221st Temporal Tuesday - 14 October

@mrrustymonkey: * blends the colors together for a marvelous mix of late afternoon mood & memory * Time to swirl together some words for #TemporalTues.

@mrrustymonkey: * the door to a former #TemporalTues monastery opens & a monkey doll skips out into another sunny, sunflower filled day *

@mrrustymonkey: * he skips along cobbled streets, prosciutto sandwich in hand, heading towards the #TemporalTues town square below *

@mrrustymonkey: * he picks that familiar spot, on the old court house steps, to sit & wait & think. what to do #TemporalTues, what to do? *

@mrrustymonkey: * he closes his eyes & the decades pass. now, he's sits on the steps of a very old house - his seat on the #TemporalTues time machine *

@mrrustymonkey: Today on this #TemporalTues...do I need to escape from this beloved routine? It's any month this year. It's still 2014.

@mrrustymonkey: his mind wanders, remembering a long ago time & the #TemporalTues consequences of staying some place perhaps a bit too long *

@mrrustymonkey: It's another #TemporalTues day in this lovely, foreign land... but I've enjoyed as much heaven as I can absolutely stand.

@mrrustymonkey: Why do I stay here #TemporalTues? What was that original quest? If I've forgotten by now, perhaps forgetting is best.

@mrrustymonkey: So I sit here #TemporalTues, on these old & crumbling steps. It's been a place where I've laughed & a place where I've wept.

@mrrustymonkey: Is it finished #TemporalTues? Have I paid too many dues? Now, don't look @ me that way - like it's at all surprising news.

@mrrustymonkey: Nothing lasts forever #TemporalTues, even heaven, on any terms. Change is necessary & sometimes scary & often fraught with concerns.

@mrrustymonkey: So cheer up dear #TemporalTues. There is always "more than this". Perhaps the future holds / unfolds a different kind of bliss?

@mrrustymonkey: smiles, as he imagines a future #TemporalTues heaven where he can be just as happy, or maybe even more so... ;) *

@mrrustymonkey: thinks about returning home, to all things familiar & #TemporalTues. "where is home really?" *

@mrrustymonkey: #TemporalTues "... if I live here much longer, I might live here forever. One would think twice before he accepted heaven on such terms."

@mrrustymonkey: hops up from his perch to join the usual dinner promenade. waves to #TemporalTues as he skips down the street. the discoteca awaits... "

@mrrustymonkey: whispers, "You're a fine counsel #TemporalTues. Now, be a good friend. Let me go off and dance. I'll never be here again."

@mrrustymonkey: Oh #TemporalTues time machine, time to hum a little verse for every parallel universe...(link)  

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