109th Temporal Tuesday - 2 August

mrrustymonkey: * a #TemporalTues car pulls up to a building with a "For Lease" sign in the window. a monkey doll hops out to inspect this empty space *

mrrustymonkey: * he walks around from room to #TemporalTues room, imagining where everything & everyone could be placed *

*mrrustymonkey: there's a metal chair sitting in the #TemporalTues corner, next to an empty water cooler that some previous occupant left behind *

mrrustymonkey: * this is his seat on the #TemporalTues time machine *

mrrustymonkey: Today on this #TemporalTues, magazine publishing...it must to be our fate? :-) It's 1998.

mrrustymonkey: Here we go again #TemporalTues. We've been down THIS road before. We're old hats at this point, but who's keeping score.

mrrustymonkey: It's an old title #TemporalTues. We'll revive it again. We'll make it our own. We'll spin it & win!

mrrustymonkey: ...for this new phase of our lives #TemporalTues! Retirement just didn't last. You see, my friend, we get bored pretty fast. ;-0

mrrustymonkey: We need a sales team for our masthead! We'll need an honest CFO. Oh & by the way #TemporalTues...before I go...

mrrustymonkey: ...lets hang onto this feeling #TemporalTues - our wide eyed start off anew. Sadly, it won't last long. Now here's the 1st clue...

mrrustymonkey: ...It will be a public company #TemporalTues, with investors & stock. The "dot.con" age is dawning. Prepare for the shock.

mrrustymonkey: The world is changing #TemporalTues. Tangible is tossed out for air. Every little tech geek kid becomes a MILLIONAIRE.

mrrustymonkey: But for now #TemporalTues, everything still makes good sense. So let's time travel back out, before it starts getting tense.

mrrustymonkey: Oh #TemporalTues time machine, it's time to join the world again, & sing... Walking On the Sun

pinkbunnyr: @mrrustymonkey I love #TemporalTues. But I love Mr. Rusty Monkey more!

tomwrussell: Inspired by a #DrWho ep I watched last night, I'm going to spend my #TemporalTues in Pompeii, before Vesuvius blew its top.

ProfessorMorrow: #TemporalTues Found Quantum tunneler, clearly discharged. Looks as if the whole colony may have gone through. Rewiring and heading home.

ProfessorMorrow: #TemporalTues Chronal beacon fixed onto Earth 112 Mon's Meg. The quantum tunneler should allow a glimpse of the supergun's better moments.

Wendell_Howe: I'd love to go to October 1985 to listen to Carl Sagan speak on Science and the Search for God here at Glasgow University. #TemporalTues

scablander: @Wendell_Howe Carl Sagan and friends on Our Place in the Cosmos from Symphony of Science #TemporalTues

vonHogflume: #TemporalTues I visited the New Forest, Hampshire, England, in 1828, and do you know? Nothing happened. So peaceful.

Mortythemouth: #TemporalTues 2150,After returning from my stay on the planet Exxon, (formally Mars) I'm happy to be standing on top of Mt. Chevron again.


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