3rd Temporal Tueday - 21 July

I was away in the Yukon this week (see http://wendellhowe.blogspot.com/2009/07/annual-temporal-anthropologist.html) so I wasn’t able to be here for this Temporal Tuesday. These brave souls did it alone!

dorfird: .@MLx Don't you know? We don't get time travel machines till #TemporalTues

MLx: @dorfird if @Wendell_Howe can let me go back and get my 18 yr old body on #TemporalTues I am SO in

inventrix: Oh hey, it's #TemporalTues day! Will I participate this week? Hmm.

jakelleywrotty: time sweep-- twin now in 1817, never 1807. Am in 1965. (Was in 1966 originally?) Girl still has 3d thing, her mum now ok. #TemporalTues

mimsigiggles: #TemporalTues all but forgot about my time machine. It just beeped at me as I walked in the door. Guess I should take him out for a spin.

mimsigiggles: Blasted time laws! I keep trying to go back to by passes for SDCC, but they keep disappearing when I get back to the present! #TemporalTues

mimsigiggles: #TemporalTues Pouting while pushing buttons in a time machine isn't good. I think I've landed somewhere in the 1400s. What is that smell???

mimsigiggles: #TemporalTues Men running with swords, coming this way! Must be time to go home!!

CHCatMom: #temporaltuesday Where else would one go this week? With Apollo 11!

Also a #TemporalTues that somehow got lost last week. @MarianAllen in honor of Temporal Tuesday posted a heirloom recipe for Refrigerator Dill Pickles on her blogsite at http://marianallen.wordpress.com/2009/07/14/food-of-the-past/ Not only innovative, but how many excursions into the past are this delicious!


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