13th Temporal Tuesday - 29 Sept.

Temporal Tuesday has gotten so popular, or perhaps so necessary, many couldn’t wait for Tuesday.

Wednesday, 23 September

@TomYHoweTimes are bad. Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is writing a book. ~ Cicero

@George9Writer@TomYHowe How did Cicero know I was writing a book?

TomYHowe: @George9Writer Ha. I think he must have been in on #temporaltues

Thursday, 24 September

quackwriter: Although it's not #TemporalTues I'm stuck in a seedy Victorian theatre dressing-room when I'm supposed to be revisiting 1756.

Friday, 25 September

gcolliasuzuki: Although it's not #TemporalTues, I've taken a journey back in time: Floating Along in the World of Japanese Prints

Monday, 28 September

BritonLavies: Don't forget #TemporalTues tomorrow everybody! Hop in your own personal timemachine!Dust off those flux capasitors and call Pakistan for gas!

janusblkjaguar @Wendell_Howe And get shot up by some pissed off warlord. Niiiice.

dannyson1: To commemorate the awesome partaking of drinking tea with @Wendell_Howe during #TemporalTues I will have a pic tomorrow of what happened.

Tuesday, 29 September

dannyson1: @lansterman Not much. Just still up. Doing an art for #TemporalTues which is today! :D Hope work isn't too hard!

dannyson1: Twitpic - #TemporalTues Me and @Wendell_Howe enjoying our fine tea. He looks happy don't he?

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 I never looked so good! Dr. Wendell Howe

dannyson1: @Wendell_Howe It's the class that does the real talking

vonHogflume: #TemporalTues - been to 2011 & found that Youtube, Twitter & Facebook have merged into YouTwitFace.

HistoryLuV3R: @vonHogflume I LOVE that! LMBO!

#ifihadatimemachine I'd stop whoever first thought "Hey, web browsers don't come with enough toolbars." Toolbar = future Skynet.

tomrk1089: @jwkovell Believe it or not, there's a tag for that -- #TemporalTues thanks to @Wendell_Howe

jwkovell: Thanks @TomRK1089. That's a much more efficient tag to chronicle chronological capers. #TemporalTues

ontheblob: #temporaltues At the Alamo: switched Santa Anna's wooden leg w/a trick version: bends backwards at the knee! Real reason he killed everyone.

GallifreyNative: #TemporalTues: Climbing in my TARDIS, heading to the future. I'm not sure where 'cause my time gauge is stuck. I need to get that fixed.

GallifreyNative: #TemporalTues: TARDIS is still traveling. It's a bit of a rough ride! What?!?!?! Oi! I'm very busy right now. Updates later...

GallifreyNative: #TemporalTues #TennantTuesday: I was able to smooth out the ride. The TARDIS has landed. I'm about to step out & investigate. 'ello!

GallifreyNative: #TemporalTues #TennantTuesday: I appear to have landed in the 21 century. I am looking directly at @ another TARDIS, but this one is black.

GallifreyNative: #TemporalTues #TennantTuesday: I step out to take closer look. That's funny. This TARDIS has no weight or mass & yet I can see it...

GallifreyNative: #TemporalTues #TennantTuesday: I reach out to touch it & my hand passes through! It this stuck in the void, is it coming, or going..? Oi!!!

HistoryLuV3R: #TemporalTues I traveled back to the eighties to see the filming of "The Breakfast Club".

dangergrrlie: Hopping in my time machine for #temporaltues and hitting Milan for the performance of Mozart's first Opera "Mitridate, re di Ponto" (1770)

BookLover73: @Wendell_Howe #TemporalTues I'm at the court of Henry VIII {hopefully I can keep my head!} I've always wanted to see Hampton Court.

BookLover73: @Wendell_Howe #TemporalTues Apparently Henry VIII only chops the heads of women he's bedded! I'm safe I only have eyes for @FantonSquire.

BookLover73: @Wendell_Howe #TemporalTues Typo on last entry: It seems Henry VIII only beheads women he marries. Whew, I'm safe for the moment.

VenisonArts: Fredericton N.B. Sept 1882. Have procured tickets for Oct 4th lecture of Oscar Wilde. Already all 800 seats have been sold. #TemporalTues

whassinger: I would love to go back and sttudy some of the real origins of the Freemasons and thoroughly explore the Craft's foundations. #TemporalTues

indykitty: @wendell_Howe I am going to go find the kitties of the middle ages and strike against the plague rats! #Temporaltues

mrrustymonkey: On this #TemporalTues ~ I am traveling back to 1955, when my old house was seen in Vogue magazine! An opulent time "... lofty & imposing..."

dannyson1: I believe I need to time travel now. #TemporalTues waits for no one! Where shall I go this time?

Adaser: @dannyson1 the decadent roman era, right before the fall #TemporalTues

dannyson1: RT @Adaser: @dannyson1 the decadent roman era, right before the fall #TemporalTues // Good idea. Come with me?

Adaser: @dannyson1 i could, but i'm busy ... thinking about food... *thinks and ponders for a bit* #TemporalTues

dannyson1: @Adaser I'm pretty sure there is food at the Roman times. BETTER FOOD! Or I hope. #TemporalTues

Adaser: @dannyson1 i just watched a show, and everything was drizzeled with a fermented fish with spices thing... *shudders* #TemporalTues

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *I crank on the knobs and buttons and hit and punch* I still don't know how this darn thing works! I hope I go where I want 2!

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *bangs one more button and wanks on the lever* Let us go to the good ole Roman times! I will also kill a few! :D For funsies.

@dannyson1 Just make sure you don't get arrested. Themz Romanz not very nice to prisoners, yes?

dannyson1: @LadyNilstria Very true! I will be careful in my expedition to Roman times! #TemporalTues

dannyson1: Where am I? o.O *looks about and sees only a few houses scattered about* I think I didn't went to Roman times. GREAT! #TemporalTues

dannyson1: #TemporalTues peasants Well there are a few villagers here. I wonder where I am at. Or what time...

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *I walk up to the villagers * Hello there! I came from....a few villages back...know where I am? Village name?

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *an elderly woman looks up to me and says something. can't make out what she is saying* Ummm do you speak English?

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *I can't tell what language she is speaking. The elderly lady points to a path* I guess I go that way? o.O *I go off*

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *I walk along the path which seems to take me to a more bigger area of people. A city I believe*

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *I arrive at the big city of whereever I am. * WEll time to find someone and ask where I am at. Ummm maybe beardo over there!

dannyson1: #TemporalTues Hello sir! I need to ask you a question! Umm speak English? *the man looks at me funny and nods* Ok...umm where am I?

dannyson1: #TemporalTues You are in Petrograd, don't you know? Outskirts. *the man grunted* It's 1916, and all is well. *I look at him* All is well ?

dannyson1: #TemporalTues There has been lots of talk about factions and ideologies. But all silly talk. No one will ever take away our Czar, man said.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues Huh ? Ideologies you say? What kind? I asked towards the bearded Russian. "Communism, socialism, and whaterism." All nonsense.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues "So you think it will not take over at all ? EVER? " I asked the man. "NEVER. God gave Czar Nicholas II the throne."

dannyson1: #TemporalTues If he only knew, that one year later the start of the Russian Revolution will start and rock the whole world.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues "That may be true, but don't you think the people want something else? Something...more different?" I asked. He glared. "NEVER!"

dannyson1: #TemporalTues "Why not?" I asked. "It is not what the people want. Not what is to be. Only the Czar rules over everyone." Beardo ponders.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues "Even if it's not royalty, if that to say, to happen, would be the czar. He would be loved and sang praises to just like a Czar."

dannyson1: #TemporalTues I think about what the man said. There is a lot of truth in that statement. Even now in my current time only one man has power

dannyson1: #TemporalTues Today Russia maybe another ideology from what will take over in a year from 1916. Three ideologies in 100 years.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues From Czardom, to Communism, to capitalism, there is still only one man on top.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues "So no real trouble at all huh? No real threats?" I ask. "Only the so called Socialists. Idea ran from Germany."

dannyson1: #TemporalTues "That is interesting. Well nice talking to you, sir. Thank you for your time." I walk of back towards the path.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues I make it back to the village and wave goodbye to the villagers. There will be trouble for them in a few years also.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues The years that will follow will be filled with blood and strife. A new leader will arise and take over and take Russia.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues The man that will take control goes by the name of Man of Steel. Stalin will take Russia into the modern age.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues I look onwards towards the village and out to the horizon where Petrograd is at. That name too will change to Stalingrad.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues OR I think it changes to Stalingrad. Lots of things will be named after Stalin for sure.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues Statues like this will be common placed in Russia later on. Stalin statue The rise of a new "czar" will be made, not born

dannyson1: #TemporalTues I head back into the time machine and pull on the red button returning me to my time. I reflect on Beardo's words. Wise man.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues I get off the time machine and still wonder. "Huh. That was some thought provoking time travel. Although I didn't do much."

dannyson1: #TemporalTues I still wonder about the modern Czar. Right now Putin must be laughing to himself quietly as I ponder this. Time will tell.

dannyson1: There I am done for that adventure! :D I hoped you guys like that edition of #TemporalTues

CrapDracula: Going back to Heian era Japan for a little kemari. My sport of choice.#TemporalTues

CrapDracula: I never understood why you play Kemari in robes and funny hats. Asked around, no else really knows either. #TemporalTues

CrapDracula: Personally, I'm not a robe and funny hat person. I'm fine with the sweater vest and jeans, thank you. #TemporalTues

CrapDracula: Have introduced the bicycle kick to the venerable game of kemari. I fell funny and messed up my shoulder, but it was worth it #TemporalTues

captain_erika: #TemporalTues - going back to Monday, when I didn't have to worry about the war.

fisher_queen: #TemporalTues Finally a moment to tweet this! It's 1692 and I'm in Salem, Mass. The last thing that I want to do is be mistaken for a witch!

scablander: #TemporalTues Go back & watch Lincoln pat my great-grandpa Rood on head & tell him he was brave lad. He was 16 year old drummer, looked 12.

scablander: #TemporalTues I looked 12 when I was 16, too. I come from long line of short, baby-faced people on both sides.


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