96th Temporal Tuesday - 3 May

Wendell_Howe: 2658 Cambridge - I decided to take a #TemporalTues break and visit the Women Heroes of World War II. What ladies! blog

vonHogflume: #TemporalTues I have just enjoyed the inauguration of the 1951 Festival of Britain. King George VI made a good speech.

vonHogflume: #TemporalTues Amazed to see Battersea Park look so nice for the 1951 Festival of Britain! It is boring in 2011, apart from the Peace Pagoda.

mrrustymonkey: Oh dear...what happened to my #TemporalTues journey? *scratches head * I'll try again? Sorry tweet friends...

mrrustymonkey: * the minivan door in the #TemporalTues twitterverse opens & a monkey doll leaps out... his eyes as big as moon pies! *

mrrustymonkey: * he dashes into the "Carolina Cider Company" store, in search of goodies for his #TemporalTues road trip *

mrrustymonkey: * he grabs a bag of benne wafers, a bottle a peach cider & some sweet potato chips - all this for #TemporalTues! *

mrrustymonkey: * with treats in hand, he hops back into the #TemporalTues minivan. he snuggles into his mammaw's arms, then closes his eyes &... *

mrrustymonkey: Today on this #TemporalTues, we're on vacation... but we're not far away. ;-) It's 3 weeks ago, yesterday.

mrrustymonkey: We're going to Charleston #TemporalTues - "The Holy City" I say! It's grandaddy's 80th birthday!

mrrustymonkey: And it's mommy's birthday #TemporalTues, so lets do the "touristy" thing. I wonder what adventures this weekend will bring?

mrrustymonkey: We'll tour Ft. Sumpter #TemporalTues. We'll go there by boat. Hang on to me mommy, this monkey can't float! :-)

mrrustymonkey: Next #TemporalTues, can you guess what we'll see? We'll pay our respects to the CSS Hunley.

mrrustymonkey: Then it's the market #TemporalTues, for some palmetto roses. The smell of sweetgrass baskets fills our noses!

mrrustymonkey: We dine at “82 Queen” #TemporalTues. We stop @ the cigar bar. All of this... as predictable as the North Star! ;-)

mrrustymonkey: We stay @ The Mills House #TemporalTues, in grandaddy's luxury suite! psst... I can have all the goodies a monkey can eat! ;-)

mrrustymonkey: On the way home #TemporalTues, I'll fall asleep in the car. I'll dream of a jeweled city, that isn't so far.

mrrustymonkey: This is home #TemporalTues. I know you agree. My compass always stops here. I'm lowcountry monkey!

mrrustymonkey: Oh #TemporalTues time machine, listen to the church bells chime & sing... Carolina in My Mind

mrrustymonkey: * he opens his #TemporalTues eyes again & notices that he's still home - but in his room, in the very old house. *

mrrustymonkey: I'm glad to see you too @pinkbunnyr. I had to take my #TemporalTues time trip again ( sorry you had to read it twice ) but it disappeared?

pinkbunnyr: @mrrustymonkey I am glad you said that because I thought I was going through #TemporalTues! I was seeing double!

Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues Late 22nd century. Went on an expedition to Altair in the constellation of Aquilae (some 17 light years from Earth) to discover what happened to a colony of settlers, that had arrived some 20 years before, on its fourth planet, Altair-4. What Lilly and I discover is how and why an alien race of geniuses destroyed itself overnight while leaving their technology intact at some point in the distant, distant past. TwitLonger

ZAmmi: Goin back in time to hide among the crowd at Ventura Harbor Lights Aquathon & take pics of a hero as she crosses the finishline #temporaltues

scablander: #TemporalTues Speaking of Women Heroes of World War II, going back to visit the "Most Dangerous Woman in Europe”


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