieBarrister /it's like she said magic words. kitchen comes 2 life- maids curtseying to cooks,footmen grabbing toast,chef shouting for tea/ #tt100

@CassieBarrister /i take a deep breath &join the breadline. I guess the staff's work is never done./ #tt100

[continued next week]

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