106th Temporal Tuesday - 12 July

mrrustymonkey: Oh yes @pinkbunnyr. It is #TemporalTues isn't it? Hmmmm...where should we go? I am thinking about a sunny day long ago...

mrrustymonkey: * it's another sunny, golden afternoon in the #TemporalTues twitterverse. a 1970's Oldsmobile cranks up & a young family hops in. *

mrrustymonkey: * they are about to take another #TemporalTues weekend drive... but with a mission!

mrrustymonkey: * an old monkey doll jumps between the 2 children in the back, but realizes he's too short to see out the #TemporalTues windows & :-( *

mrrustymonkey: * he decides to hop up into the observation deck / the back window. this is his seat on the #TemporalTues time machine. *

mrrustymonkey: Today on this #TemporalTues... there's a problem to solve, but it's an easy fix. It's 1976.

mrrustymonkey: We need a new house #TemporalTues. Our old one's too small. We need a house where...you know... we can grow & all.

mrrustymonkey: We've been looking for months #TemporalTues, but nothing seems "just right". Maybe the yard's too small, or the cost is way out of sight!

mrrustymonkey: So many houses #TemporalTues, which one should we pick? That last "open house" was so messy, it made mammaw sick!

mrrustymonkey: One has a game room, another... a #TemporalTues pool! I think something "monkey friendly" should be the 1st rule! ;-)

mrrustymonkey: We like trees #TemporalTues & a green, open yard. Our needs are really quite simple, so why is house hunting so hard?

mrrustymonkey: We're about to give up #TemporalTues, another weekend drive around waste. But wait...perhaps I have spoken in haste?

mrrustymonkey: As we turn a #TemporalTues corner, I'll look back to see...a pretty golden house ( with a "For Sale" sign ) staring right back at me!

mrrustymonkey: #TemporalTues, "Our house was us and we were it. Our house was where we liked to be and it looked like all of our dreams.” ;-)

mrrustymonkey: Oh #TemporalTues time machine, those were golden years! It's time to sing. Golden Years

mrrustymonkey: * monkey blushes & grins at the @pinkbunnyr * I'm so glad you enjoy these #TemporalTues adventures! I hope you'll join us too @pasikas! :-)

mrrustymonkey: * the monkey doll, feeling all sunny & golden & full of #TemporalTues @Happpiii ness, decides to exits the twitterverse...stage right. *

pinkbunnyr: @mrrustymonkey Is that Mr. Rusty Monkey I see?! where are we going for #temporaltuesday? *covers Monkey in kisses*

pinkbunnyr: @mrrustymonkey I love #temporaltuesday! *Pinky kisses Monkey`s adorable nose*

pinkbunnyr: One day I must borrow the #temporaltuesday time machine...@mrrustymonkey @wendell_howe

followthewabbit: @pinkbunnyr @mrrustymonkey @wendell_howe By coincidence, the blog Wabbit is discussing time twavel #temporaltuesday =;) x Follow the Wabbit

vonHogflume: #TemporalTues Zounds! Just back from 1543AD after celebrating Henry VIII's wedding to Catherine Parr. It was Harry and Kate in the 1500s!

Wendell_Howe: Maybe I should go to the future (or is that my past?) and ask the President of Singapore why he doesn't live in his residence. #TemporalTues

simonscotland: Follow @Wendell_Howe as he visits 1887 Singapore ~ this tea loving gent is a time traveller, and so can you be on #TemporalTuesday

simonscotland: I would go to Fenway Park on 23rd June 1917 to watch Ernie Shore's almost perfect game photo #TemporalTuesday 

ProfessorMorrow: Drank with a fellow in a cave in North Deseret/Nevada, undetermined year. Did some light weaving. Couldn't teach dentistry.#TemporalTues


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