80th Temporal Tuesday - 11 January

Lolitatype45: Really need @Wendell_Howe's #TemporalTues Time Machine. My dematerialization circuit has been stolen so can't get about the way I'd like.

Wendell_A_Howe: @Lolitatype45 Ouch, that sounds painful. Do help yourself to #TemporalTues

Lolitatype45: Right. Need to find out /when/ everything went wrong. How does this thing work? Ah, this button here then... Oh no... #TemporalTues

Scaramanga_007: @Wendell_Howe I would go back to the Great Library of Alexandria before it was destroyed! #TemporalTues

mrrustymonkey: * pops his monkey head into the twitterverse, on this #TemporalTues, & notices that it's a beautiful day! *

mrrustymonkey: * feels the incredible force of balance in the #TemporalTues twitterverse. all things seem as they should be *

mrrustymonkey: * grips a role of #TemporalTues toilet paper, while looking directly at a place known as Toomer's Corner & :-) *

mrrustymonkey: Today on this #TemporalTues, a town called Auburn = our heaven. It's 1957.

mrrustymonkey: #TemporalTues, Grandaddy's in college. His whole life is ahead. These are his easiest of days. There is nothing to dread.

mrrustymonkey: This is where it began #TemporalTues, that "peace" of finding one's place. For Grandaddy, it's a feeling that all of life won't erase.

mrrustymonkey: #TemporalTues, this was the 1st National Championship for our orange & blue. But it was a year of championship for Grandaddy too!

mrrustymonkey: #TemporalTues, now I'm moving ahead to last night, 2011. And, once again, we're in National Championship heaven.

mrrustymonkey: #TemporalTues, last night's win was so thrilling! I didn't get much sleep. And I screamed so much, I can hardly speak!

mrrustymonkey: Thank you #TemporalTues, you've been a mighty nice host! I have enjoyed this time machine ride the most!

mrrustymonkey: Thank you God! Prayers ARE answered. You just have to #TemporalTues believe. Now I'm off - cause Toomer's Corner is waiting for me!

mrrustymonkey: Oh #TemporalTues time machine, today for Grandaddy, the twitterverse sings...Beautiful Day

mrrustymonkey: Oh #TemporalTues time machine, now let me share an exciting scene! Toomer's Corner - National Champions - 2011

DeborahCJenkins: Today on this #TemporalTues, a town called Auburn = our heaven. It's 1957. xx

Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues Jan. 11th, 1569 lost the 1st recorded lottery in England, drawn in St Paul's Cathedral. Shazbot.


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