93rd Temporal Tuesday - 12 April

Monday, 11 April
vonHogflume: I wonder where and when I should visit for tomorrow's temporal excursion, it will be #TemporalTues after all.

Tuesday, 12 April
Wendell_Howe: Today is #TemporalTues Why not go back to 14 April 1961 and join Yuri Gagarin in the first space flight? See what Yuri saw

vonHogflume: I have just been to 1961 to experience the euphoria and astonishment around Gargarin's mission into space. #TemporalTues

scablander: Going back to April 12, 1961 to sit in Yuri Gararin’s lap while he makes the world’s first space flight. Yuri Gagarin Flight Video #TemporalTues

scablander: I really don’t want to fly in space. I just want to sit on Yuri’s lap. He’s a cutie! photo of Yuri #TemporalTues

scablander: Fun Fact: USA spent millions to develop a pen that would write in space. USSR spent 5 cents. They used a pencil. #TemporalTues

Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues In the far future water is the most valuable substance. Lilly & I (a pair of airship-time/space pirates are captured, sold to a princess, and recruited to help her find her father who disappeared when he found information dangerous to the rulers. It was a real Space Opera with sword fights, explosions, fighting robots, monsters, bar fights and time warps. What a day... [via TwitLonger]

RyanosaurusRex: Walking into an ice cream parlour - red vinyl seats and chrome details - and ordering a Sundae. Ah, it's #temporaltues!

RyanosaurusRex: There's a radio here, of course, and it's playing Gene Vincent - Buddy Holly and The Crickets before that. I like it here..! #temporaltues

RyanosaurusRex: Watching Singin' In The Rain. Got a photo of James Dean. #temporaltues is making itself. XD

lousmom313: #TemporalTuesday I'd like back the missing halves of all my girl's shoes, and all my socks. Thanks.

ZAmmi: @Joi_the_Artist cheer urself up? RT @Wendell_Howe Today is #TemporalTues Why not go back to 1961 &join Yuri Gagarin in the 1st space flight?

ZAmmi: Taking a #temporaltues trip in the hopes of getting some stuff clear in my head. Nervous. Late night last night brushing up on my Spanish.

ZAmmi: #temporaltues The air's thin here. I feel constantly out of breath even when gasping great lungfuls. Dry too; so different from leafy jungle

ZAmmi: #temporaltues Everything here feels abrasive; the low, wind-blasted plant life; the sun, fierce in spite of the deceptively alpine coolness.

ZAmmi: #temporaltues the stark mountains. I've come too late. There's nothing here but rubble. My skin crawls with excitement I'm barely containing

ZAmmi: #temporaltues at the urge to whip out a trowel & begin excavating. /Best leave that to Kit./ I think, fingering the tool in my pocket.

ZAmmi: Back to the time machine. How far back? 30, 100 years? I'll keep skipping, a decade at a time, until I find it. #temporaltues

ZAmmi: #temporaltues Dazzling sunlight casts across a rude compacted earth floor. Flies dance lazily in the comparative shade beyond the doorway,

ZAmmi: #temporaltues Outside shouting & the melee of many bodies on urgent business punctuate the stillness in the hut with their haphazard actions

ZAmmi: #temporaltues A man enters. He removes a heavy antiquated chainmail vest that looks as if it's been bartered thru a dozen owners before him

ZAmmi: #temporaltues peels away the thick, sweaty gambeson, down to his shirt, and then flomps down in a hot sigh at a desk beside a small window.

ZAmmi #temporaltues Muttering to himself indistinctly, in Spanish, about the lack of a clean sheet of Xàtiva paper, he opens a small mahogany box

ZAmmi: #temporaltues & begins to divest it of its contents: three dusty fragments of stone, flat,& carved on one side; on the other, a fresh inked

ZAmmi: #temporaltues half-finished scrawl in a spidery hand. As the objects meet the light of day, an echo of a gasp ripples from the dark shadows

ZAmmi: #temporaltues in the far reaches of the room, passing through him with a shudder. He leaps! sending the stool clattering. "¡Ay Caramba!"

ZAmmi: #temporaltues he exclaims. "¡Not again!" "Again?" A quiet female voice answers him

ZAmmi: #TemporalTues I swallow nervously, suddenly that museum-piece weaponry he's carrying looks a lot more deadly. He clutches the tablets to his

ZAmmi: #temporaltues chest. I eye his movements as warily as he does mine. But he doesn’t draw his sword. To my surprise, he looks as if he's trembling

ZAmmi: #temporaltues /Brave conquistador/. After a moment's hesitation, I duck into the light cast from the door. Immediately his shoulders sag.

ZAmmi: #temporaltues "¡Oh!" he breathes. "I thought it was her." I frown, "Who?" suspicion colours my tone. "Someone else." a dismissive shake

ZAmmi: #temporaltues "Has someone come here, after those, before?" He eyes me askance. I know that look. It's the one I've seen on my puppy when he

ZAmmi: #temporaltues is weighing up whether or not to confess to the large wet patch on the floor or if it'd be better to blame it on Rusty

ZAmmi: #temporaltues /Oh god, if she's been here before, what temporal madness is pending?/

ZAmmi: #temporaltues /If I took them now, would it stop her?/ My mind starts to spin at the very thought.& not in any way because there's a solidly

ZAmmi: #temporaltues built, Spanish war veteran and his 3 ft. blade between me and the most deadly explosive in the history of the world.

ZAmmi: #temporaltues "You cannot have them." he says, his boldness increasing, I guess Leta would have smashed him to smithereens with a twitch of

ZAmmi: #temporaltues her fingers by now. "Believe me" I say, vehemence grating through my tone "I wouldn't want them," /I like my timeline intact,/

ZAmmi: #temporaltues /thank you very much./ "What I want, is answers." We eyeball each other for another minute, before he sits, his sword extracted

ZAmmi: #temporaltues with a zing & laid upon a leather swatch across his lap. A whetstone comes out next. It's a warning gesture. He has my measure

ZAmmi: #temporaltues He polishes it as we talk.

ZAmmi: #temporaltues "Chaos. Chaos at first. And then a great churning behemoth of an organized swarm. I watched her swallow Europe whole."

ZAmmi: #temporaltues He blinks back tears, seeing monstrous unfoldings I can't even imagine, that I don't WANT to imagine. I shudder.

ZAmmi: #temporaltues /How is it that you know? How is it you can remember? You shouldn't be able to remember../ "And then what?" I press.

ZAmmi: #temporaltues His shrug is voluble. He doesn't know. "I find myself back here. I think sometimes I dreamt it." Ssskkssss goes the whetstone.

ZAmmi: #temporaltues "Has she been back for it since?" "No. But every time I hear commotion in the square, like today? I think is it her?"

ZAmmi: #temporaltues He sighs, a haggard fear flitting across his features.

ZAmmi: #temporaltues "Is there anything we can do to stop it happening again?" I muse unaware I have spoken out loud. "I don't know" he says,

ZAmmi: #temporaltues "but I do know that the very first thing she did, when she came, was to get me to show her exactly where I had found it."

ZAmmi: #temporaltues "She traced it back to the very source." He takes a swig of a Madeira almost as thick as the sticky, soot saturated, octopus ink

ZAmmi: #temporaltues he'd been using to scratch on the tablets. It makes my mouth feel dry and claggy. "I bet she did." I almost spit. /How can we/

ZAmmi: #temporaltues /catch this fox when she's charging up & down the whole tablet trail, through everywhen, with a lighted tail?/

ZAmmi: #temporaltues "I thought she was after my gold." "M'sorriwhat?" What was I just thinking of? A thought, useful, prescient, bursts on the edge

ZAmmi: #temporaltues of my mental vision. "My gol--" He stops, glancing at the directions painstakingly etched into the stone &casts me a wary look

ZAmmi: #temporaltues "I'm not interested in your gold compadre" my timbre's droll. /What was it? ungh. I thought that I ~had~.../

ZAmmi: #temporaltues I try to regather my thoughts. /Leta's running up and down the timeline, causing havoc../ "I don't see how we can.."/She could

ZAmmi: #temporaltues /be anywhere, any time/ At any moment she could disrupt the timeline again. /How can anyone monitor the whole temporal field?/

ZAmmi: #temporaltues /The Enforcers? Maybe Wendell would know.. That wasn't what I was thinking of, though, What WAS it/ I stare at the tablets.

ZAmmi: #temporaltues Maybe they hold the answers.

ZAmmi: #temporaltues An image flashes in my mind; standing in front of rubble, 50 years or more-I lost count- from now. Square, squat remains poking

ZAmmi: #temporaltues through the grass. /Why has he not tried to hide them?/ I think. I rub my fingers across my mouth in ponderation. Something on

ZAmmi: #temporaltues the cusp of realization.. /'Kit, leave it to Kit'/ "I have not offered you a drink" I launch up out of my seat -I'm out of the

ZAmmi: #temporaltues door even as he's taking another breath.

ZAmmi: #temporaltues I come to a strolling stop outside the single story building. Adobe blistering in the sharp sunlight, peaked in a crenellated

ZAmmi: #temporaltues roof. A llama stares at me philosophically, chewing on a thick wadge of bolt grass. I lay my hand on the hot, baked earth wall

ZAmmi: #temporaltues it tickles under my hand in a shock of emotional comprehension. The conquistador comes trotting out after me. "I should"

ZAmmi: #temporaltues "destroy them." he says. "Smash them." I reply, looking fixedly at the wall. Seeing nothing but a crumbled down pile of rubble

ZAmmi: #temporaltues "It won't make any difference." "What?" he is aghast, "Why?" A smile creeps up on me, uninvitedly welcome. I turn and run for

ZAmmi: #temporaltues the time machine "Because I was here before" I call back over my shoulder "Fifty years from now. And it was already"

ZAmmi: #temporaltues "under the ground!"

ZAmmi: #temporaltues "He's as caught up in all this as we are."/As Leta is/ the tinkle of silver spoon on china cup. /He's as caught up in this as/

ZAmmi: #temporaltues /Leta is./ "Seems so." /Poor Leta/ I smile. I *almost* feel sorry for.. No I don't.

ZAmmi: #temporaltues I bite down on a macaroon, soft as butter, light as silk. "Jeff was right" I say, chasing cream about the corner of my mouth

ZAmmi: #temporaltues with a delicately placed finger. "He said our individual paths through time continue forward.-even if we travel back"

ZAmmi: #temporaltues I sit forward in my chair, "But I think, if I'm right..." Wendell's eyebrow raises quizzically over his cup of tea

ZAmmi: #temporaltues -an invitation to go on.

ZAmmi: #temporaltues "The stones were hidden in the Mayan period. To get them away from Leta." "Mmm..?" "But somehow they ended up in Peru."

ZAmmi: #temporaltues "I saw them there today." Wendell nods. I continue "I don't know how much this conquistador gent had to do with that"

ZAmmi: #temporaltues "-or if he found them somewhere else. But I DO know, that they were found there in 2009. I know because I saw them at the"

ZAmmi: #temporaltues "British Museum. More than that, I saw the site report. More than that! Kit was there when they excavated them."

ZAmmi: #temporaltues "That's in my past. My *personal* past. But it's in Leta's past too. And not just because she's from the future." I squitch in

ZAmmi: #temporaltues my seat, eager now. "Leta keeps travelling back in time to get the stones. But she'll never get them." Wendell's brow spasms

ZAmmi: #temporaltues though there's an enigmatic smile about his eyes watching me keenly over the china "The only reason she knows how they were about 2 hours ago via Dabr

ZAmmi: #temporaltues "hidden, or when is because they were unearthed in 2009- the same way that we do!" I hesitate, scratching my forehead in

ZAmmi: #temporaltues unconscious agitation. It's all getting a bit complicated. "That's a milestone she can't change. Because she wouldn't be GOING"

ZAmmi: #temporaltues "back in time if it wasn't for that.." "Mmm? Go on.." "So. So, no matter how often she disrupts the timeline, however many"

ZAmmi: #temporaltues I stare into the sloshing brown water of my tea, blinking and dazed."This temporal pingpong is making me dizzy."

ZAmmi: #temporaltues "Drink up dear," Wendell says, approaching, laying down his own cup with clink, and giving me a gentle pat on the arm

ZAmmi: #temporaltues "I find a cup of tea is very good for a paradox."

mousewords: A snack, a phone call; now for a bit of laundry, then mental shift into another time chunk. Speaking of time: check out #TemporalTues :)

JobeBS #TemporalTues... could I please be given a summary of the rules? I could make good use of this, if it's what I think it is.

ZAmmi: @JobeBS Very simple; every tuesday, @Wendell_Howe loans out his time machine to anyone who wants to use it. All you've got to do is include-

ZAmmi: @JobeBS the hashtag in your tweets, and make sure you return it to him before midnight [Tho time IS flexible, being timetravel] ;)

ZAmmi: @JobeBS go anywhere, and anywhen you wish. Tweet as much or as little as you like

JobeBS: @ZAmmi @Wendell_Howe ok thank you. Sounds genial. And our destinations are dictated by Mr Howe himself... Or are we to choose?

JobeBS: @ZAmmi Wonderful. Well I'll be sure to accompany fellow time travellers, as well as paying respect to those prescribed by @Wendell_Howe

ZAmmi: @JobeBS You may go anywhere you wish. @Wendell_Howe's suggestion is merely that, a suggestion.

Wendell_Howe: I do apologize @JobeBS Here are the Rules for #TemporalTues (It's still Tuesday somewhen.)

vonHogflume: @JobeBS Ah, if you want to join in #TemporalTues, please be aware that I can't share MY time machine. It often misses out Tuesdays.


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