13th Temporal Tuesday - 29 Sept.

Temporal Tuesday has gotten so popular, or perhaps so necessary, many couldn’t wait for Tuesday.

Wednesday, 23 September

@TomYHoweTimes are bad. Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is writing a book. ~ Cicero

@George9Writer@TomYHowe How did Cicero know I was writing a book?

TomYHowe: @George9Writer Ha. I think he must have been in on #temporaltues

Thursday, 24 September

quackwriter: Although it's not #TemporalTues I'm stuck in a seedy Victorian theatre dressing-room when I'm supposed to be revisiting 1756.

Friday, 25 September

gcolliasuzuki: Although it's not #TemporalTues, I've taken a journey back in time: Floating Along in the World of Japanese Prints

Monday, 28 September

BritonLavies: Don't forget #TemporalTues tomorrow everybody! Hop in your own personal timemachine!Dust off those flux capasitors and call Pakistan for gas!

janusblkjaguar @Wendell_Howe And get shot up by some pissed off warlord. Niiiice.

dannyson1: To commemorate the awesome partaking of drinking tea with @Wendell_Howe during #TemporalTues I will have a pic tomorrow of what happened.

Tuesday, 29 September

dannyson1: @lansterman Not much. Just still up. Doing an art for #TemporalTues which is today! :D Hope work isn't too hard!

dannyson1: Twitpic - #TemporalTues Me and @Wendell_Howe enjoying our fine tea. He looks happy don't he?

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 I never looked so good! Dr. Wendell Howe

dannyson1: @Wendell_Howe It's the class that does the real talking

vonHogflume: #TemporalTues - been to 2011 & found that Youtube, Twitter & Facebook have merged into YouTwitFace.

HistoryLuV3R: @vonHogflume I LOVE that! LMBO!

#ifihadatimemachine I'd stop whoever first thought "Hey, web browsers don't come with enough toolbars." Toolbar = future Skynet.

tomrk1089: @jwkovell Believe it or not, there's a tag for that -- #TemporalTues thanks to @Wendell_Howe

jwkovell: Thanks @TomRK1089. That's a much more efficient tag to chronicle chronological capers. #TemporalTues

ontheblob: #temporaltues At the Alamo: switched Santa Anna's wooden leg w/a trick version: bends backwards at the knee! Real reason he killed everyone.

GallifreyNative: #TemporalTues: Climbing in my TARDIS, heading to the future. I'm not sure where 'cause my time gauge is stuck. I need to get that fixed.

GallifreyNative: #TemporalTues: TARDIS is still traveling. It's a bit of a rough ride! What?!?!?! Oi! I'm very busy right now. Updates later...

GallifreyNative: #TemporalTues #TennantTuesday: I was able to smooth out the ride. The TARDIS has landed. I'm about to step out & investigate. 'ello!

GallifreyNative: #TemporalTues #TennantTuesday: I appear to have landed in the 21 century. I am looking directly at @ another TARDIS, but this one is black.

GallifreyNative: #TemporalTues #TennantTuesday: I step out to take closer look. That's funny. This TARDIS has no weight or mass & yet I can see it...

GallifreyNative: #TemporalTues #TennantTuesday: I reach out to touch it & my hand passes through! It this stuck in the void, is it coming, or going..? Oi!!!

HistoryLuV3R: #TemporalTues I traveled back to the eighties to see the filming of "The Breakfast Club".

dangergrrlie: Hopping in my time machine for #temporaltues and hitting Milan for the performance of Mozart's first Opera "Mitridate, re di Ponto" (1770)

BookLover73: @Wendell_Howe #TemporalTues I'm at the court of Henry VIII {hopefully I can keep my head!} I've always wanted to see Hampton Court.

BookLover73: @Wendell_Howe #TemporalTues Apparently Henry VIII only chops the heads of women he's bedded! I'm safe I only have eyes for @FantonSquire.

BookLover73: @Wendell_Howe #TemporalTues Typo on last entry: It seems Henry VIII only beheads women he marries. Whew, I'm safe for the moment.

VenisonArts: Fredericton N.B. Sept 1882. Have procured tickets for Oct 4th lecture of Oscar Wilde. Already all 800 seats have been sold. #TemporalTues

whassinger: I would love to go back and sttudy some of the real origins of the Freemasons and thoroughly explore the Craft's foundations. #TemporalTues

indykitty: @wendell_Howe I am going to go find the kitties of the middle ages and strike against the plague rats! #Temporaltues

mrrustymonkey: On this #TemporalTues ~ I am traveling back to 1955, when my old house was seen in Vogue magazine! An opulent time "... lofty & imposing..."

dannyson1: I believe I need to time travel now. #TemporalTues waits for no one! Where shall I go this time?

Adaser: @dannyson1 the decadent roman era, right before the fall #TemporalTues

dannyson1: RT @Adaser: @dannyson1 the decadent roman era, right before the fall #TemporalTues // Good idea. Come with me?

Adaser: @dannyson1 i could, but i'm busy ... thinking about food... *thinks and ponders for a bit* #TemporalTues

dannyson1: @Adaser I'm pretty sure there is food at the Roman times. BETTER FOOD! Or I hope. #TemporalTues

Adaser: @dannyson1 i just watched a show, and everything was drizzeled with a fermented fish with spices thing... *shudders* #TemporalTues

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *I crank on the knobs and buttons and hit and punch* I still don't know how this darn thing works! I hope I go where I want 2!

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *bangs one more button and wanks on the lever* Let us go to the good ole Roman times! I will also kill a few! :D For funsies.

@dannyson1 Just make sure you don't get arrested. Themz Romanz not very nice to prisoners, yes?

dannyson1: @LadyNilstria Very true! I will be careful in my expedition to Roman times! #TemporalTues

dannyson1: Where am I? o.O *looks about and sees only a few houses scattered about* I think I didn't went to Roman times. GREAT! #TemporalTues

dannyson1: #TemporalTues peasants Well there are a few villagers here. I wonder where I am at. Or what time...

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *I walk up to the villagers * Hello there! I came from....a few villages back...know where I am? Village name?

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *an elderly woman looks up to me and says something. can't make out what she is saying* Ummm do you speak English?

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *I can't tell what language she is speaking. The elderly lady points to a path* I guess I go that way? o.O *I go off*

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *I walk along the path which seems to take me to a more bigger area of people. A city I believe*

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *I arrive at the big city of whereever I am. * WEll time to find someone and ask where I am at. Ummm maybe beardo over there!

dannyson1: #TemporalTues Hello sir! I need to ask you a question! Umm speak English? *the man looks at me funny and nods* Ok...umm where am I?

dannyson1: #TemporalTues You are in Petrograd, don't you know? Outskirts. *the man grunted* It's 1916, and all is well. *I look at him* All is well ?

dannyson1: #TemporalTues There has been lots of talk about factions and ideologies. But all silly talk. No one will ever take away our Czar, man said.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues Huh ? Ideologies you say? What kind? I asked towards the bearded Russian. "Communism, socialism, and whaterism." All nonsense.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues "So you think it will not take over at all ? EVER? " I asked the man. "NEVER. God gave Czar Nicholas II the throne."

dannyson1: #TemporalTues If he only knew, that one year later the start of the Russian Revolution will start and rock the whole world.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues "That may be true, but don't you think the people want something else? Something...more different?" I asked. He glared. "NEVER!"

dannyson1: #TemporalTues "Why not?" I asked. "It is not what the people want. Not what is to be. Only the Czar rules over everyone." Beardo ponders.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues "Even if it's not royalty, if that to say, to happen, would be the czar. He would be loved and sang praises to just like a Czar."

dannyson1: #TemporalTues I think about what the man said. There is a lot of truth in that statement. Even now in my current time only one man has power

dannyson1: #TemporalTues Today Russia maybe another ideology from what will take over in a year from 1916. Three ideologies in 100 years.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues From Czardom, to Communism, to capitalism, there is still only one man on top.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues "So no real trouble at all huh? No real threats?" I ask. "Only the so called Socialists. Idea ran from Germany."

dannyson1: #TemporalTues "That is interesting. Well nice talking to you, sir. Thank you for your time." I walk of back towards the path.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues I make it back to the village and wave goodbye to the villagers. There will be trouble for them in a few years also.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues The years that will follow will be filled with blood and strife. A new leader will arise and take over and take Russia.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues The man that will take control goes by the name of Man of Steel. Stalin will take Russia into the modern age.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues I look onwards towards the village and out to the horizon where Petrograd is at. That name too will change to Stalingrad.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues OR I think it changes to Stalingrad. Lots of things will be named after Stalin for sure.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues Statues like this will be common placed in Russia later on. Stalin statue The rise of a new "czar" will be made, not born

dannyson1: #TemporalTues I head back into the time machine and pull on the red button returning me to my time. I reflect on Beardo's words. Wise man.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues I get off the time machine and still wonder. "Huh. That was some thought provoking time travel. Although I didn't do much."

dannyson1: #TemporalTues I still wonder about the modern Czar. Right now Putin must be laughing to himself quietly as I ponder this. Time will tell.

dannyson1: There I am done for that adventure! :D I hoped you guys like that edition of #TemporalTues

CrapDracula: Going back to Heian era Japan for a little kemari. My sport of choice.#TemporalTues

CrapDracula: I never understood why you play Kemari in robes and funny hats. Asked around, no else really knows either. #TemporalTues

CrapDracula: Personally, I'm not a robe and funny hat person. I'm fine with the sweater vest and jeans, thank you. #TemporalTues

CrapDracula: Have introduced the bicycle kick to the venerable game of kemari. I fell funny and messed up my shoulder, but it was worth it #TemporalTues

captain_erika: #TemporalTues - going back to Monday, when I didn't have to worry about the war.

fisher_queen: #TemporalTues Finally a moment to tweet this! It's 1692 and I'm in Salem, Mass. The last thing that I want to do is be mistaken for a witch!

scablander: #TemporalTues Go back & watch Lincoln pat my great-grandpa Rood on head & tell him he was brave lad. He was 16 year old drummer, looked 12.

scablander: #TemporalTues I looked 12 when I was 16, too. I come from long line of short, baby-faced people on both sides.


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12th Temporal Tuesday - 22 Sept.

Friday, 18 September

dannyson1: One more #FollowFriday to my dear time traveling friend @Wendell_Howe I still owe you tea for saving me on #TemporalTues ! Good ole chap.

dannyson1: Check the link of that last tweet guys! It has everyone who did #TemporalTues Mine is there too if you missed it! *sniffels* I'm so proud!

Tuesday, 22 September

dannyson1: @Wendell_Howe Wendell old bud. I have a day off today. Want to go for that tea this #TemporalTues?

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 Did you have any place in particular in mind?9:09 PM Sep 21st from web in reply to dannyson1

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 Thomas Twining's Tea Room at 216 Strand, London any date after 1706. Still there in 27th cen. Twinings London outside #TemporalTues

dannyson1: @Wendell_Howe D: WHOA! It's like it's being crushed by two buildings! Ok let us go there at the time 1920. I'll be there! #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 Britain's 1st tea room so no one dared tear down. I'll wear very late Victorian suit. Out of fashion but passable. #TemporalTues

dannyson1: @Wendell_Howe I laugh at the choice. I will be wearing the most *up to date* fashion, for that time. Still wear my monocle. #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 Now we will have to decide what variety of tea. Twinings London inside Is a bit cramped in here, isn't it? #TemporalTues

dannyson1: @Wendell_Howe Man! This place is cramped...Hmmm what tea can quench my thirst. The thirst of a time traveler...*looks about* #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 Well, have you made decision on what tea you would like? I know it's difficult. Like being kid in candy shop, eh? #TemporalTues

dannyson1: @Wendell_Howe Yes I have good chap. I'm having that fine English tea right there! *points it out* I wish I had this ages ago. #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 That looks good. Of course all the tea here is good. Shall we step up to the tea tasting bar and tell them to brew us a pot?

dannyson1: @Wendell_Howe Why of course! What is the point without the tasting? Let us post haste to the tasting bar! #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 By the way, like the monocle. Very classy. Distracts from my less fashionable suit. It appears to amuse a few here. #TemporalTues

dannyson1: @Wendell_Howe What will you be getting? Anything fancy or exotic tea? Thank u for the compliment. The monocle is always classy #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 I'll have the same thing you are having. It's not like you are drinking--heaven forbid--coffee! #TemporalTues

dannyson1@Wendell_Howe *cringes* Are you saying you have something against coffee? *fixes monocle* I have you know I love coffee! *stomps cane*

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 Do forgive me, forgot you were American. Coffee is mother's milk to you. I have nothing against coffee personally. #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 It just tastes like mud to me, that's all. Perhaps I have defective taste buds. #TemporalTues

dannyson1@Wendell_Howe Well, Wendell! I personally LOVE the taste of MUD! Ever had mud pies? Delicious! You should try it! *fixes monocle yet again*

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 I'll take your word for it. Actually dining in 19th century, I probably have had mud...just flavored with unwashed vegetables.

dannyson1: @Wendell_Howe How that tasted? Refine I bet...Hmm hmmm. Yummy mud! *laughs* Ok I kid, I kid. That must have sucked. #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 You get used to it. That and the roaches and lead. I think food tastes better in the 19th century, so maybe it adds to flavor.

dannyson1@Wendell_Howe I…

dannyson1@Wendell_Howe can't believe you said that with a straight face. I'm staring to lose my appetite.

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 It's that dry British sense of humor. People never know when I'm serious. Probably better that way...like now.

dannyson1@Wendell_Howe I dont know if I should laugh or cry... WHERE IS MY TEA!? *bangs table* #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 Hmm, it has been awhile, hasn't it? I wonder if they were offended that you used the "C" word. #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 Hmm, it has been awhile, hasn't it? I wonder if they were offended that you used the "C" word. #TemporalTues

dannyson1: @Wendell_Howe Yea maybe...Should I leave? Just bring my tea outside... #TemporalTUes

mousewords: #TemporalTues @dannyson1 @Wendell_Howe *Raises a mug of Irish Breakfast tea in toast to you from the 21st century*

mousewords: #TemporalTues @Wendell_Howe @dannyson1 ...AS a toast to you. I don't, like, have soggy bread here or anything.

dannyson1@mousewords Why hello there little lady! Hey @Wendell_Howe check her out!

mousewords@dannyson1 @Wendell_Howe *blushes*

dannyson1@Wendell_Howe *Our tea is served* Sweet! I guess they weren't so made about me using the C word. @mousewords What brings you here?

mousewords: #TemporalTues @dannyson1 I'm just getting ready to take my own borrowed time machine for a spin, & caught your tweets! :-)

dannyson1: @mousewords Where you off to? Me and @Wendell_Howe are enjoying this 1920 British pub. I owe his a drink see. He saved my life. #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: I say, @mousewords it's #TemporalTues Anything goes...well, almost anything. Would you like a cup of tea? I'm sure @dannyson1 wouldn't mind.

mousewords: #TemporalTues @Wendell_Howe @dannyson1 Kewl. I just finished my tea, & I'm heading off for parts (or times) unknown! Thank you 4 the loaner!

dannyson1: @Wendell_Howe I think she is leaving us...I sure like looking at pretty faces...oh well *sips tea with pinky out* #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 My dear boy, when you've been alone in the Field as long as I, any female face is nice to look at. #TemporalTues

dannyson1@Wendell_Howe I guess so... I wish I knew more about time travel... I find it as a predicament. Somehow I feel you can become immortal...

dannyson1@Wendell_Howe Or maybe I am just crazy... lol Go back and find stuff. Fix off your death or something... Hey you haven't drank a sip of tea!

mousewords: It's #TemporalTues when @Wendell_Howe graciously makes Time Machines available to all! Temporal Tuesday Whence shall I go?

mousewords: #TemporalTues Let's try Ventura CA, 2018. Our mystery novel is set there; I can do research for the future novels. To the time machine!

mousewords: #TemporalTues The small room hums & vibrates for a few moments, then turns quiet. Cautiously curious, I unbuckle the straps & peek outside.

mousewords: #TemporalTues There's Piru Mansion, the hills...everything still looks the same. Except...crowded? Wonder what's--I jump as my phone rings.

mousewords: #TemporalTues Apparently I still have the same # after 10 years! My future self doesn't pick up, so I answer, a little scared. "Um..hello?"

mousewords: #TemporalTues "Where are you?" a man's voice shouts. I look at the house. "Um...in front of Piru Mansion?" "Oh. Okay, I'll be right out."

mousewords: #TemporalTues Right out?? Yikes! I turn to run, but curiosity holds me back. Moments later, a frazzled-looking stranger jogs down the drive

mousewords: #TemporalTues "If you're going to co-produce a movie you have to show up. I can't do everything myself," he says. My jaw drops. "You--"

mousewords: #TemporalTues "--you're filming The Rosewood House??" He laughs: "Funny. Too soon for a remake of that. Let's stick with 'Treasure."

mousewords: #TemporalTues Breathing gets hard. 'Treasure is Book 4. They made 4 movies.

mousewords: #TemporalTues He peers at me. "Wow, looking fresh today. New wrinkle cream or something?" I gulp: "Or something."

mousewords: #TemporalTues Then he drops a bomb: "Hey where's your wedding ring? Prolly adding more stones for the anniversary. Inna couple weeks right?"

mousewords: #TemporalTues I trail after him. "Um...*which* anniversary are we...?" but he's shouting at @realHughJackman & doesn't--wait, HUGH JACKMAN?

mousewords: #TemporalTues I ponder which Barrister character @realHughJackman could be playing. Hmmm...I probably invented another one in the future.

mousewords: #TemporalTues "Is that...Shia LaBeouf??" I gasp. He laughs: "It better be." Wow. He *does* look like @JeffBarrister now that he's older!

mousewords: #TemporalTues My guide interrupts the thought: "There's Stacy." I yelp & duck behind him. "My sister Stacy?!? I can't let her see me!"

mousewrds: #TemporalTues He rolls his eyes. "Are you still avoiding her? Just TELL her you booked @Oprah for the 1st, her Bali trip can wait a day."

mousewords: #TemporalTues Breathless, I step back: "No you talk to her, I have to get going." He nods: "Writing the next book, huh?"

mousewords: #TemporalTues "No," I call over my shoulder as I run back to the time machine. "Publishing the first one!!"

mousewords: #TemporalTues *Whew* back in 2009. @Wendell_Howe, I'll take that tea now, please. I found out I have my work cut out for me!

Wendell_Howe: Sorry @dannyson1 I just noticed @mousewords came in. Looks quite done in . Better pour her a cuppa #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 Time Travel can't make you immortal. Biological clock keeps ticking away, no matter where you jump to in time. #TemporalTues

Canageek@Wendell_Howe @Mousewords I suppose my taste for poncy coffee does not jive with your tastes

mousewords: @Canageek Well, you know me & coffee! ;-) @Wendell_Howe **Accepts tea gratefully** #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: @Canageek I never said coffee was poncy...just tastes like mud.

Canageek@Wendell_Howe No no, the type of coffee I like is poncy. Basically anything that involves lots of sugar and frothy milk

JimGleeson@Wendell_Howe Back in your time, coffee actually was mud.

Wendell_Howe: @JimGleeson I think it still is! It's why people put so much sugar and cream in it.

@JimGleeson Back in your time, coffee actually was mud. [I think it still is! It's why people put so much sugar and cream in it.

janusblkjaguar@Wendell_Howe There's ground roast home-made coffee, and then there's the latter.

Wendell_Howe: @janusblkjaguar To me it's like the difference between clay and soil...Erm, better shut up before American tar and feather me.

dannyson1: @Wendell_Howe That's ok. Must be daydreaming again about your latest expedition. How is that going ? Successfully I hope.#TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 So far so good. The tricky part will be getting to Craigellachie and then Vancouver. Only one train going. #TemporalTues

dannyson1: @Wendell_Howe *drinks tea* Huh....so how are you going to solve that problem? o.O I would say magic...to be silly of course. #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 Not sure. This train is carrying dignitaries to a ceremony. I'm hoping they will allow a "reporter" to come along. #TemporalTues

dannyson1: @Wendell_Howe I would say they would. Most doors are open by saying your a "reporter." Or "rich." *sips tea a bit* #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 Usually works. I tell them I'm a freelance journalist so they can't check with London Times to see if I'm cricket. #TemporalTues

dannyson1: @Wendell_Howe Oh that is smart...I wouldn't have thought of that. I would have said I did work with London Times... #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 I'm not that smart. How do you think I learned not to claim to be from the London Times? VERY sticky wicket. #temporaltues

dannyson1@Wendell_Howe Oh...you got in trouble before? I have a luck on my side. I mean my last outing I should have been CRUSHED by that Bronto.

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 The one thing I do have on my side is that I look fairly harmless. They assume I'm just a crank & not a criminal, so let me go.

dannyson1: @Wendell_Howe That works out fine doesn't it? Do you eat anything with your tea? I like some cookies. Sorry, it's my C habit. #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 Biscuits here. Know that means something different in America. Remember first time I was offered biscuits & gravy. #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 I thought the American waiter was totally mad. Gravy on macaroons? What sort of breakfast is that? #temporaltues

dannyson1: @Wendell_Howe Ahaha! That is funny. *calls staff* I want some cookies! Skip the gravy! #TemporalTues

mousewords: I hadn't thought of this drawing in ages: Mice *and* biscuits! ;-) #TemporalTues

grlgoddess: I would travel back to Monday. Oh look, I made it! #TemporalTues

ontheblob: #temporaltues Jumped to the future, things grim. Met a future me, gave myself an temporalacapellatelegramaphone to tweet as @apocalypsewow

redon_1: I am boarding my time machine to the year 1954 because I am curious. #TemporalTues

tribal_gothic: Going back to view the real source of The Mystery Airships - Western states of the U.S - 1896 and continuing into 1897. #TemporalTues #UFO

tribal_gothic: Going back to view the real source of the: Vimana Aircraft of Ancient India - and Ariel Wars of that time. #TemporalTues #UFO #Vimana

mrrustymonkey: I'm time traveling on #TemporalTues back to 1860, when this old house was brand new. There it is! Sitting in gothic splendor...

BookLover73: #TemporalTues I wish I could go back and not get this cold.

BookLover73: #TemporalTues I'm back in Salem Mass at the time of the witch trials. I'd love to sit in on one of the actual trials.

BookLover73: #TemporalTues I'm in 1600s Salem interested to see faces of accusers. What was their motivation in pointing fingers at their neighbors?

BookLover73: #TemporalTues Salem 1600's-The witch trials are such a mystery, girls in the community start acting strange for no good reason-Why?

BookLover73: #TemporalTues I wonder if the accusers really believed in witches-or as some have said it concerned land disputes in the area.

mattlabs: #TemporalTues need a new cog for this jigger or i will never get back

theladyisugly: Oh, dear. Today's #TemporalTues, right? I won't be able to join it :( Didn't have the time to prepare...

GallifreyNative: #TemporalTues. I'm going back to 1977 so I can c Star Wars in the theatre! Have to be careful not to run into my 6 month old self there.

indykitty: #temporaltues I wanna go back just til yesterday and make it so mommy's foot doesn't get hurt. about 11 hours ago from web

indykitty@Canageek Yes you did squee and I am going back in time to bring a t-rex to @wendell_howe just a baby one. #temporaltuesday

Wendell_Howe: @indykitty Don't think would have room in my flat for baby t-rex. My lifestyle doesn't allow for pets (especially man-eaters.) #TemporalTues

indykitty: @wendell_howe What am I to do with baby T-rex? He needs a home. T-rex are people too, you know. THey deserve the loves.#temporaltues

indykitty: @wendell_howe I go to the future way in the future andlet the baby t-rexes I got from the dino time run free where its warm #temporaltues

Serenova: #TemporalTues If I could go anywhere in any universe i would visit StarTrek and not leave lol prob not the best idea but fun!

Serenova: #TemporalTues that is of course assuming i could go FORWARD in time

HistoryLuV3R: #TemporalTues I've been to Lady Jane Grey's cell in the Tower Of London in 1553, to teach her about the hope of the resurrection...

meredeth: #TemporalTues i think i'd like to go back to pre-gutenberg to watch people make paper by hand and illuminate 'em all by hand too.

dorfird: @Canageek Want to see another Errol Flynn movie for #TemporalTues?

Canageek: @dorfird Sounds go to me my love, how is Captain Blood? #TemporalTues

dorfird: @Canageek Captain Blood sounds fine. Meet you then! #TemporalTues

Canageek: Captain Blood was fun, however we had trouble blending in: Public displays of affection not allowed #TemporalTues

VeryEvilPixie: #temporaltues going back to kindergarden when my life was easier. Before THEM & before the pain of their betrayal. Which still hurts kinda.

vonHogflume: On this day in 1903, Italo Marchiony was granted a patent for the ice cream cone. I think I will go and taste one as it is #TemporalTues

darklingmuse: in honor of #TemporalTues, I am taking my time machine back to shop for an antique birdcage before it's old (& poopy.)

Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues After 'acquiring' the best camera possible, went time-hopping taking pictures of animals that were made extinct by mankind.

CrapDracula: Locked my keys in my time machine. Can't find a slim jim. No #temporaltues for me...

TomYHowe: @mousewords I think I may travel back in time to before mice could speak. Pretty grim. #temporaltues

mousewords: #TemporalTues @TomYHowe You'd have to go back a ways--even Cinderella had talking mice, and she was 17/1800's ;-)

TomYHowe: #temporaltues Going back in time to discover the first talking mouse. Taking a mousechat amplifier.

mousewords: **Watches @TomYHowe's #TemporalTues journey with interest**

Adamfyre: I follow lunatics.. RT @TomYHowe: #temporaltues Going back in time to discover the first talking mouse. Taking a mousechat amplifier.

Wendell_Howe: @TomYHowe You're going back to 1928? Steamboat Willie #temporaltues

TomYHowe: @Wendell_Howe Prior to Aesop. #temporaltues

TomYHowe: #temporaltues Turns out mice were talking long before humans appeared. There just weren't any humans around to hear them.

TomYHowe: @mousewords Did you hear the results of my scientific observations? Mice have been talking all along! #temporaltues

mousewords: @TomYHowe I knew it!! #temporaltues

Wendell_Howe: @TomYHowe So are mice talking in voices to high-pitched for the human ear to hear? #temporaltues

TomYHowe: @Wendell_Howe No, they talk in voices only the human imagination can hear. #temporaltues (I took an imagino-flanistan-percolator)

Wendell_Howe: @TomYHowe Wasn't the Greek God of Music, Apollo, also called Smitheus, the Mouse Lord? Did mice sing before Disney? #temporaltues

TomYHowe@Wendell_Howe Mice only began to sing after the legendary mouse-bard Porlywack Beedlesnout taught them in 21,673,423 A.F.M.

TomYHowe: #temporaltues Hopping in the time machine and going back to the beginning of Patrick O'Brian's mighty sea saga. O blessed day!

GoldGodRyukendo: 1966 - Japan. I'm sitting here in a Nintendo Love hotel by myself watching the first episode of Ultraman. #TemporalTues

BritonLavies: 1540 what is later to be Alabama, met some delightful spainerds looking for some fountain. Very driven folks. #temporaltuesday


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11th Temporal Tuesday - 15 Sept.

@dorfird #TemporalTues I'm dusting off my time machine. Been busy & neglecting it lately. Maybe I'll go forward 3 days and see @Canageek right now!

@dorfird I want out first meeting to me temporally synced please. Why don't we go back to the 1920s or 1930s and catch a moive? #temporaltues

@dorfird besides that #temporaltues might make @Wendell_Howe blush and get all flustered ;)

@Canageek Okay, want to meet me then for the movie? #TemporalTues

@Canageek #TemporalTues What if we catch the premiere of the Wizard of Oz and listen to the audience gasp when it changes to color?

@Canageek #TemporalTues or we could catch the Errol Flynn Robin Hood or probably any of his films. Or something that didn't survive till now

@Canageek Temporally synced eh? Well this time machine travels in space too - whatcha doing this afternoon? ;) #temporalTues

@dorfird MMMmmmm. New York?

@Canageek Sure. IIR you haven't been yet? I could show you the sights, and The Strand bookstore, "miles of books". #TemporalTues

@dorfird Eeeeeeeeee Errol Flynn. um. didn't just squeal. I swear. #temporalTuesday

@Canageek #TemporalTues Suuuure... anyway I thought you could do a manly version. I'll have to hear it ;)

dorfird: #TemporalTues I met @Canageek for the premiere of Errol Flynn's Robin Hood. A good time was had by all.

TDAllonsy: And it's #TemporalTues -if you had your own time machine. - Temporal Tuesday - I'd go past 2012 2 see if the world ends. :)

ontheblob: #temporaltues Going back to Monday to place a bet & win the Patrick Swayze death pool pot.

CeltTim: #TemporalTues in honor of new Dan Brown book, I've set time coordinates to 1118 to investigate origins of Templar Knights

fisher_queen: #TemporalTues It's off to Dublin. June 16th 1904. Stalking Joyce and Nora on the date that will inspire Ulysses!

SpottingTrains: #TemporalTues :: fin de siecle all the way: a pint with James Joyce & WB Yeats; big game hunting with Teddy Roosevelt; 1893 World's Fair.

thefrogbag: 1400, Cuba, to see if any ground sloths really survived in island environments into the modern era. #TemporalTues

ZaneMcFate: It's #TemporalTues y'all; hoping to skip forward to my interview next week, although documenting code isn't too bad; just bad for the hands

HistoryLuV3R: #TemporalTues My machine would take me back to a time when my mom was alive and healthy. I would make sure that she took better care of herself :-(

GallifreyNative: #TemporalTues Go back to Sunday, so I can trip Kanye before he got to the stage. ;-p

GallifreyNative: Getting ready for work. Going to make me some coffee & a sandwich. #TemporalTues I think I want to go to the future, after work! ;-p

CrapDracula: Darkest of Days Demo (It's basically a Harry Turtledove novel in FPS form) is up on Xbox live, just in time for #temporaltues

CrapDracula: Had a weird day, so I'm hopping in my time machine and heading back to catch a couple Daniel Mendoza fights. #temporaltues

CrapDracula: Mendoza approached me after a bout. Says He's seen me at all his fights. Pretty sharp for a guy who gets punched for a living. #temporaltues

CrapDracula: Also notices that I don't age...uh-oh. He's gonna wanna see my time machine now. This always happens. #temporaltues

CrapDracula: I can't be chauffeuring historical figures around time and space. After Mata Hari, I'm rather leery of letting people in here. #temporaltues

indykitty: @Wendell_Howe ! I think today I am going to go slink around Queen Victoria's Bedroom and check out how comfy her bed is. #temporaltues

indykitty: @Wendell_Howe I am going back in time to make Snackatarianism a third political party #TemporalTues

CHCatMom: #TemporalTues Feeling lost today. I'll go back to my 1st back yard & my swing between 2 tall trees. It's a good day to be 4 yrs old & free.

TomYHowe: #temporaltues Went back to the Land that Time Forgot. Got lost. Rather confusing there for a time traveler.

dannyson1@Wendell_Howe Had a question. How far back can we go and are we allowed to do anything?

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 You can go anywhere and do anything on #TemporalTues Just keep in mind this is Twitter, so everyone can see what you did!

dannyson1@Wendell_Howe Gotcha Wendell! I will make this awesome!

dannyson1: Ok everybody! I will be doing #TemporalTues . What is that? I travel in time and do stuff! @Wendell_Howe is lending the Time Machines! :D

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *gets cane and monocle ready* Ok, good sirs and madams. I bid thee farewell as I go back in time. Where to ? I don't know yet.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues I will go back as far as this machine will let me. How far back can it go? Hm.....*gets inside time machine* This looks hard..

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *punches a whole bunch of buttons* That should do the trick! *grins as machine starts off* This better work!

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *flash of light stuns me and I blank out for a while*

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *I get up* Huhwhat? Where am I ? I guess I have to go out and check it outs! But I'm afraid...:( Reminds me of Twilight Zone.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *pokes head out of the Time Machine* I do say, it is hot as a sauna out here! Lots of wild vegetation also! Hm...*takes notes*

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *Steps out the machine now* Hmm this fauna is not like any I seen before…wait a minute... how far back I go?! *monocle drops*

dannyson1: #TemporalTues Oh my BRONTOSAURUS! I mean... darn me and never learning the proper name of that dinosaur! It's huge! *trembles in awe of dino*

dannyson1: #TemporalTues I am in the Jurrasic period! This is outstanding! *looks at notebook* The proper name is Apatosaurus. Silly me and not knowing

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *ground shakes as the Apatosaurus moves to a more juicier, greener leaves.* Oh my! *stabs cane in the ground and holds on*

dannyson1: #TemporalTues This beast is truly magnificent. It doesn't even care I'm nearby. Im like an insignificant little bug to it! *scribbles notes*

dannyson1: #TemporalTues I have a sudden urge to bite dino in his leg. I dont know why. I feel like a flea. A human flea feasting on dino blood. o.o

dannyson1: #TemporalTues I best leave the gentle giant alone. I still want to live! I would take a pic but I forgot my camera. Like always.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *looks at the Apatosaurus one more time* I will leave you be Bronto. It was nice knowing you. Hope I see your fossils one day.

Meljusenr: @dannyson1 I hope you didn't step on any butterflies... #TemporalTues

dannyson1: @Meljusenr Nope! I was going to take a piece of that Apatosaurus but I forgot my carving knife. + dont want to get squished. #TemporalTues

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *I get back inside the Time Machine* Oh right...ummm how do I get back?! Help me @Wendell_Howe !

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 Press the big red button on the arm! #TemporalTues

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *gets message from @Wendell_Howe * Thank you good sir! Remind me to buy you tea next time! *pushes big red button on arm*

dannyson1: #TemporalTues Alright! I am back in my time...Oh drat! I left my monocle back in time! This...is awkward. I hope no one digs it up.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *takes his notes and piles them on his desk* Well that was exciting. I should do that more often. Next time with people though

Meljusenr @dannyson1 good good, but next time you end up the prehistoric era tell the fairy t-rex i say hello and that he should visit me soon.

dannyson1@Meljusenr Fairy T-rex shall visit you soon! I hope. I didn't run into him. I would think he lives only in dreams.

Meljusenr @dannyson1 someday i'll prove that he is real! Then I will RULE THE WORLD!! WHAHAHA *cough cough*

dannyson1: What you guys think? Like my #TemporalTues tweets? Not annoying? Cool? Awful? Give me your opinion! I might do this every week if you likes.

Canetoonist @dannyson1 really creative stuff, I liked those tweets!

Meljusenr @dannyson1 #TemporalTues tweets POWN!!!!

dannyson1@Meljusenr @Canetoonist Thanks! I will prolly do these every week if Im not at work! Credit to @Wendell_Howe for starting this clever idea!

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 It only has to be Tuesday somewhere in the world...unless you travel back to a Tuesday. #TemporalTues

dannyson1@Wendell_Howe I somehow feel that is breaking the rules XD I don’t know why.

mousewords: #TemporalTues @Wendell_Howe A time traveler from the past would freak out @ my bikini-clad neighbor sprawled on grass w/towel on head. o-0

Wendell_Howe: @mousewords I wouldn't freak out. All right I might blush, stammer and avert my eyes, but I wouldn't freak out. #TemporalTues

vonHogflume: #TemporalTues - visited this day in 1949 for the excitement of first TV episode of The Lone Ranger. Jay Silverheels was marvelous as Tonto!

ColinEnglish: I am late doing something this week, only #TemporalTues came along and I suddenly find I already did it last week. Result!

TomYHowe: #temporaltues Traveling back in time to the days of yore. Thought it was the days of whore, but what the heck.

TomYHowe: #temporaltues Went forward in time to see how the economy does. You don't want to know. But it does turn out okay in the end.

TomYHowe: #temporaltues Traveled back to beginning of Rocky and Bullwinkle. The wayback machine is now called the way-way-wayback machine.

TomYHowe: #temporaltues Went back to Victorian days, called a piano leg a "limb". Tee hee. Them Victorians crack me up.

TomYHowe: #temporaltues Went back and talked Curt Flood out of fighting for free agency. Whew, now I can afford seats again.

RMRenfield: Almost forgot it was #temporaltues today. I'm heading to the future baby! Going to go on a shopping spree while I can.

RMRenfield: Toilet paper? Check. Advil? Check. Every Hannibal Lecter book? Check x4. Thank you #temporaltues! I miss the future already.

BookLover73: @Wendell_Howe Good day to you sir. And happy #temporaltues! I will not be traveling since I am jetlagged from my last trip with @lordlikely.

Wendell_Howe: @BookLover73 Can one get jetlag with a Victorian like @lordlikely? Maybe steamlag. #TemporalTues

BookLover73: @Wendell_Howe I'm not sure but ever since @lordlikely and I returned he claims he doesn't remember a thing! says he was drunk! #temporaltues

kaolinfire: #PterodactylePtuesday, meet #temporaltuesday. Play nice, now. // I know you will (have?) ;) :) Pto Pteronadons! And Ptbeyond!

kaolinfire: @Wendell_Howe sortof #temporaltuesday from fb // {Eric Orchard } Listening to Neil Young Live at Massey Hall from 1971. It is awesome!

darklingmuse: just returned from my sojourn into #TemporalTues. Tried to find an era where humans were well-educated & not shitty to each other. Alas.

coyotetoo@Wendell_Howe Ever since I was a kid I dreamed of what would be like to drive down the street with Benjamin Franklin, hear his reactions.

Wendell_Howe: 2656 - I don't point out that Adolphus is just an actor who PLAYED a time traveler and not a real time traveler. Why not, it's #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: #TemporalTues If I could go anywhere and do anything, I would take Adolphus Fairchild back to 1800s so he could be a REAL Time Traveler.

RT @99th_Doctor Going to Saturday, 23 November 1963 and watch first Doctor Who episode "An Unearthly Child" on BBC. An Unearthly Child

RT @99th_Doctor And then I'd go find William Hartnell and tell him "You were just the first Doctor. There will be more. I'll be the 99th!"

2656 Cambridge - By the way, Adolphus, you forgot to put #TemporalTues in your tweets.

kaolinfire@Wendell_Howe I can just see you staging an unofficial "the 100 doctors" episode/seminar

HistoryLuV3r@Wendell_Howe Very cool, my husband would love to go with you I'm sure lol...RT Going to Saturday, 23 November 1963 and watch first Doct

Wikimancer@Wendell_Howe Do you think that he'd actually interfere in the past like that?

Wendell_Howe: @Wikimancer No Adolphus would get erased for that in reality. But anything goes on #TemporalTues

Inventrix@Wendell_Howe Oh dear. What is being erased?

@Inventrix It is rumored that Institute of Time Travel Enforcement Agency can go back in time and "erase" you. This has never been proven.

@Inventrix If someone goes back in time and intentionally or accidently does something to change the past, it is said the Enforcers will...

@Inventrix ...go back to a point before the incident and kill you and make it look like an accident, thus "erasing" you from time before...

@Inventrix ...you can change it. Enforcers have never acknowledged this. nor have they denied it either. This gives me nightmares!

Inventrix@Wendell_Howe Oof. It gives me a headache!

Inventrix@Wendell_Howe I must say, however, when you said *erased* I thought more of going back in time to prevent his birth. *That* is terrifying.

@Inventrix Oh dear, I wonder if Enforcers could prevent one from being born, too. Now I will have nightmares tonight!

Wikimancer@Wendell_Howe But then, wouldn't they be changing the past, and thus have to erase themselves?

@Wikimancer If Enforcers had to choose between crucial figures in history or expendable Temporal Anthropologists, guess who loses.

@Wikimancer Also Enforcers would pick a point before we mucked up history but after we did anything important.

Wikimancer@Wendell_Howe Well, I was referring specifically to the preventing-anthropologist-births bit.

wikiworf@Wendell_Howe Wow! I didn't realize that the music was the same as in the newer Whos!

@wikiworf Here is the evolution of the Doctor Who theme. The Ultimate Doctor Who Title Mix

wikiworf@Wendell_Howe Thanks again!

theladyisugly: I must remember to join #TemporalTues next week. I'm thinking about the Elizabethan Era—yes, to see Edmund Spenser! ;D

inventrix: I know *exactly* what I am doing for next #TemporalTues :D

meredeth: #TemporalTues i would go back in time 15 minutes so that i could make this tweet during tuesday instead of what is technically Wednesday.


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10th Temporal Tuesday - 8 Sept.

TDAllonsy: #TemporalTues where would you go if you had a time machine? I'd go back and undo the Star Wars prequels.

tribal_gothic@Wendell_Howe They could also undo those last two Matrix films. (At least the second one)...

TomYHowe: @PoeticLotion Nope Wendell Howe is an actual fictional character (#temporaltues)

Wendell_Howe: @TomYHowe Invite your friend @PoeticLotion to join us for #TemporalTues if she would like.

TomYHowe: @PoeticLotion Hey Laurie, do you know about #temporaltues? You get to have your own time machine!

TomYHowe: @PoeticLotion Take a trip into the past or future and don't even leave your chair! #temporaltues

@Wendell_Howe @TomYHowe Thank you for the invite to #TemporalTues. I will have to time travel someplace close... i'm a homebody. =D

PoeticLotion: Okay, i'm not going far, though. 1978. I want to befriend Mrs. Nancy Esposito, my mother. I miss her. #temporaltues

PoeticLotion: It's summertime. My sis & 1978 me are playing in the backyard. Time travel me is drinking coffee with mom on the back porch. #TemporalTues

PoeticLotion: My mom makes me laugh easily. We have the same sense of humor. She also laughs lots. I am like her in more than our looks. #TemporalTues

PoeticLotion: Visiting with my mother in 1978. We are laughing so hard that tears are rolling down our cheeks. I sure do miss her. #TemporalTues

HistoryLuV3R: #TemporalTues I think I will take my little time machine back to the time of the Garden Of Eden and smack that fruit right out of Eve's ...

captain_erika: I need this badly! RT @Wendell_Howe: Don't forget tomorrow is #TemporalTues Temporal Tuesday Everyone needs an escape to another time.

captain_erika: My #temporaltues: Repeating the last happy day in a temporal loop. I rather do that than deal with this farce called an investigation.

GallifreyNative: #TemporalTues: Traveling to Paris during the building of the Eiffel Tower. I will take notes on the reaction of the townspeople. Alons-y!

GallifreyNative: #TemporalTues: Travel to another time, see what you are curious about, live the dream! Tell us about it. Temporal Tuesday

vonHogflume: #temporaltues Just been to 1952 to buy a first edition of the Ernest Hemingway novel "The Old Man and the Sea"

Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues 1st traveling far enough into the the future to get Klaude Davenport's perfected bee canon. I then went back to Sept 1st 2009

Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues I waylay CLANNG preventing their damaging the recording gear. Allowing me to enjoy the podcast w/ a cuppa tea a bee canon.

Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues You too should check out the Clockwork Cabaret: Clockwork Cabaret website. E & K Davenport (& phinnyp) are the best!

fangarius@Wendell_Howe Peabody here. Fanger's allowing me to connect the WABAC to Twitter. When should we set the WABAC to? Peabody & Sherman

falseprophecy: @Wendell_Howe #TemporalTues Michaelangelo's David unveiled in Palazzo della Signoria, Florence on this day,1504: David

indykitty@Wendell_howe Can we go back to visit famous writers. I like TS Eliot he wrote those poems about cats. Mommy thinks I am rum tum tugger

@indykitty Not only can you go back and visit famous authors, you can go back and inspire T.S. Eliot's Rum Tum Tugger!

indykitty: #TemporalTues Wow I seem to be the only kitty in town:)

indykitty: #TemporalTuesday Do the rules of Time Travel apply to felines? We aren't good at following people rules.

Galadriel1010: #TemporalTuesday #MusicMonday Loving Sloe Gin, whether played by Bellowhead or the Imagined Village

Galadriel1010:#TemporalTuesday In fact, I'm loving it so much that I'm going back to their Folk Prom. See you in London Bellowhead - Sloe Gin

Wikimancer: @AndromedasWake It's #TemporalTues day. Teach us about relativistic time travel!

Wendell_Howe: I would like to go back to last Friday and tell myself NOT to eat that big breakfast before going to Mutter Museum. #TemporalTues

indykitty@wendell_howe did you see the skellyton that had two bodies and 1.5 heads?

@indykitty The non-Siamese Siamese twins? Yes. Also saw casts of the original Siamese Twins at Mutters Museum.

indykitty: #TemporalTues I am off to watch Mary Shelley write Frankenstein. Be back after keeping Percy off the lake.

CapnAlex: I got a letter today inviting me to "The Future". Why bother? I was there a second later... #temporaltues

CapnAlex: Currently traveling through time at a rate of one second per second; from The Year 1991 to The Future. It's pretty boring, #temporaltues

mepowell: I'm heading to 13th Century Wales. A time of change and upheaval, like our own. Anyone with info to share on it? #TemporalTues

darklingmuse: In honor of #TemporalTues day, I shall take my Tardis to a perfect summer day in 13th century Oregon & nap under a tree.

VeryEvilPixie: #temporaltues going back in time to last night and not having the 7up next to my laptop so that i wont spill it and have the fun that’s coming.

CrapDracula: Going back to stop Lex Luthor from stealing 40 cakes when no one was looking. That's as many as four tens. and that's terrible #temporaltues

CrapDracula: Remembering, through the haze of nyquil, that Lex Luthor was not a real guy. I shouldn't be piloting a time machine right now. #temporaltues

TomYHowe: #temporaltues Heading back to watch Michelangelo at work on the Sistine chapel. I'll tell you guys if they got the restoration right.

LitchicInk: Filming of Star Trek TOS in 1966. Will swoon when Dr. McCoy says "Dammit, Jim, I'm a Dr. not a [insert worker-type here]." #temporaltues

kithara: Off to Vienna to attend a little Klavierabend. Young Franz Schubert will be playing some of his new lieder. Can't wait! #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: #TemporalTues #HappybirthdayIvy Went back to 1905 to see Twitters oldest resident @IvyBean104 just after she was born. Ivy was cute baby.

BookLover73: @Wendell_Howe #TemporalTues I'm in circa 21st Century Maui. I've just arrived and a really good looking guy hands me a lei...

BookLover73: @Wendell_Howe #TemporalTues I proceed to the beach where I sit underneath a coconut tree...there with drink in hand I look out into the sea.

BookLover73: @Wendell_Howe #TemporalTues Oh yeah I forgot. The good looking guy has followed me onto the beach! Happy #TemporalTue

BookLover73: @Wendell_Howe #TemporalTues All right I confess! The man with me on the beach is none other than, @lordlikely. There I said it.

TomYHowe: #temporaltues Going back to be the first guy ever to tweet. Know what I'll say? Hi!

Wendell_Howe: @TomYHowe But If you are the first, who would you say "Hi" to? #temporaltues

TomYHowe@Wendell_Howe Everybody!

fisher_queen: #temporaltues June 1776. I've spent the day shadowing Benjamin Franklin on one of his rare trips to the Continental Congress. Amazing man!

anachronisma: #temporaltues A day in the court of Eleanor of Aquitaine teaches me good courtly manners and gives me an opportunity to hear good music.

scablander: #TemporalTues Trying to think of a famous person I'd like to meet, but would they want to meet me?

TempleCon: Miss Creative Director is up to her ears in convention email. Perhaps she should time-travel back to last month to catch up. #TemporalTues

scaree: Oh, no! I forgot #TemporalTues - best jump into time machine & go remind myself! It's weds here, so I won't cheat, wait 'til next week folks

Wendell_Howe: @scaree It's still Tuesday in the Pacific, so it wouldn't be cheating if you did a #TemporalTues

scaree@Wendell_Howe but I'm asleep now!

Wendell_Howe: @scaree Then you can dream about #TemporalTues

scaree@Wendell_Howe I dreamed about cats with beards in glass boxes, I don't think I want to go there next #TemporalTues


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9th Temporal Tuesday - 1 Sept.

Monday, 31 August
fisher_queen: Tomorrow is #temporaltuesday! I'm stoked :D

Stonewoodforge: tomorrow is another #TemporalTues and there are 2 heroes that I would like to meet

ontheblob: #temporaltues Cheating. Going back to earlier this evening to find out where I was going to go tomorrow 'cause I forgot.

TomYHowe: @ontheblob Howdy pard! I like your idea of transweek #temporaltues

Tuesday, 1 September
vonHogflume: #TemporalTues - Black Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, Super Tuesday, Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras), so many to choose from...

vonHogflume: #TemporalTues - as it is Tuesday somewhere already, I'm going to 1939 to hear the first accounts of German invasion of Poland. So sad.

MerrieDestefano: I wanna play #TemporalTues. Technically, I can. See, where I come from today IS Tuesday. I live one day in the future.

MerrieDestefano: Just went back in time to yesterday. Got twice as much work done. Now I can take today off!! Yippee, time travel rocks. #TemporalTues

MerrieDestefano: 1852: Dredging through the perilous bayou swamps, running from the dreaded Zombie Overlord. Machete in hand--#TemporalTues

MerrieDestefano: 1801: Now running through sugarcane fields in Saint-Domingue. Zombies stop working in fields, they're all chasing me-- #TemporalTues

TDAllonsy: It's #TemporalTues Escape in a time machine. -http://bit.ly/YQs8 - I'd like to get off this world just for a bit. Change atmo

TDAllonsy: #TemporalTues - I'd love to go back in time and find out how the pyramids *really* got built. And whether the Goa'uld were involved.

quietlaughter: 1823 - staring at Arrowsmith's map of Egypt... Strange that it is shaped like female anatomy. Where's my port? #temporaltuesday

fisher_queen: #temporaltues I'm going back forty years and a couple months. Kennedy Center, July 16th, 1969 and Apollo 11 is ready to go!

LitchicInk: @Wendell_Howe Just realized today is #temporaltues . Where to go? The possibilities are endless.

LitchicInk: Roman Circus. Horse races. Quite hot. Quite burnt, may be difficult to explain. #temporaltues

LitchicInk: Man behind me kept sticking knee in my back. Most odd. #temporaltues

ontheblob: @thejonpearson #temporaltues future me only had a couple of $20s, said you'd proactively give me change. :)

ontheblob: #temporaltues Jumping to Wallachia 1457 to replace Vlad's stakes with ones made of marzipan.

okelay: Today is #temporaltues, I'm going back 70 years, pray I don't get killed

CrapDracula: Am going to back to various different sundays to watch True Blood with myself. #temporaltues

CrapDracula: Heading back to the 1300's to follow around mercenary John Hawkwood on his campaigns. #temporaltues

CrapDracula: Hawkwood enjoys elbowing me in the ribs and pointing out women. That was kinda expected. His fondness of puns? Less expected. #temporaltues

CrapDracula: Hawkwood knows about 5 phrases in Italian. No seems know the dialect, either. My translation device is stumped, too #temporaltues

CrapDracula: Hawkwood is now waving his arms, speaking one of his canned phrases louder, and doing a funny accent. I'm vaguely offended #temporaltues

CrapDracula: Personal feelings aside, this tactic seems to get him employment (Confused as his employer may be). #temporaltues

CrapDracula: Talking with John about the hundred years war. Did you know Edward of Woodstock had a lateral lisp? #temporaltues

CrapDracula: After finally wrangling him away from my Xbox, I bid John Hawkwood farewell. #temporaltues

franceshunter: #TemporalTues I'd like to go back and travel with Lewis & Clark and see a herd of buffalo stretching as far as the eye can see.

scaree: I've a sudden hankering for chips in newspaper, Jimmy Clitheroe & Spangles. #temporaltues is the perfect excuse to go back to 1967 for them.

scaree: #TemporalTues It's not chips that I miss, It's crunchy batter bits & the smell of hot newsprint. Vinegar was different too. Brewed.

scaree: #TemporalTues Cydrax & Peardrax on the shelf as you go in. Chipped formica table & wooden chip forks. I can see over the counter these days.

scaree: #TemporalTues Who does 'The Chippie Man' think I am? He keeps peering like he thinks he can't quite place me. Not been here in years.

CapnAlex: Given it's #temporaltues I'd rather like to travel back to 1872 and sort of this bothersome Mary Celeste business.

CrapDracula: On John's urging, I've taken him to my machine. He seems most enamored with my Xbox 360 with copy of Bladestorm. #temporaltues

meredeth: #TemporalTues today, I’d like to go back to when pre-historic man first set foot in north America. me, -40k years. awesomesauce!

yoboseiyo: @meredeth provided you don't get stepped on by a mammoth, or eaten by a saber-toothed tiger. ;p #TemporalTues

erthefae: On this #TemporalTues I'd like to take my time machine back to Sunday morning and tell myself to be more careful not to get sick!

BookLover73: @Wendell_Howe #TemporalTues. There's only one place I would want to see. Ancient Egypt. The sun, sand, eternal life. Wow.

AgentDaniels: Your university cleared this with Starfleet regulation 157.3.18, so I'm retweeting: @Wendell_Howe #TemporalTues http://digg.com/u1BpKi

Stonewoodforge: #TemporalTues I have always thought of myself as an Alaskan. I sat in a Ferris wheel seat watching dog sled teams leave at timed intervals &

Stonewoodforge: #TemporalTues I am a dog lover so naturally I want to meet 2 of my heroes, Togo & Balto of the 1925 Nome Serum Run.

Stonewoodforge: #TemporalTues 20 or 30 degrees F below, not a problem for me, but I wasn't prepared for this. This was Cold. Wild Bill started the relay...

Stonewoodforge: #TemporalTues it was 62 below and later, 2 of his dogs died due to the cold from this leg of the run. 2 more dogs die carrying the antitoxin

Stonewoodforge: #TemporalTues The drivers survive, some just barely, but they get severe frostbite. Wind speeds reach 80 mph and windchill drops to 70 below

Stonewoodforge: #TemporalTues They're on the trail in a storm that has the rest of Alaska paralyzed because children have died of diphtheria and more r sick

Stonewoodforge: #TemporalTues Togo was Leonhard Seppala's lead dog. They ran 170 miles, almost 5 times farther than any other team

Stonewoodforge: #TemporalTues Bolto is Gunnar Kaasen's lead dog and they cover the last leg into Nome and the limelight. Gunnar collapses beside Balto ...

Stonewoodforge: #TemporalTues after getting to Nome and is heard to say to Balto "Damn fine dog". They were all damn fine dogs

GallifreyNative: #TemporalTues: I'm going to the building of the pyramids in Egypt. I'm bringing a camera & I'm going to prove aliens didn't build them! ;-p

Wendell_Howe: #TemporalTues I'd like to go back to London Blitz & tell Basil go home before that bomb hits him. A dead Temporal Anthropologist is no good.

scablander: #TemporalTues Figure out when no one would be home and go back and play fetch with Charlee. She was such a sweet cat.

CHCatMom: @scablander Oh I hadn't thought of animals who have passed. Maybe we could have brought our 2 CH cats together. #TemporalTues

scablander@CHCatMom I wonder what Charlee would have thought of a cat just like her? She loved people but usually didn't like other cats.

scablander@CHCatMom People had never been mean to her, but cats had. She came from large litter, was the runt & had CH. She learned to be a scrapper.

CHCatMom@scablander Roxy has been playing fetch with us all evening. Maybe she senses your wish? I'll think of you when we play. Good memories...

scablander: #TemporalTues For those of you wondering what a CH cat is, this will explain This Is Charley (Not my Charlee)

HistoryLuV3R: #TemporalTues: WoW, I'm here in the 1920's doing a little jig. I'm not very good at it ugh...

im_a_fangirl@Wendell_Howe Late on #TemporalTues: In Victorian London this time. Jack the Ripper's on the prowl. Probably shouldn't go out at night...

HistoryLuV3r@Wendell_Howe Oh wow, Jack The Ripper...Scary!


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