1st Temporal Tuesday - 7 July

Here are the tweets from the First Temporal Tuesday on Twitter.

Invetrix went to the Great Exposition in London in 1851. She was kind enough to organize them on her blogsite. Here is the link. It's well worth visiting. You'll feel like you are there.

simonscotland@Wendell_Howe #temporalTues hiding in the eagle from Apollo 11 watching Neil and Buzz bouncing along and glimpsing this beautiful planet

simonscotland@Wendell_Howe forgot to mention, 40 years ago :-)

simonscotland@Wendell_Howe #TemporalTues on a more personal note, I'd like a chance to see my dad (died when I was 2 1/2)....

simonscotland@Wendell_Howe ...he officiated at commonwealth games in Cardiff in 1958 so it would be nice to see him there :-)

Wendell_Howe: 2656 - @simonscotland is our official first #TemporalTues! Of course he cheated because he lives in Scotland & it really is Tuesday midnight

simonscotland@Wendell_Howe I'm honoured :-)

simonscotland@Wendell_Howe thank you for #temporalTues trip. Your time machine is more comfortable (and safe) than sitting on 100s of tons of rocket.

DoctorSinister: #TemporalTues - Poisoning Alexander the Great, having named myself as successor to his mighty Empire and ruling the world in perpetuity.

DoctorSinister: #TemporalTues - Heading back to 1981, changing my name to Bill Gates and adding his mega-fortune to my own. Muhahahahahaaaaa!

omnipotentseal: @Wendell_Howe, speaking on behalf of @LuciferInc & Satan, he'd probably like to be in Jersey on #TemporalTues

scablander: @Wendell_Howe Ooh! I get dibs on Harpo Marx for #TemporalTues!

Wendell_Howe: You can't do that! No dibsies

scablander: And I still get dibs on Harpo Marx for #TemporalTues. I don't care what @Wendell_Howe says! Dork!

DougPiranha: 2650: Survived Medlidikke pirates. Engine room full of tentacles. Robot warships parked outside. It's Tuesday. #TemporalTues http://www.jointhesaga.com/

enia59: #TemporalTues 1985 England to save a man who didn't deserve to die when and how he did, just to tell him one thing, not to take the lithium.

captain_erika: #TemporalTues - 2063. Montana. Cochrane and the Phoenix. Although...I hear that there was some weird stuff going on then.

DonRichNet: #TemporalTues - Egypt: July, pre-2000 BC -- Imhotep and buddies come up with idea for stepped Pyramid over grain-honey beers

mr_craig: #TemporalTues: New York, 1957. Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane play together at the Five Spot. Two birds, one stone.

Harpoona: I have no idea where to go for #TemporalTues. Too many possibilities, but I guess i could make a trip to the Victorian age, love that age.

Harpoona: #TemporalTues 1904: Been to the 80s and seen the play, really great, decided to come here to see Holme's retirement cottage in Sussex...

Harpoona: #TemporalTues 1904: Really nice cottage, not so sure about the Bees though, but still really interesting...Been shown the hives by Holmes.

Harpoona: #TemporalTues 1904: Was good, though don't think it was for Holmes. Heading back to the Time Machine now, left it on the downs somewhere,

Harpoona: #TemporalTues 1904: Mmm, the Time Machine seems to have broken down, referring to the manual now, hope to get it sorted soon, getting late.

Harpoona: #TemporalTues Managed to get the machine working which is good, I guess. Was starting to get cold, back in the present [or past..or future]

Margit11: Rossetti is determined t exhume his poetry from Lizzie's coffin, and get it published .The coffin gets lifted out of the grave #TemporalTues

Margit11: London 1869 Here are the poems. Lizzie's beauty is unspoilt and her wonderful red hair has since grown, filling the coffin #TemporalTues

Margit11: The paper on which his poems were written is slightly spoilt. Back into the earth goes Lizzie's coffin on that rainy night,1869 #TemporalTues

ontheblob: #TemporalTues Going to Dallas 22 Nov 63 to stand on the grassy knoll & yell "bang bang!". Conspiracies have to start somewhere.

ontheblob: #TemporalTues Then going to Ford's Theatre 14 April 1865 to loosen John Wilkes Booth's saddle strap. Oh, Good Times!

ontheblob: #TemporalTues Now I'm going to paint myself green & dress in aluminum foil, wander around Roswell N.M. 8 July 47 muttering "Beep Beep".

ontheblob: #TemporalTues For a different take on Time Travel, try my story http://www.ontheblob.net/time. The Enforcers would have a FIELD DAY with this.

stephericsson@Wendell_Howe for #TemporalTuesday: Where women were equals(+/-) Welsh, Scotland, Netherlands, Norway, Jews dur'g medieval times.

stephericsson@Wendell_Howe #TemporalTuesday Caveat:dependent on t/times of course. Pts of Frnce &Irelnd cud b inclded. T/Church & Reformation chg'd that.

CeltTim: #TemporalTues and am setting time machine for 2 June 1953 and Westminster Abbey. Queen Elizabeth's coronation. Dressing to the nines.

fangarius: 50 BCE Visiting Asterix and Obelix since Lum miscalculated... again... maybe I'll see the Roman Holidays #TemporalTues

fangarius: 50 BCE As well as my cousin, Fangafix. #TemporalTues

fangarius: #TemporalTues Lum has a unique Chronotransvering device, it's miniature and you can attach it to anything. Imagine time travel via teacup.

fangarius: #TemporalTues 3007 - Prof. Farnsworth invents the first TARDIS Loo. Fry & Co. travel through the Chronosphere thanks to Bender.

fangarius: #TemporalTues - 1967 Hooterville visiting the Shady Rest

Meeps625: #TemporalTues I'd go back to any random point in the last three years, just to see if I'd do anything different

MuchAdo1: #TemporalTues In 1865 Greenville County, South Carolina. Just after the war. Looking for the James Bruce family. Have lots of questions.

MuchAdo1: #TemporalTues 1865 South Carolina. Also looking for Nancy Bruce Crain. Need explanations re George Bruce. Was he born out of wedlock?

TimeWanderer: #TemporalTues With all these people traveling trough time in their mind who knows what will happen in the subatomic quantum sub-universes.

TimeWanderer: The link with imaginary quantum sub-space will cause overload on the transtempo foam and create and interdimensinoal wormhole! #TemporalTues

TimeWanderer: Ooh, what the hell! Time sub-atomical trans-universe Extra-real-imaginary paradoxes can wait! Have fun. #temporaltues

TimeWanderer: Excuse me, but I have real time travel to do. I still need to sort stuff out, before you're all erased. #temporaltues

TimeWanderer: #TemporalTues 1936 Berlin, Germany: When the order altered the timeline to stop WW II this is where they landed. That's all gone now --

TimeWanderer: #TemporalTues 1936 Berlin, Germany: -- No more altered timeline. It was a foolish idea. But they did leave something here that I need.

TimeWanderer: #TemporalTues 1894: Met this guy called Herbert George Wells, told him all about this time travel business. I think he stole my stories.

DaintyBallerina: #TemporalTues The boy playing Lady Macbeth has just fallen off the stage and a prostitute has stolen my cushion.

DaintyBallerina: #TemporalTues Dekker and Middleton are having a fist fight over an unpaid tavern bill and Lady Macduff's voice just broke.

DaintyBallerina: #TemporalTues At the Mermaid with Ben Jonson. He's just ordered a dish of eels and is rambling on in an intoxicated fashion about Volpone.

DaintyBallerina: #TemporalTues Heading down to Tower Hill to see if there are any juicy executions going on. Tourneur just disgraced himself.

DaintyBallerina: #TemporalTues Rounding of the day with a spot of beef and ale at court with Robert Cecil and James I. This masque sucks.

DaintyBallerina: #TemporalTues Half the cast are drunk. Truth is making a pass at Father Time, James has nodded off, and Cecil is winking at the Queen.

DaintyBallerina: #TemporalTues I've just realised I'm still in 1606. I'll say my adieus and depart.

omnipotentseal: MMS Offices; Washington, DC: Time to travel back in time to make the donuts. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: MMS Offices: The best thing about being a time traveling speculative fiction writer is that your "memoirs" are scifi stories. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: MMS Offices: This is my day job at Massive Multiverse Systems Inc, a subsidiary of @LuciferInc. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: MMS Offices: The money made from publishing these stories finances improvements, so we can research the multiverse better. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: MMS Offices: MMS was founded in the early '50's, by Harry S. Truman & others in response to the influx of time travelers. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: MMS Offices: Ya know the toaster? Yeah, that was us. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: MMS Offices: Ya know the Roswell Crash? That was us too. The farmer thought our Delorian was a flying saucer. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: MMS Offices: Thanks for the coffee, Betty. So, what is it today? Oh, a partnership w/ the Institute. Oh, from the future! #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: MMS Hangar Bay: We actually have a fleet of DeLoreans, thanks to the advances in nanotechnology. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: MMS Hangar Bay: Until the Man sends me my assignment, I think I might take in a quick show. Thanks for the keys, Sam. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: MMS DeLorean: Well the flux capacitor is fluxing, so to Berlin in the late 1920's for the premiere of "Metropolis." #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: Somewhere (??/??/????): Hmmm, a restaurant! It's not the map. A robot parking spaceships? Sensors say its temporally locked. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: Somewhere (??/??/????): Well I'll park & investigate. The robot valet is complaining that this job is beneath him. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: Somewhere (??/??/????): Oh, the interest on my account hasn't increased enough for a table, the host explains. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: Somewhere (??/??/????): The guy w/ two heads, the brunette, the guy w/ the towel, & the guy in his PJs all have reservations. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: Somewhere (??/??/????): I have to come back in a million yrs for my reservation. Taking a business card, contact 'em later. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: Somewhere (??/??/????): Hmmm, "Restaurant at the End of the Universe." Good name for a restaurant, very concise. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: The End of the Universe: Wait! Oh, crap. That explains the temporal lock! I should go. Now! #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: MMS DeLorean: This trip might take a while, since I had to recalibrate the time circuits. In-Flight Show: Buffy ep. 611. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: From MMS DeLorean: @inventrix, at least you don't have to go around w/ a Canadian flag on your backpack like in the present. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: From MMS DeLorean: @inventrix, at least you don't have to go around w/ a Canadian flag on your backpack like in the present. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: Caribbean (??/??/????): Germany is awfully hot this time of year. It's awfully blue too. Hey, Germany looks a lot like Cuba. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: Cuba (10/27/1962): They're firing at me! What did I ever do to tick them off? Don't they know I'm late for a movie! #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: Cuba (10/27/1962): Oh, this doesn't look good. (http://bit.ly/jpyep ). #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: Cuba (1962): I overshot the "Metropolis" premiere by 35 yrs! Now they're trying to shoot me down. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: "Traveling through time ain't like dusting crops!"- MMS Time Agents Manual, Introduction, pg. 4, paragraph 1, line 3. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: Cuba (1962): That is the opposite good! (http://bit.ly/nshLa ). #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: Cuba (1962): Whoa! That was close. Too close. They almost took out my hover converters! Repairs are taken out of my paycheck. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: DeLorean: Activated the time circuits! Hopefully this time I can get to Berlin in time for the movie. Missing the trailers. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: DeLorean: Hooked my IPod to the machine's inboard computer. Playing "Colors" by Dark Dark Dark. #music #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: From DeLorean @inventrix: American ingenuity. We offer the world zip-locked body bags at the Great Exhibition. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: @inventrix, and useful not only in this universe, but in others as well. MMS is a major purchaser of airtight body bags. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: Not Berlin (??/??/????): Whoa, this is definitely does not look like the Weimar Republic. In fact, it looks pre-Biblical. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: Not Berlin (??/??/???): No GPS, but archived maps say those two rivers are the Tigris & Euphrates. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: Not Berlin (????): Might be worth investigating. I'll turn the chameleon circuit on, so my DeLorean looks a horse-drawn cart. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: Not Berlin (????): You're probably saying, "Why didn't I use the chameleon circuit in 1962?" My answer: SAM missiles. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: Not Berlin (????): Don't need to change my clothes, b/c nobody will really notice a skinny fellow in a suit & Chuck Taylor's. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: MMS Messenger: Good you made it to Sumeria. I need you to warn one of our agents about a plot against his life.-The Man #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: Sumeria (????): So, the Company's partnership w/ the Institute was for advertising purposes apparently. :p #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: Uruk (~2700 BC): Outside of the city, a massive ziggurat looms over head. There are priests offering sacrifices to the gods. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: Uruk (~2700 BC): There are workers digging ditches for what looks to be a wall, which this city sorely needs. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: Uruk (~2700): They have an aqueduct leading to a beautiful limestone fountain, yet they don't have walls. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: Uruk (~2700 BC): Beggars at my jacket, I'll toss them a cooper. The market is crowded. How am I supposed find our agent? #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: Uruk (~2700 BC): There's a procession coming this way. I'll hide in an alley & watch maybe one of these ppl is an MMS agent. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: @inventrix, office rumor is that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a time agent, but he's not on our payroll- yet. #TemporalTues

Inventrix: @omnipotentseal *raises an eyebrow* Because nothing screams "time travel" like writing stories set in one's present time.

omnipotentseal: @inventrix, completely unsubstantiated. Office rumor mill says the same thing about all great writers, inc. Shakespeare. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: Uruk (~2700 BC): Looks like a wedding, I think. In any case, it's a very big party & the groom seems happy, I think. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: Uruk (~2700 BC): I'll see what they have in the way of dinner, while I look out for anything suspicious. #TemporalTues

omnipotentseal: Uruk (~2700 BC): Well that was one helluva party. I'll find a place to stay & continue my investigation next #TemporalTues.

omnipotentseal: Salutes @Wendell_Howe in his endeavor to archive the first #TemporalTues ever. Cheers.

nathanrdotca@Wendell_Howe On a personal level, if I had a time machine, I'd go back in time to meet my father when he was alive. Well, in a way that he

nathanrdotca@Wendell_Howe Unless you count my being six months old, I've never met him, so I don't know what kind of person he is. I'd like to know.

nathanrdotca@Wendell_Howe (Hearing stories is not the same as first-hand experience.)

CamWeck #temporalTues have arrived in Meiji Era. Playing Itagaki Taisuke in a game of Go. Losing Horribly. Anyone know how to counter a ko threat?!

CamWeck #TemporalTues have arrived in Meiji Era. Playing Itagaki Taisuke in a game of Go. Losing Horribly. Anyone know how to counter a ko threat?!

rand21althor: So, #temporalTuesday, huh? I've no idea what that means. I use #BleachTuesday instead

rand21althor: I know it's kind of lame, but for #TemporalTuesday, I would travel back to when I was in 10th grade, and when a certain conversation was

rand21althor: #TemporalTuesday Mid-20th Century, Earth. Met a young man named Paul, told him of a strange dream I had, about the sound of silence. Hm...

markfishpool: #TemporalTues - England, dark ages, to see if any of the myths are true about King Arthur and Camelot

johnemagee: @omnipotentseal #temporaltues read the In The Garden of IDen?

johnemagee: #temporaltues #movies Favorite Time Travel Movie Flaws - T2 - they can't stop it or john connor is never born

johnemagee: @omnipotentseal Interesting premise for abuse of time travel for self interest #temporaltues

johnemagee: @misterperturbed #temporaltues #forgottentv 7 days, for the cross over :) #shiny

LeahClay: Lovely day in south of France c. 1515; Argh, I think an impish young boy, Michel de Nostredame, has nicked my history book! #TemporalTues

dorfird: #TemporalTues Stopping at a coin dealer to get money for my trip. They don't have any. Buying some gold jewelry instead.

dorfird: #TemporalTues And I've made it. Northern England, 1652. Wandering around getting used to the accents. Also sold some jewellry.

dorfird: #TemporalTues I wore a modest dress but look goofy. Spending some of my funds for clothes from a seamstress.

dorfird: #TemporalTues 1652 England - making my way to Firbank Fell. As I go, I start to hear word that George Fox will preahch

dorfird: #TemporalTues 1652 England - making my way to Firbank Fell. As I go, I start to hear word that George Fox will preach soon. Why I came.

dorfird: #TemporalTues England 1652 - hundreds are gathering here on Firbank Fell. I didn't get a very good spot, right in the middle of the crowd.

dorfird: #temporalTues Firbank Fell, England 1652 - crowd's doubled in size. George Fox is speaking. He's really good at projecting his voice.

dorfird: #TemporalTues George Fox is a good speaker. His arguments are geared towards an audience that takes the Bible a lot more seriously than I.

rebekahthornton: #TemporalTues I want to go back to the beginning of 1660 to see what it was like to live in 2 years at once and meet Samuel Pepys.

*************************************************************************************Canageek: Not sure why everyone is dwelling on the past, tuning up the machine and ready for launch soon #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: 2656 Cambridge - Certainly are a lot of #TemporalTues Think maybe I'll join in.

Margit11: @Wendell_Howe Yes you must - the master ludorum! #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: #TemporalTues Yes, I know I get to travel back to the Victorian Age all the time, but I would love to see other eras, too.

inventrix@Wendell_Howe A good idea! It's always nice to do something new.

Margit11: @Wendell_Howe Nooooooooooooooooo we like Victorian age best!!!!! #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: #TemporalTues If I could go anywhere back in time, I would like to go to 24th century & meet Dr. Serendipity Brown, Mother of Time Travel!

CyberWasteland: #TemporalTues 802,701 A.D.: Wanted to see what the future would bring. Way less Morlocks then I expected.

CyberWasteland: #TemporalTues 802,701: Really I'm kind of dissapointed, nothing's really changed, except for the fact that twitter is sonic now.

CyberWasteland: #TemporalTues Birth of the Universe: Holly shit! Talk about beautiful! I'd take a photo, but I'm afraid to even move, it looks so fragile--

CyberWasteland: #TemporalTues Birth of the Universe: (2) -- yet so magnificent and grand at the same time.

CyberWasteland: #TemporalTues Birth of the Universe (3): This is where it all started. I'm in awe, you should all come and see.

jeweledfrog: #temporaltues at this moment in time I believe I will visit Miss. Potter and speak of bunnies and gardens

meredeth: #TemporalTues I've been reading about King Christina of Sweden lately, and i think she'd be fascinating, so I'd go to ~1640s Sweden/Rome.

folksylady: #TemporalTues My time machine just came in the mail, and I'm eager to try it out. Dial preset to Paris 1786, but I changed it to Vienna.

folksylady: #TemporalTues 1786 Vienna - Duck into a clothing shop to buy some appropriate garb. Realized I must look a site, with my 20th century skirt about 3 hours ago from web

folksylady: #TemporalTuesday Oh yeah, forgot about the wigs...

folksylady: #TemporalTuesday Ohhh I love the clothing from this era! Overheard someone talking about a new opera: "Nozzi de Figaro." Hmm...

folksylady: #TemporalTuesday Ah, I feel so elegant in poofy dress. I even got a cute little 3corner hat! Wig is itchy, what else is new. Wandering...

folksylady: #TemporalTuesday Looking for more info about Nozzi de Figaro! Maybe I'll catch Mozart himself conducting!

folksylady: #TemporalTuesday Huzzah! I will be seeing Mozart's Nozzi de Figaro tonight! I don't think "squeeing" was invented yet in 1786...

folksylady: #TemporalTuesday. And Mozart will be conducting. Good thing I have fancy regalia in my hat: easy to hide a micro-video camera

folksylady: #TemporalTues Wow, lucky me! Turns out tonight is the premiere! The Burgtheater is going to be packed. What a momentous occasion!

folksylady: #TemporalTues 1786 Vienna - Well, I am running out of juice on my phone. No way to charge it. Will have to be brief.

folksylady: #TemporalTues 1786 Vienna - Just was asked by a handsome young fop if I needed an escort. Don't mind if I do ;-)

folksylady: #TemporalTues 1786 Vienna - He noticed my phone, so I'm not going to use it anymore. I can't wait to see the show tonight! Adieu, T-verse

_decode_: #TemporalTuesday I totally wanna go back and get the 12 chapter novel that my computer devoured a couple of years ago!

_decode_: #Temporaltuesday And after I rescued it, I would tell off the individuals that tried to accuse me of stealing from a movie I'd never seen!

_decode_: #TemporalTuesday Why yes, I am still furious about that!

krahka: #temporaltuesday I'd head over to Treaty of Versailles and cuss people out. I doubt I could stop World War I, but maybe number II? Or not.

krahka: #TemporalTuesday Oh, and I also want to go and completely BLOW H.G. WELLS' MIND WITH THE FUTURE. I'm sure it'd be awesome.

jakelleywrotty: Stuck as minor pop star in 1965, while twin in 1807 to be baronial ancestor. Hate 20th c. tech, love the female modesty. #TemporalTues

jakelleywrotty: Stupid time tourist left personal 3D recorder on a table in media1965 Chelsea Market? Will have to grab it B4 mundanes. #TemporalTues

jakelleywrotty: Time-local grabbed recorder 1st. Will have to woo her to retrieve. She's cute, I have twin's reputation to play on... #TemporalTues

jakelleywrotty: Wooed the girl, but she gave recorder to her mum. Thought it an art deco pin. Spotted Other Side in area. Must woo further. #TemporalTues

jakelleywrotty: Other side got to mum first. Now must comfort girl. Wish twin was here-- better at comfort. But, he left a song in archives. #TemporalTues

ricobeenie: #TemporalTues Portsmouth, Nov. 25, 1880 to ascertain if John H. Watson disembarked the troopship Orontes with the 59th Foot as many surmise.

ricobeenie: #TemporalTues Drat! Troopship Orontes arrived Portsmouth Nov. 25, 1880 but will not disembark troops until tomorrow (Friday) morning.

ricobeenie: #TemporalTues Learned of one Watson aboard the Orontes—but he is an army lieut. & not an assistant surgeon. Best saddle up now & head home.

kagillogly: #TemporalTues I am going to the Silk Road, the southern arm thru Eastern Tibet/Western Yunnan, to travel w/caravans in the 18th c!

JESeanachai: #TemporalTues I can go anywhere, huh? How about 10 years into my own past, so I can fix some of those life-altering blunders?

britgeekgrrl: #TemporalTues The translator is packed and serialization rights sold. I'm off to Cesar Augustus' court for a bit - don't wait up!

britgeekgrrl: #TemporalTues I've been distracted by a stopover in 1813. Gold's at premium in Britain and there's some unanswered Q's re: Regency fabrics..

beadsland: #TemporalTues Grant proposal: Mesolithic era fieldwork in prep for longitudinal study of domestication, group size, political organization.

PennyAsh: For my first #TemporalTues I'm suited up and setting the wayback machine to the first Apollo moon landing

PennyAsh: After bouncing around on the moon resetting the wayback machine for July 9, 1762. , Russia. Catharine the Great, coronation day #TemporalTues

PennyAsh: After much glitter and pomp need dose of reality, setting wayback for July 1947, Roswell New Mexico & Brazel Ranch #TemporalTues

PennyAsh: You know those little green men? They ain't green #TemporalTues

PennyAsh: Wayback machine needs new Flux Capacitor, posting times messed up. Darn timer made in Venezuela #TemporalTues

PennyAsh: Moving right along, time for a visit to Dallas 12:30pm November 22, 1963. was there really someone on the grassy knoll? #TemporalTues

JackieHouchin: #TemporalTues Old Cornwall. I'm going to meet King Arthur. He IS real, right? I'll tell him "how" to handle a woman, even if Merlin can't.

Esgaroth: #TemporalTues Coming out of visiting 1776 and on my way to visit 400 BC Roman England...

Esgaroth: #TemporalTues As a Roman, going to go worship at the Temple of Jupiter on the banks of the Thames River.

Esgaroth: @Wendell_Howe If I really did have a Time Machine, I'd go back to the Spring of 1986 and tell myself "dont go back!" #TemporalTues

DEMONICFANGIRL: #temporaltues I'd like to meet Oscar Wilde. He's one of the few authors I really enjoyed reading in my English lit classes.

EngridE1: @Wendell_Howe #TemporalTues I would return to the time of Stonehenge; the time of Teotuhuacan

mimsigiggles: #TemporalTues went back a 1000 years to plant my TARDIS root. Should be ready when I get back. Just have to find it again...

mimsigiggles: #TemporalTues decided to stop off in the 70's on my way home to meet my grandad. If I have time, might go watch his marines grad.ceremony

imaginepeace: #TemporalTues I would go to Ancient Egypt to see exactly how they built those pyramids, then, ethics aside, write a paper on my "theory" :)

_decode_: @elm8 Ahh. :) And I would totaly do that I said if I had my own time machine. Instead, I'm now re-tooling that novel. #TemporalTues

Realtimedracula: #TemporalTues While the RTD characters are all in 1887, I fear not even a time machine can get one to them. Perhaps on #FictionalFri? http://realtimedracula.livejournal.com/

thetearooms: Threw some dirty water out the window. #TemporalTues

thetearooms: I just coughed. I should probably update my will. #TemporalTues

okelay: Thinking about where to go this #temporaltues , I'm thinking a visit to the early 1300s and hang out with Robin Hood.

okelay: #temporaltues 1589- I'm going to see a Shakespeare play. rumour says the bard himself will play a major role. I hope I get to meet him.

okelay: #temporaltues I'm off to Atlantis! I'll start going to 9600 BC and see what I find. I may have a talk with a few philosophers. 15 minutes ago from UberTwitter

Korafrax: #TemporalTues Ancient Egypt would be a heck of a time to visit.

rurouniyuudai85: #temporaltues 1864 Preparing for the assault on Ikedaya tonight. Must root out those filthy patriots.

rurouniyuudai85: #temporaltues 2214 wow, first trip to the moon was nothing like what i'd expected. Its surprisingly...developed!

omnipotentseal: From DeLorean @rurouniyuudai85: Oh, did you happen to come across a Massive Multiverse Systems office there by any chance? #TemporalTues

rurouniyuudai85: @omnipotentseal I did, actually! I stopped by the lunar branch office for a new power converter for my time machine #temporaltues

omnipotentseal: @rurouniyuudai85, a friend of mine works there. Says it's a lot safer than actually exploring & living to tell about it. #TemporalTues

rurouniyuudai85: @omnipotentseal true but its better than it used to be, the landscape is way friendlier and easier to navigate since terraforming's begun #temporaltues

omnipotentseal: @rurouniyuudai85, "terraforming" has begun here too! Except, in the form of irrigation on Earth. #TemporalTues

rurouniyuudai85: @omnipotentseal haha unfortunately the area around lunar bases 1 and 2 are in need of a little more than simple irrigation. #temporaltues

omnipotentseal: @rurouniyuudai85, be thankful you have plumbing. I'm leery on drinking the water, here. #TemporalTues

rurouniyuudai85: #temporaltues 2214 power converters acquired, now on the space elevator back to earth.

CactuarJoe: I'd like to visit Tesla in his lab. Let's build a death ray and burn our names into the moon! :D #TemporalTues

dannydavies23: December 1907 King's College, Cambridge - trying to talk my way into the Chit-Chat Club. Monty's got a new ghost story... #TemporalTues

dannydavies23: 1907, Cambridge. - Hastily ejected from College grounds by Porter. Now, cursing my luck, in search of beer and a pie. #TemporalTues

jmtrombley: On my way to Mongolia 1206 ce to attend the coronation of Temujin (aka Genghis Khan) - hope I got the costume right...#TemporalTues

scaree: #TemporalTues Christmas Eve 2008 leaving a card for my mum in her letterbox.

@demize95: If I had a tine machine, I would travel back to Thursday, July 2nd 2009 to see The Offspring again. #temporaltues

briannalina: me too ♥ :D @demize95 #temporaltues

ViaAriel: #TemporalTues 1537- Exploring a market in England. Was just asked to buy a hen that lays golden eggs. about 24 hours ago from web

CHCatMom: #TemporalTues Going to Tibet 1937 to meet the 14th Dalai Lama and watch the festivities.

CHCatMom: @Wendell_Howe #TemporalTues Thank you for the wonderful experience of time travel today. We have lived our dreams.

Darien_Mason/me applauds @Wendell_Howe for starting #TemporalTues! Now excuse me while I hide in my stasis bubble while the Continuum collapses.

Stonewoodforge: #TemporalTues Ceasar's 10th Legion charged enemy but enemy did not charge as customary, they held the high ground. 10th had to charge uphill

Stonewoodforge: #TemporalTues 10th exhausted, charge peters out on hill, meters from the enemy. Caesar moves to the front of the army to encourage them.

Stonewoodforge: #TemporalTues 10th watches in horror as 100 spears fly at Caesar's back. Fear turns to elation as they all miss. Fuelled by adrenaline and

Stonewoodforge: #TemporalTues ...with the protection of the gods they charge to victory. The 10th was Caesar's favorite and they would not let him down

Stonewoodforge: #TemporalTues Thousands of men in armor on an Iberian peninsula battlefield. The aftermath is dust, blood and confusion. No glory here.

Stonewoodforge: #TemporalTues Thousands of men in armor on an Iberian peninsula battlefield. The aftermath is dust, blood and confusion. No glory here.

Stonewoodforge: #TemporalTues Glory is bestowed after the blood & dust of battle have been washed away & past glories are remembered before the next battle

Stonewoodforge: #TemporalTues Time to head home and think about where I would like to go next Tuesday on #TemporalTues

Stonewoodforge: Wendell_Howe We will be doing #TemporalTues again, wont we? Please.

Wendell_Howe: @Stonewoodforge Well, I suppose we should reward the bravery of war veterans.

beadsland: I hope so! Still waiting for grant proposal approval! RT @Stonewoodforge: We will be doing #TemporalTues again, wont we? Please.

DameSaf: Hey! Today was #TemporalTuesday and I forgot to go visit... Archimedes, I believe it was. The only ancient dude I know who's Sicilian. 2 days ago from web .

rclementmoore: @Wendell_Howe re: #TemporalTues. If one missed it, couldn't one just go back in time and read it? Time travel means never having to wait.


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