121st Temporal Tuesday - 25 October

vonHogflume: #TemporalTues 1667 Despite me joining with those who wanted to rebuild London in a grid plan after the fire, the old streets were rebuilt.

wildfeather: Going back in time to when Britain was a smattering of tropical islands in a wide shallow sea, to get some beach time. #TemporalTues

Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues 1970's waited till he finished filming the masterpiece "Hardware Wars" & then stole Artie-Deco. (Cont.)

Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues (pt.2) Artie-Deco chirps & beeps his complaints about Marvin as much as Marvin complains bout everything else. (Sigh)

Wendell_Howe: 1871 Liverpool - Be nice to go watch young John Lennon playing at Strawberry Field. photo #TemporalTues



120th Temporal Tuesday - 18 October

Friday, 14 October
followthewabbit@Wendell_Howe You're wight! Students will always find a way.Maybe exams should be on a #TemporalTuesday Hoppy #FollowFriday fwom the Wabbit

mousewords I know when I'm going next #TemporalTuesday -27th century to buy Dr. @Wendell_Howe's new book! Wendell Howe Blogspot Now to get £999,995..

Tuesday, 18 October
Mortythemouth #TemporalTues 2199-Watching the demolition of the Golden Gate Bridge,made obsolete by modern day travel methods.Old phone booths recycled.

Captain_Zaphod #TemporalTues 1912 opened a pteredactyl hot wings booth in Maple White Land. Challenger is a great customer, but reminds me of Marvin.

followthewabbit @Wendell_Howe It's the Wabbit on #TemporalTuesday ! Adelphi Hotel quote from 1974 "Sorry no pints, We don't cater for the working man" =: )

Superlambanana @Wendell_Howe i get my bus to work from outside the Adelphi. At about 9am, wave to me from 1871

mousewords (Feel free to follow the TT100 hashtag: a continuing tale celebrating 100 #TemporalTues time travel adventures, courtesy of @WendellHowe!)

mousewords Though actually the 100th #Temporaltues was last spring. ^_^ Takes a while to get writing partners together at same time. #nopunintended

The adventure continues from the 110th Temporal Tuesday

@ZAmmi *Shuffles elegantly down marble gallery in cool shade,head locked with @mousewords & Rusty* "I don't KNOW what's going on! But, have" #TT100

@ZAmmi "Either of you /seen/ her since yesterday?" *looks back and forth between @mousewords & Rusty, anxiously* #TT100

@wildfeather ::Tugs at uncomfortable UN-stretchy fabric seam,&swats away fly, squinting into hot June sun as @CassieBarrister talks to stableboy:: #TT100

@mousewords @ZAmmi *shakes head* *adjusts slipping topknot* /what I'd give for hairspray../ "Not I, last I saw her was at dinner" #TT100

@RustyNorman @ZAmmi @mousewords "i saw Wild...for a minute" :still-confused face-scrunch: "but that's it" #tt100

@ZAmmi @mousewords Same here, I thought she was taking breakfast in her room.. *Eyes widen* her room! We should check her room! #TT100

@wildfeather ::Jigging on heels to ease achy stand-still legs:: *Huffsigh* #TT100

@CassieBarrister *smiles at teen stableboy* "Oka- um. All right, thanks." *walks back to @Wildfeather through barn, kicking up manure-y dust* #tt100

@wildfeather ::finally has enuf:: Oi, Nancy Drew! You do da interviewy thing, I'll have anudder look around. @CassieBarrister #TT100

@wildfeather @CassieBarrister ::Gives u an exaggerated sigh 'finally!' rollyeyes:: "Wot he say?" #tt100

@CassieBarrister @wildfeather "Well" *wipes hair away from forehead under mobcap* "wow, it's gettin hot already--he said, there's no OFFICIAL info... #tt100

@CassieBarrister @wildfeather "...on even WHICH footman made a run for it, since 2 didn't show up for work this morning...but the kid has an idea #tt100

@ZAmmi *Swans gracefully up wide stairs, skirt embracing the plush carpet with a trailing swish... the height of refinement* @mousewords #TT100

@CassieBarrister @wildfeather "which one was sweet on FP. THAT footman doesn't have a horse. but there's a guy who carts milk from the farm every day #tt100

@wildfeather @CassieBarrister Ideas. I'm all up for ideas. #tt100

@CassieBarrister @wildfeather "an coulda given them a ride without sayin anything to the big boss about it. Farms have horses, yknow. Maybe they..?" #tt100

@wildfeather @CassieBarrister d'farm? milk? wha-? Nuh-no.we're lookin for a FOOTman >_> not dat I wouldnt put it past er to b all blazé n general #tt100

@wildfeather @CassieBarrister Ohhhh! *eyes dart across floor, chewin lip in a 'another contingency? Great.' kind of way* I adn't thought o' dat #tt100

@RustyNorman @ZAmmi :tugs collar, goin a little warm watchin GracefulZammi™: @_@ >_> @mousewords "uh. hot day. whew!!" #tt100

@ZAmmi *Soon as she's round the corner & out of view of milling guests, kicks of shoes, picks them up, hitches up skirt & runs* @RustyNorman #tt100

@ZAmmi *Soon as she's round the corner & out of view of milling guests,kicks off shoes, picks them up, hitches up skirt & runs* @RustyNorman #tt100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman Good thing there aren't any security cameras in this day & age, eh? *Glances upwards at where ceiling meets wall* #tt100

@RustyNorman :face breaks into wide grin at @ZAmmi : "maybe I oughta give em a brochure, huh?[under breath "ain't she gorgeous"]" :jogs after Z: #tt100

@mousewords #TT100 *follows @ZAmmi's lead & scoops up lacy Edwardian skirts in one hand, shoes in the other* "Not really zombie-fighting attire" #TT100

@wildfeather @CassieBarrister Right, farm it is den. *stride* *Skiphalt* ::Suddenly uncertain:: or should we liason wiv de ovvers first? #TT100

@wildfeather @CassieBarrister No. no time. C'mon! #TT100

@ZAmmi *Reaches door* *Drops skirts & gives them a perfunctory brush down, in case the maid's still inside* *Warily clicks open latch**Push* #tt100

@CassieBarrister @wildfeather *shrug* "we couldn't reach em in the house anyway, we're personas without grottos. or something." *follows* #tt100

@MassTwitFic @ZAmmi The room is neatly aired & devoid of occupants. The large fourposter has a smoothed pastel coverlet in patchworked silk #TT100

@wildfeather @CassieBarrister Grottos?*Scratches under hem of mobcap as walks* u fink dey'd be hidin out in a garden cave..thing?*huntpreoccupied* #tt100

@ZAmmi @MassTwitFic *Cases room hastily, instinctively avoiding leaving fingerprints without thinking over if it's necessary. Eyes scanning* #TT100

@ZAmmi @mousewords *exasperated sigh* it's impossible to say if she was in her evenin clothes or mornin or..what's just been tidied away! #TT100

@mousewords @ZAmmi *peeks into armoire* "I wonder if she took any-oh!" *holds up dress w large faint spot on front* "She wore this last night!" #TT100

@wildfeather *Reaches farm* Right *Already glancing about for spoors* @CassieBarrister U ask da farmboy, I'll circle around. see if I can see any #tt100

@RustyNorman @mousewords @ZAmmi "hey yeah! she knocked the soup into er lap! looks like they could do with some prewash here" #tt100

@wildfeather @CassieBarrister..trace of dem. *pause* DON'T ask him to pass u a pitcher. *Creases over double* ppfff! *Briefest silent giggle*Gone* #tt100

@wildfeather @CassieBarrister..trace of dem. *pause* DON'T ask him to pass u a pitcher. *Creases over double* ppfff! *Briefest silent giggle* #tt100

@wildfeather @CassieBarrister *Straightens immediately* ::seriousface:: *Gone* #tt100

@ZAmmi @mousewords @RustyNorman so she went to bed then. Unless.. did she re-dress & come back down again, for the evening? I didn't see her #tt100

@RustyNorman @ZAmmi "let's find th maid who takes care o this room, she'd know bout th clothes. if FP was swoonin, doubt she'd wait t'do laundry" #tt100

@CassieBarrister *tipsy trudge across dry, rutted soil* "pitcher, pffft. I get the feeling @wildfeather's not talking about baseball..." #tt100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman You're the detective. *Sucks lip* I wish we knew WHAT was going on #tt100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman *Follows you out of the room* #tt100

@ZAmmi *pauses halfway down corridor* @RustyNorman *low whisper* "Russ.." #tt100

@RustyNorman [walking thru warm, fancy hallways, lookin for maids or butler, but finding nothin. mutters "seen but not heard"] @Zammi "hmm?" #tt100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman *Almost imperceptibly beckons with her finger locked against her dress, hidden by folds* #tt100

@RustyNorman @ZAmmi :raises eyebrows questioningly, walks over: #tt100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman *eyes glance nervously, picking up on your 'seen but not heard' bodylanguage & thinking of listening ears* #tt100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman *Suddenly feels herself tonguetied* /lip-read?/ ::Slips arm in crook of @mousewords elbow & leads her to face window:: #tt100

@ZAmmi "What a beautiful view." *Waits for you to join us* @RustyNorman #tt100

@mousewords @ZAmmi "Isn't it? I wish I'd brought my oil paints!" <_< My 20th century oil paints..that need an electric heatgun to set them.. #TT100

@RustyNorman @ZAmmi [wanders to window, forehead puckered] #tt100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman *Murmurs under her breath* "Servants talk." #tt100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman We can't ask them anything. Low profile? Forgettable? There's so many people here,they might not know she's missing #TT100

@mousewords @ZAmmi *thoughtful murmur*" "Be forgettable, the cardinal rule of time travel" #TT100

@RustyNorman @ZAmmi :wince: "yeh, I guess it wouldn't reflect too well on the US if a senator lost track of his guests, either" #tt100

@ZAmmi @mousewords *Perspires just a little bit, touching her fingers delicately to her neck* #TT100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman I wish we knew what-- Where IS Wild? No Cass either? Russ. What ~exactly did she say to you? #tt100

@RustyNorman :rubs chin in thot: @Zammi "Hey, remember i said Wild was rantin about FP this mornin? said she..went out a huntin door?" #tt100

@RustyNorman @ZAmmi :getting more worried: #teamprotectormode "Wild was in a state,gone ninja. What if-I mean, what if the 3 of em aren't..here?" #tt100

@mousewords @RustyNorman @ZAmmi "Cassie brought me coffee, like 8:30 or so. So she was here then. After that" *thinks* "I didn't see her at all" #TT100

@RustyNorman @ZAmmi :pushes back jacket & hooks thumbs in waistcoat pockets, thotfully: "hey that's right, we're dealin in 4 dimensions. dang..." #tt100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman Where did u see her last? In ur room? *Starts hastening towards room in an outwardly casual manner..if that's possible* #tt100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman *fractional Hesitation* We can't enter there. But.. Look everywhere. Above the curtains, in the water jug, where ever it #TT100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman was /exactly/ you last set eyes on her. The very last place #tt100

@ZAmmi RT cos it seems 2b missin RT @ZAmmi @RustyNorman *Looks at you under apprehensive eyebrow*Not here as in here, or not here as in Now? #tt100

@RustyNorman [purposeful/thotful walk to room, if :that's: possible] @ZAmmi "last place i saw Wild...either she was ninja-hoppin off th walls, or- #tt100

@RustyNorman [enters room, sharp eyes & hazy memory scanning the washstand, windows, bed...] :snaps fingers: #tt100

@RustyNorman [kneels in creaky pants & lifts the bedskirt]:muffled voice: "last I saw the kid she was hidin out under here from the maid, #tt100

@RustyNorman "like a gossip bomb waitin t'go off":raises rumpled head,looks @Zammi & @mousewords in hall: "what'm i lookin for?bigger'n a katana?" #tt100

@mousewords "-or smaller than a dust bunny?" @Zammi @RustyNorman #TT100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman *Looks boggling at you* /There's a katana under the bed?/ Uh..perhaps your cufflink rolled under the bed? It's small #tt100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman after all, & not easy to see? I know it's a..long shot but if that's where u last saw it, I mean..when u were by the bed #tt100

@ZAmmi *Winces* /If he SAW it under the bed, he wouldn't be searching for it now/ #TT100

@RustyNorman :grins at @Zammi tryin to say two things at once: /adorable/ "yeah, good idea! i'll look." :ducks head under bed: #tt100

@RustyNorman [nothing's on the floor except the vine pattern of a stiff, tight-plush rug. no dust bunnies, no "cufflink" #tt100

@RustyNorman [he strains against tie& collar to peer up at the shadowy slats & bedframe, cringing-cautious of spiders. then a shot of adrenaline- #tt100

@RustyNorman [spikes into his brain at sight of something small& lighter than shadows.he reaches under,plucks it from the bedframe,then stands] #tt100

@ZAmmi @mousewords *Flicks you a look of excitement under a face still as a china doll barely containing the words 'He's found something!'* #tt100

@ZAmmi @mousewords *Flicks you a look of excitement under a face still as a china doll. Barely containing the words 'He's found something!'* #tt100

@RustyNorman :rejoins @Zammi &@mousewords, casually tugging his wristcuff: "Got it. o by th way speakin o small stuff.." :search in breast pocket: #tt100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman *Voice wobbles a fraction, immediately schooled* Let's go for a walk in the garden. *All bright & cheerfulness* It's a #tt100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman ..lovely day. /Gaghd I sound like a toff/ #tt100

@RustyNorman @ZAmmi "-ah, cool!..cooler. in the garden. yeah. an i can show you ladies the latest letter from my lil sister- #tt100

@RustyNorman :suave grin: "her drawin's comin along. she's really into that newfangled oriental art." #tt100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman Oh! *Appreciative smile* I shall be all attentiveness I assure u. *Links @mousewords arm & skips breezily down corridor* #tt100

@ZAmmi @mousewords "...And, do you know when she sat down it played God Save the Queen!" [Grin] *Bustles over the grass mirthfully* #tt100

@mousewords @ZAmmi "That's the darndest kind of whoopee cushion I've *ever* heard of.." ;) *holds skirt above dry grass* #TT100

@ZAmmi *As soon as she enters the coppice at edge of the lawn,spins to face Rusty,drops the facade* @RustyNorman Whatdiyufind? Whatdiyufind? #tt100

@RustyNorman @ZAmmi "you! an you're gorgeous" :swiftly drops a caressing kiss on your true-rose lips, under cover of greenery: #tt100

@RustyNorman @ZAmmi :in the next beat, brings out a small square of paper from his coat pocket & hands it to u: "lookit that!" #tt100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman *blinks, happily, startled by hasty movement drops gaze to paper* ::Hesitantly unfurls:: It better not turn out to be #tt100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman just somebody's tailor's receipt after all that. *No handwriting at all, just a block of erratic black&white squares* #TT100

@RustyNorman @ZAmmi :grins: "not n'less they tailored a suit in the 21st century" #tt100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman what..? *Looks at it closely. Edwardian-attuned brain shortcircuiting at sight of modern symbol,blanking interpretation* #tt100

@RustyNorman @ZAmmi :searches in other pockets, pulls out 'cigar case': "very popular art form around Apple orchards" :wink: "let's hope #tt100

@RustyNorman @ZAmmi "27th century tech cn still read ancient QR codes" :opens case, starts fingering screen: #tt100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman *Tempcausality Freak out* What have you got in your po-- ::Mouth clamps shut:: ::Collapses into giggles:: #tt100

@wildfeather @RustyNorman The code is an URL link - Good thing @Wendell_Howe tweets from the field. Internet blackspot'd be a pain in the butt... #tt100

@RustyNorman @ZAmmi :impsh wink: "do y'know how hard it is fer a programmer to keep from jailbreakin this?" :waves shiny 27th c computer: #tt100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman *Squeezes cheek against your arm*happy sigh at physical contact after Edwardian stifling societal constraints*- #tt100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman Better than finding an iPhone 5 in a bar? ;) #tt100

@RustyNorman @ZAmmi :slides arm snugly round your waist while operating Wendell's cigar case computer w other hand: "close second." ;] #tt100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman *Nose wrinkles up in a creasing grin at Rusty being so true to form* You and your Apples. I should buy you a fruit bowl. #tt100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman *Nose wrinkles up in a creasing grin at Rusty being so true to form* You & your Apples. I should buy you a greengrocers #tt100

@RustyNorman @ZAmmi "or an apple tree" :grins: #tt100

@mousewords @ZAmmi @RustyNorman *running out of birdwatching opportunities while you two banter, I turn my attention to the QR code note* #tt100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman ::Mock surprise:: keep your shirt on #tt100

@mousewords @RustyNorman @Zammi "You know, @Wildfeather drew that in pen & ink..the detail work is amazing! Can the computer read it?" #tt100

@ZAmmi @mousewords How do we know she got it right? o_0 ::New admiration for WF if she can design QR codes from the top of her head:: Or did #tt100

@ZAmmi @mousewords Wendell give her a computer in her besom? #tt100

@RustyNorman @ZAmmi :tap-tapping screen: "i gotta keep my shirt on, it's got like a billion buttons...ok, lets find out" :holds cigar case up #tt100

@RustyNorman :to the code paper in @ZAmmi's hand: [as everyone leans close to watch, data begins filling the screen ] #tt100

@wildfeather #tt100 パンダ離れて潜入。フット男。 なじる。あなたは私が悩みだと思っ

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman @mousewords Oh no! She didn't draw it right! It's in *Squints* Korean? Mandarin? *Shakes head* #tt100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman *Spots @Wildfeather's name at side of screen* Oh, it IS hers #tt100

@RustyNorman @Zammi :blinks: "it's...Japanese, says 'panda sneak away. foot man. twit. you think i'm trouble'.." @mousewords @wildfeather #tt100

@mousewords @RustyNorman @Zammi "Oh dear.." @Wildfeather #tt100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman *starts to say 'if I didn't know you better, I'd be quite amazed at your linguistic abili--* gets as far as*"if-- WHAT?! #tt100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman Oh. *Brain run over a mental swathe of consequences* Oh no. #TT100

@RustyNorman @Zammi @mousewords :dazed look as thots fall tetris-style into columns: "no wonder Wild was freakin out...she musta gone after FP" #tt100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman *sways* >Blacks out for split second< *Clutches your sleeve* *Steadies* Russ! #TT100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman What are we gonna do? #tt100

@RustyNorman @ZAmmi :catches you in strong close grip, holds u close: "don' worry baby, don' worry...we'll..." :at a momentary loss: #tt100

@mousewords @ZAmmi @RustyNorman *looks toward house* *gathers up skirts* "I think *I'm* going to order some lemonade for Lady Z..& meanwhile, #tt100

@mousewords @Zammi @RustyNorman *looks back ovr shoulder at you*"..see if I can find my lady's maid. You guys maybe see if you can contact Wild" #tt100

@mousewords @Zammi @RustyNorman "through the computer before you head back." *skips off in semi-ladylike hurry across waving sun-dried grass* #tt100

@mousewords @Zammi @RustyNorman *taking as deep a breath of the hot breeze as I can in a corset, to prep me for possible AWOL @CassieBarrister-- #tt100

@mousewords @Zammi @RustyNorman *and, glancing back at the finally-alone lovebirds, to clear away my grin before I reach the house* #tt100

@ZAmmi @RustyNorman *Sinks into your blazer, head swimming with the pulsing slosh in ears* #tt100



119th Temporal Tuesday - 11 October

Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues Pt.1 -1975 on safari for the rare, never-before-photographed, fuzzy-feathered Pip Squaker bird. A bipedal cat & mouse managed

Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues Pt.2 to trap the shy bird w/ a carrot (a Pip Squaker's favorite food) to take a picture of it. Squaker is now

Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues Pt.3 stuffed & mounted on the deck of the Heart of Gold. Left the mammals on Traal w/ a family of Ravenous Bugblatter Beasts.

fangarius: Seems both my relations, the Addamses and Munsters want me & the TARDIS 2 to go back to 1348 to the days of the Black Plague #TemporalTues

fangarius: Whereas Mordecai and Rigby want me to go back to June 25, 1976, when The Omen came to theaters. #TemporalTues

fangarius: In honor of Vincent's Centennial, I'd go back to 1960 through 68 and watch some of his films, like "Tales of Terror." #TemporalTues

ZAmmi: Feta cheese,olives,coarse bread,wild leaves & wine-If I'm gonna do the Mediterranean Diet properly, it must be Ancient Greece! #temporaltues

ZAmmi: Wearing a garment called a peplos. It's open on one side! (how risqué!) Made of white linen with a pretty vine pattern #temporaltues

ZAmmi: The Mediterranean Diet does not mean pasta! It's a diet that has remained the same in places like Crete since the Stone Age. #temporaltues

ZAmmi: It relies on fresh fruit & vegetables supplemented by bread, olive oil, wine and a little cured fish or cheese. Delicious! #temporaltues

ZAmmi: It's a diet that's so healthy that experts in the 20th century recommended mimicking it. I'm here to document the real thing #temporaltues

ZAmmi: Even today Cretans gather various wild,aromatic plants to make 'horta' salad to sell at market.It's more popular than takeaway #temporaltues

ZAmmi: They chop them up small to make pesto, slathered in olive oil, -good for lentils & in tomato stews- or simply serve it fresh. #temporaltues

ZAmmi: It's kind of exciting knowing we're eating food that would have been served to Alexander the Great's troops or at Knossos. #temporaltues

ZAmmi: The palace at Knossos holds 1300 rooms, many with oil & wine presses & storerooms for tons & tons olive oil -used as currency. #temporaltues

ZAmmi: Hidden underneath the pithoi - large clay storage vases for wine, grain & oil- were secret vaults containing gold! #temporaltues

ZAmmi: It's calculated the vats at Knossos could hold 246,000 litres! How many martinis could you make with all the olives for that? #temporaltues

ZAmmi: So you could say the king was rolling in it.. Literally! Using oil in massaging & grooming was very popular.Who says he didnt? #temporaltues

ZAmmi: Modern towns claim to have trees over 2500yrs old. Maybe I could pinpoint the coordinates of ancient groves, see if any match? #temporaltues

ZAmmi: Want to visit the ancient Mediterranean? What, you don't have a time machine? Try these sumptuous recipes. The Cretan Diet #Temporaltues

scablander: Taking Time Machine back in time to 1960 to watch The Time Machine. #TemporalTues



118th Temporal Tuesday - 4 October

tomwrussell: I find myself conemplating time today. Maybe it's from watching the season finale of #DrWho, Maybe it's because today is #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: It's #TemporalTues http://temporaltues.blogspot.com/ If you had a time machine, where would you go? (No fair going back to buy stocks.)

@psytacIan: @Wendell_Howe - Liverpool where I was brought up; but which has such a long and colourful, as well as influential, history.