102nd Temporal Tuesday - 14 June

tomwrussell: For today's #TemporalTues #SteamTuesday mashup I shall away to London circa 1889.

tomwrussell: In our drive to romanticize the Victorian era we tend to forget some of the less savory realities. Esp. the smells #TemporalTues

tomwrussell: London 1889 - by hansom to Hyde Park for a stroll. #TemporalTues

tomwrussell: Hey, all you steamy twits in the US, besides #TemporalTues, #SteamTuesday, and Int'l #Steampunk Day, don't forget it's also Flag Day.

tomwrussell: I need to travel back to this morning, use my steam-powered winch to hoist a great big US Flag, #TemporalTues #SteamTuesday #FlagDay

tomwrussell: London 1889 - spent a relaxing day in Hyde Park Now to recalibrate for home. #TemporalTues

Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues 1777 with my vote, the Stars & Stripes motif was outvoted by one, on favor of Dinosaurs with Lasers motif: Today In Alt History

vonHogflume: #TemporalTues In 1919, Captain Alcot and Lt. Brown flew from Newfoundland and landed in Ireland. I went to see them land. Amazing!

@Twitfic and company continue their Edwardian excursion from last week in honor of the 100th Anniversary of Temporal Tuesday.
(Well, it is Time Travel, so time has no meaning.)

@wildfeather: Racin thru the still of the house,ninjastealth kickin in like instinct. Slinkin from pillar to chair to wall, feet silenced by carpet #TT100

@wildfeather: Form shadowed & unnoticeable. Not that there's anyone to notice. No one's up yet, not even the servants. #TT100

@wildfeather: Eases @RustyNorman's door open just a crack. Squeezes thru gap not wide enuf for a cat.Closes it w/o a click that cld disturb a mouse #TT100

@RustyNorman: @Wildfeather ::not-quite-snoring coming from under pile of pillows:: #TT100

@wildfeather: @RustyNorman's spawled on bed half-in half-out the sheets, one hand still clutched around the silver cigar case Wendell gave him, #TT100

@wildfeather: it flickers, casting erie ex-temporal glow across the bed .Wikipedia. Chinese Revolution. ::Snaps it shut:: "Rusty?" @RustyNorman #TT100

@RustyNorman: @Wildfeather [voice penetrates concrete wall of sleep & trips alarm] ::stirchoke:mussy-hair headbob:: wha-? #TT100

@wildfeather: ::whispers quietly so as not to alarm::Heart yammering from urgency:: Rusty! @RustyNorman #TT100

@RustyNorman: [sits up in one flailing motion, squinting into curtained dimness, rubbing eyes] yeah!! -wwhat? @wildfeather #TT100

@wildfeather: @RustyNorman ::thinks how long it'll take to esplain. looks at u. half asleep, more than half. Juts jaw concerned & glances at door:: #TT100

@RustyNorman: ::looks around in confusion, sees shadow-outline of @wildfeather's pigtails:: where-? oh. Wild? whassamatter, evrything ok? #TT100

@wildfeather: @RustyNorman It..the.. ::door, Rusty:: uh.. ::Rusty, door:: Berightback! /Don't/ go to sleep! ::flips out sash window like lightning: #TT100

@wildfeather: @RustyNorman ::Hands grab open sash frame from below:: ::Flips back in:: On better thoughts, the door. ::shadow flits past megafast:: #TT100

@RustyNorman: ::blinks at @wildfeather's disappearance. rubs hand over shadowed face //is Z ok?// pats at chest &bedcovers looking for phone:: #TT100

@wildfeather: faint flurry of material & shivers of air leave barely a mark of my passing. Mentally counts

@wildfeather: faint flurry of material & shivers of air leave no mark of my passing. Mentally counts number of exits, & discounts ones they #TT100

@wildfeather: wouldn't be able to take without bein seen. Most downstairs ones are out cos bootboys sleep in the corridor. Front door? Too risky? #TT100

@RustyNorman: [tosses covers back &stumbles out of bed: bare feet, undershirt, tuxedo trousers. girly nightshirt still folded neatly at bedside] #tt100

@wildfeather: @RustyNorman ::By your elbow:: Think they went fru da huntin door. Can't have used front, makes a heckova racket when u close it #TT100

@RustyNorman: @wildfeather BWA-ha! :fumbles cigar case, catches it. peers down at u, heart pounding: :whisper: don't DO that! -wait, who? #tt100

@wildfeather: @RustyNorman an' it's still closed, an.. Wot? An' anyway I fink da butler has the key, and-- FP! and her-- ::Door clicks open:: #TT100

@wildfeather: ::Dives under the bed::::servant in mobcap enters:: ::Pitcher slosh:: #TT100

@RustyNorman: [wavers between //@Zammi?// &::defensive tense:: at door click] #tt100 @wildfeather

@RustyNorman: [pantscuffs rustle at passing @wildfeather] :stares at maid, penny drops: //not a lotta privacy in these digs..// #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @RustyNorman The servant blanches at seeing you awake. Hesitating, like a rabbit in headlamps, in the door frame. #TT100

@RustyNorman: @MassTwitFic :finger-waggle hello at maid* uh, hi. sorry, i uh..:smooths tee &fumble-grabs for shirt: how're you tday? ^_^ #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @RustyNorman She looks even more mortified, vacilating between ::must light the fire:: & ::must leave:: "Begging your pardon, sir" #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @RustyNorman she begins to retreat. Then halts looking at her pitcher & trying not to look at your unkempt, unwashed appearance. #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @RustyNorman She gestures with her hands full of slopping jug,attempting to keep her eyes averted,at the wash stand,blushing fiercely #TT100

@wildfeather: ::Jigs with quiet impatience under the bed, smelling mothball must:: #TT100

@RustyNorman: @MassTwitFic uh, right. :buttoning shirt up to throat, looks around: where'r those socks- :drops to hands &knees, #tt100

@RustyNorman: @MassTwitFic uh, right. :buttoning shirt up to throat, looks around: where'r those socks- :drops to hands &knees, #tt100

@RustyNorman: @MassTwitFic :calls out: don't mind me! :lifts bedspread &mouths garbled protest at @wildfeather: #tt100

@MassTwitFic: @RustyNorman the girl squeaks, beside herself, and puts the pitcher down on the floor, snatching up clean clothes laid out by footman #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @RustyNorman puts them daintily on the bed, grabs the jug, fills the washstand in a hasty tremble & drops down in front of the fire. #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @RustyNorman Scrubbing furiously with her back turned and her shoulders hunched #TT100

@wildfeather: @RustyNorman ::Pulls faces at you:: #TT100

@RustyNorman: @MassTwitFic ::peers over bedspread at maid:: [gets up &takes clothes] uh thanks..sorry again, it ain- isn't your fault, i just..yeah #tt100

@RustyNorman: @MassTwitFic ::sidesteps to bathroom & shuts door:: #tt100

@ZAmmi: *Sips Jasmine petalled Earl Grey; half an ear on the various conversations at the breakfast table as guests filter in* #TT100

@ZAmmi: *In not-quite-awake-zammi mode* #TT100

@ZAmmi: RT @MassTwitFic: @RustyNorman [::Even more hasty scrubbing::] #TT100

@mousewords Twitter Fiction Event! The continuing adventures of time travel in Edwardian England--follow #TT100 hashtag to read along :)

@MassTwitFic: @RustyNorman [::Even more hasty scrubbing::] #TT100

@mousewords *My long peach-striped skirts swish as I enter the sunny dining room. Summer's warmth is augmented by hot food aromas--breakfast!* #TT100

@mousewords @Zammi Good morning! *whisper:* any sign of @CassieBarrister?? She disappeared! #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords I dont know, I was dressed by 1 of the housemaids.Not seen @WildFeather either.But everyone's sposed to stay out of sight #TT100

@ZAmmi: @mousewords so I'm sure it's normal. You're not worried are you? *Takes ginger bite of crisp toast covered with home made marmelade* #TT100

@mousewords @Zammi *scans room, from well-dressed guests to crisply-uniformed footmen* *recalls @CassieBarrister's muslin &mobcap* Guess not. #TT100

@MassTwitFic: @ZAmmi "Vile. Positively vile." "I don't disagree." "Barbarians!" the Portly MP Humphrey Howard spits. "Well,"the duke replies evenly #TT100

@theatermonkey: ((OOC: What exactly is #TT100 ?))

@MassTwitFic: (@theatermonkey OOC #TT100 is the 100th #Temporaltues. @Wendell_Howe loans out his time machine. check out http://temporaltues.blogspot.com)

continued next week

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