75th Temporal Tuesday - 7 December

mrrustymonkey: * pops his monkey head into the twitterverse on this very chilly #TemporalTues & says, "Buon giorno!" *

mrrustymonkey: * strolls out the door of the #TemporalTues monastery & down the long, winding, cobblestone decent - on toward the main street below *

mrrustymonkey: * stops along the way @ a #TemporalTues corner bar, to grab a quick espresso. shoots it, like an old Italian man, & keeps walking *

mrrustymonkey: * there it is...his #TemporalTues steps! he is right @ the city centre now, & there's the old clock too! sits down. closes his eyes and... *

mrrustymonkey: Today on this #TemporalTues, we're all "Moonstruck" & the discoteca awaits! It's 1988.

mrrustymonkey: We're in Italy #TemporalTues, & nothing compares - to this mysterious & magical, Tuscan, night air.

mrrustymonkey: We dress in black #TemporalTues, it's the color you see - of being young 21, artistic & free.

mrrustymonkey: #TemporalTues, we make bronzes & frescos - but our new life's the art. The truest things that we've learned? Well, where should I start?

mrrustymonkey: Independence #TemporalTues - to rely on just "me". I can now live with "me" in any new geography!

mrrustymonkey: #TemporalTues, I feel fresh / @ my best! Now, be a good friend. Let me go off & dance. I'll never be here again.

mrrustymonkey: Oh #TemporalTues time machine, here's a lire to make your jukebox sing...Bitter Fruit - Little Steven

Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues Lilly & I travel to 1942, to watch the Axis powers succeed in creating their dinosaur army and release it upon the Allies.

Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues Through black hole to play quarters with K-9 Mark IV. Lacking thumbs he's poor at it. Lacking a mouth he can't get drunk...

scablander: #TemporalTues Going back to 1928 to watch Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Walt Disney's first big cartoon star. Oh, What a Knight

scablander: Walt Disney created Oswald the Rabbit in 1927, while working for Charles Mintz, who made cartoons for Universal Studios. #TemporalTues

scablander: The next year Mintz fired Disney, stole most of his staff and Oswald. In 1929, Universal sacked Mintz, took over Oswald. #TemporalTues

scablander: Universal handed Oswald to Walter Lantz, who would one day create Woody Woodpecker. He made 142 of the 194 Oswald cartoons. #TemporalTues

scablander: Disney felt no animosity to Lantz, who was innocent, and the two became good friends. Lantz's Oswald: Confidence #TemporalTues

scablander: Disney did some adjustments on Oswald and created the even more successful Mickey Mouse. Still, Disney wanted Oswald backl. #TemporalTues

scablander: Well, Walt, you got your beloved Rabbit Back! The Tale of Oswald (Now, if Disney give Uncle Scrooge back to Carl Barks.) #TemporalTues

fangarius: Which reminds me, I'll activate T2's Toonchrono Circuits and visit Oswald in 1929 #TemporalTues

fangarius: I can recall when The Doctor and I accidentally ended up in The Wasteland due to a dimensional malfunction w/the TARDIS #TemporalTues

fangarius: Not sure what Oswald and Horace thought of a blue police box #TemporalTues

fangarius: Not even sure what Barbara, Ian and Susan thought of Oswald #TemporalTues

fangarius: But I do know my First Incarnate did inspire Oswald into creating the Animatronic Goofy and Donald #TemporalTues

fangarius: And Gus and his Gremlin crew did help us fix the TARDIS, much to The Doctor's chagrin. I do visit Oswald & Gus at times. #TemporalTues

fangarius: Technically, I recall Oswald confused at my First self, since he thought all wolves consume rabbits. #TemporalTues

fangarius: But secretly I prefer beef.. and a bit of sushi now and again..#TemporalTues

fangarius: Speaking of which, promised to swing back to 1959 & pick up Laverne & Shirley.. they've never had sushi.. #TemporalTues

fangarius: Of course they've not seen me since my Fourth Incarnate, so I hope my recent form doesn't shock them. #TemporalTues

mousewords: #TemporalTues Wait right there! I'll join you! RT @ergozoom: @stacyjmt @mousewords Yup, we're at Disneyland :) photo

mousewords: #TemporalTues I'm borrowing @Wendell_Howe's time machine, to meet @ergozom & @lilbear7739 in Disneyland in 10 minutes. Who's with me? :-)

mousewords: #TemporalTues Appropriately, we'll meet them at Tomorrowland ^_^


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