11th Temporal Tuesday - 15 Sept.

@dorfird #TemporalTues I'm dusting off my time machine. Been busy & neglecting it lately. Maybe I'll go forward 3 days and see @Canageek right now!

@dorfird I want out first meeting to me temporally synced please. Why don't we go back to the 1920s or 1930s and catch a moive? #temporaltues

@dorfird besides that #temporaltues might make @Wendell_Howe blush and get all flustered ;)

@Canageek Okay, want to meet me then for the movie? #TemporalTues

@Canageek #TemporalTues What if we catch the premiere of the Wizard of Oz and listen to the audience gasp when it changes to color?

@Canageek #TemporalTues or we could catch the Errol Flynn Robin Hood or probably any of his films. Or something that didn't survive till now

@Canageek Temporally synced eh? Well this time machine travels in space too - whatcha doing this afternoon? ;) #temporalTues

@dorfird MMMmmmm. New York?

@Canageek Sure. IIR you haven't been yet? I could show you the sights, and The Strand bookstore, "miles of books". #TemporalTues

@dorfird Eeeeeeeeee Errol Flynn. um. didn't just squeal. I swear. #temporalTuesday

@Canageek #TemporalTues Suuuure... anyway I thought you could do a manly version. I'll have to hear it ;)

dorfird: #TemporalTues I met @Canageek for the premiere of Errol Flynn's Robin Hood. A good time was had by all.

TDAllonsy: And it's #TemporalTues -if you had your own time machine. - Temporal Tuesday - I'd go past 2012 2 see if the world ends. :)

ontheblob: #temporaltues Going back to Monday to place a bet & win the Patrick Swayze death pool pot.

CeltTim: #TemporalTues in honor of new Dan Brown book, I've set time coordinates to 1118 to investigate origins of Templar Knights

fisher_queen: #TemporalTues It's off to Dublin. June 16th 1904. Stalking Joyce and Nora on the date that will inspire Ulysses!

SpottingTrains: #TemporalTues :: fin de siecle all the way: a pint with James Joyce & WB Yeats; big game hunting with Teddy Roosevelt; 1893 World's Fair.

thefrogbag: 1400, Cuba, to see if any ground sloths really survived in island environments into the modern era. #TemporalTues

ZaneMcFate: It's #TemporalTues y'all; hoping to skip forward to my interview next week, although documenting code isn't too bad; just bad for the hands

HistoryLuV3R: #TemporalTues My machine would take me back to a time when my mom was alive and healthy. I would make sure that she took better care of herself :-(

GallifreyNative: #TemporalTues Go back to Sunday, so I can trip Kanye before he got to the stage. ;-p

GallifreyNative: Getting ready for work. Going to make me some coffee & a sandwich. #TemporalTues I think I want to go to the future, after work! ;-p

CrapDracula: Darkest of Days Demo (It's basically a Harry Turtledove novel in FPS form) is up on Xbox live, just in time for #temporaltues

CrapDracula: Had a weird day, so I'm hopping in my time machine and heading back to catch a couple Daniel Mendoza fights. #temporaltues

CrapDracula: Mendoza approached me after a bout. Says He's seen me at all his fights. Pretty sharp for a guy who gets punched for a living. #temporaltues

CrapDracula: Also notices that I don't age...uh-oh. He's gonna wanna see my time machine now. This always happens. #temporaltues

CrapDracula: I can't be chauffeuring historical figures around time and space. After Mata Hari, I'm rather leery of letting people in here. #temporaltues

indykitty: @Wendell_Howe ! I think today I am going to go slink around Queen Victoria's Bedroom and check out how comfy her bed is. #temporaltues

indykitty: @Wendell_Howe I am going back in time to make Snackatarianism a third political party #TemporalTues

CHCatMom: #TemporalTues Feeling lost today. I'll go back to my 1st back yard & my swing between 2 tall trees. It's a good day to be 4 yrs old & free.

TomYHowe: #temporaltues Went back to the Land that Time Forgot. Got lost. Rather confusing there for a time traveler.

dannyson1@Wendell_Howe Had a question. How far back can we go and are we allowed to do anything?

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 You can go anywhere and do anything on #TemporalTues Just keep in mind this is Twitter, so everyone can see what you did!

dannyson1@Wendell_Howe Gotcha Wendell! I will make this awesome!

dannyson1: Ok everybody! I will be doing #TemporalTues . What is that? I travel in time and do stuff! @Wendell_Howe is lending the Time Machines! :D

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *gets cane and monocle ready* Ok, good sirs and madams. I bid thee farewell as I go back in time. Where to ? I don't know yet.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues I will go back as far as this machine will let me. How far back can it go? Hm.....*gets inside time machine* This looks hard..

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *punches a whole bunch of buttons* That should do the trick! *grins as machine starts off* This better work!

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *flash of light stuns me and I blank out for a while*

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *I get up* Huhwhat? Where am I ? I guess I have to go out and check it outs! But I'm afraid...:( Reminds me of Twilight Zone.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *pokes head out of the Time Machine* I do say, it is hot as a sauna out here! Lots of wild vegetation also! Hm...*takes notes*

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *Steps out the machine now* Hmm this fauna is not like any I seen before…wait a minute... how far back I go?! *monocle drops*

dannyson1: #TemporalTues Oh my BRONTOSAURUS! I mean... darn me and never learning the proper name of that dinosaur! It's huge! *trembles in awe of dino*

dannyson1: #TemporalTues I am in the Jurrasic period! This is outstanding! *looks at notebook* The proper name is Apatosaurus. Silly me and not knowing

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *ground shakes as the Apatosaurus moves to a more juicier, greener leaves.* Oh my! *stabs cane in the ground and holds on*

dannyson1: #TemporalTues This beast is truly magnificent. It doesn't even care I'm nearby. Im like an insignificant little bug to it! *scribbles notes*

dannyson1: #TemporalTues I have a sudden urge to bite dino in his leg. I dont know why. I feel like a flea. A human flea feasting on dino blood. o.o

dannyson1: #TemporalTues I best leave the gentle giant alone. I still want to live! I would take a pic but I forgot my camera. Like always.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *looks at the Apatosaurus one more time* I will leave you be Bronto. It was nice knowing you. Hope I see your fossils one day.

Meljusenr: @dannyson1 I hope you didn't step on any butterflies... #TemporalTues

dannyson1: @Meljusenr Nope! I was going to take a piece of that Apatosaurus but I forgot my carving knife. + dont want to get squished. #TemporalTues

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *I get back inside the Time Machine* Oh right...ummm how do I get back?! Help me @Wendell_Howe !

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 Press the big red button on the arm! #TemporalTues

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *gets message from @Wendell_Howe * Thank you good sir! Remind me to buy you tea next time! *pushes big red button on arm*

dannyson1: #TemporalTues Alright! I am back in my time...Oh drat! I left my monocle back in time! This...is awkward. I hope no one digs it up.

dannyson1: #TemporalTues *takes his notes and piles them on his desk* Well that was exciting. I should do that more often. Next time with people though

Meljusenr @dannyson1 good good, but next time you end up the prehistoric era tell the fairy t-rex i say hello and that he should visit me soon.

dannyson1@Meljusenr Fairy T-rex shall visit you soon! I hope. I didn't run into him. I would think he lives only in dreams.

Meljusenr @dannyson1 someday i'll prove that he is real! Then I will RULE THE WORLD!! WHAHAHA *cough cough*

dannyson1: What you guys think? Like my #TemporalTues tweets? Not annoying? Cool? Awful? Give me your opinion! I might do this every week if you likes.

Canetoonist @dannyson1 really creative stuff, I liked those tweets!

Meljusenr @dannyson1 #TemporalTues tweets POWN!!!!

dannyson1@Meljusenr @Canetoonist Thanks! I will prolly do these every week if Im not at work! Credit to @Wendell_Howe for starting this clever idea!

Wendell_Howe: @dannyson1 It only has to be Tuesday somewhere in the world...unless you travel back to a Tuesday. #TemporalTues

dannyson1@Wendell_Howe I somehow feel that is breaking the rules XD I don’t know why.

mousewords: #TemporalTues @Wendell_Howe A time traveler from the past would freak out @ my bikini-clad neighbor sprawled on grass w/towel on head. o-0

Wendell_Howe: @mousewords I wouldn't freak out. All right I might blush, stammer and avert my eyes, but I wouldn't freak out. #TemporalTues

vonHogflume: #TemporalTues - visited this day in 1949 for the excitement of first TV episode of The Lone Ranger. Jay Silverheels was marvelous as Tonto!

ColinEnglish: I am late doing something this week, only #TemporalTues came along and I suddenly find I already did it last week. Result!

TomYHowe: #temporaltues Traveling back in time to the days of yore. Thought it was the days of whore, but what the heck.

TomYHowe: #temporaltues Went forward in time to see how the economy does. You don't want to know. But it does turn out okay in the end.

TomYHowe: #temporaltues Traveled back to beginning of Rocky and Bullwinkle. The wayback machine is now called the way-way-wayback machine.

TomYHowe: #temporaltues Went back to Victorian days, called a piano leg a "limb". Tee hee. Them Victorians crack me up.

TomYHowe: #temporaltues Went back and talked Curt Flood out of fighting for free agency. Whew, now I can afford seats again.

RMRenfield: Almost forgot it was #temporaltues today. I'm heading to the future baby! Going to go on a shopping spree while I can.

RMRenfield: Toilet paper? Check. Advil? Check. Every Hannibal Lecter book? Check x4. Thank you #temporaltues! I miss the future already.

BookLover73: @Wendell_Howe Good day to you sir. And happy #temporaltues! I will not be traveling since I am jetlagged from my last trip with @lordlikely.

Wendell_Howe: @BookLover73 Can one get jetlag with a Victorian like @lordlikely? Maybe steamlag. #TemporalTues

BookLover73: @Wendell_Howe I'm not sure but ever since @lordlikely and I returned he claims he doesn't remember a thing! says he was drunk! #temporaltues

kaolinfire: #PterodactylePtuesday, meet #temporaltuesday. Play nice, now. // I know you will (have?) ;) :) Pto Pteronadons! And Ptbeyond!

kaolinfire: @Wendell_Howe sortof #temporaltuesday from fb // {Eric Orchard } Listening to Neil Young Live at Massey Hall from 1971. It is awesome!

darklingmuse: just returned from my sojourn into #TemporalTues. Tried to find an era where humans were well-educated & not shitty to each other. Alas.

coyotetoo@Wendell_Howe Ever since I was a kid I dreamed of what would be like to drive down the street with Benjamin Franklin, hear his reactions.

Wendell_Howe: 2656 - I don't point out that Adolphus is just an actor who PLAYED a time traveler and not a real time traveler. Why not, it's #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: #TemporalTues If I could go anywhere and do anything, I would take Adolphus Fairchild back to 1800s so he could be a REAL Time Traveler.

RT @99th_Doctor Going to Saturday, 23 November 1963 and watch first Doctor Who episode "An Unearthly Child" on BBC. An Unearthly Child

RT @99th_Doctor And then I'd go find William Hartnell and tell him "You were just the first Doctor. There will be more. I'll be the 99th!"

2656 Cambridge - By the way, Adolphus, you forgot to put #TemporalTues in your tweets.

kaolinfire@Wendell_Howe I can just see you staging an unofficial "the 100 doctors" episode/seminar

HistoryLuV3r@Wendell_Howe Very cool, my husband would love to go with you I'm sure lol...RT Going to Saturday, 23 November 1963 and watch first Doct

Wikimancer@Wendell_Howe Do you think that he'd actually interfere in the past like that?

Wendell_Howe: @Wikimancer No Adolphus would get erased for that in reality. But anything goes on #TemporalTues

Inventrix@Wendell_Howe Oh dear. What is being erased?

@Inventrix It is rumored that Institute of Time Travel Enforcement Agency can go back in time and "erase" you. This has never been proven.

@Inventrix If someone goes back in time and intentionally or accidently does something to change the past, it is said the Enforcers will...

@Inventrix ...go back to a point before the incident and kill you and make it look like an accident, thus "erasing" you from time before...

@Inventrix ...you can change it. Enforcers have never acknowledged this. nor have they denied it either. This gives me nightmares!

Inventrix@Wendell_Howe Oof. It gives me a headache!

Inventrix@Wendell_Howe I must say, however, when you said *erased* I thought more of going back in time to prevent his birth. *That* is terrifying.

@Inventrix Oh dear, I wonder if Enforcers could prevent one from being born, too. Now I will have nightmares tonight!

Wikimancer@Wendell_Howe But then, wouldn't they be changing the past, and thus have to erase themselves?

@Wikimancer If Enforcers had to choose between crucial figures in history or expendable Temporal Anthropologists, guess who loses.

@Wikimancer Also Enforcers would pick a point before we mucked up history but after we did anything important.

Wikimancer@Wendell_Howe Well, I was referring specifically to the preventing-anthropologist-births bit.

wikiworf@Wendell_Howe Wow! I didn't realize that the music was the same as in the newer Whos!

@wikiworf Here is the evolution of the Doctor Who theme. The Ultimate Doctor Who Title Mix

wikiworf@Wendell_Howe Thanks again!

theladyisugly: I must remember to join #TemporalTues next week. I'm thinking about the Elizabethan Era—yes, to see Edmund Spenser! ;D

inventrix: I know *exactly* what I am doing for next #TemporalTues :D

meredeth: #TemporalTues i would go back in time 15 minutes so that i could make this tweet during tuesday instead of what is technically Wednesday.


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