218thTemporal Tuesday - 16 September

@mrrustymonkey: *a car pulls into the driveway of a 1950's #TemporalTues house, located in the idyllic "Mr. Rogers" style neighborhood of Summerville Park*

@mrrustymonkey: *a monkey doll screams with excitement! he skips down the concrete steps, as the door to the #TemporalTues screened porch slams behind him*

@mrrustymonkey: *he didn't even take the time to look @ the #TemporalTues clock. he doesn't understand clocks anyway, but he knows that it's exactly 5:15pm*

@mrrustymonkey: * he runs just as fast as he can & sits down on the last, round sidewalk paver to wait. this is his seat on the #TemporalTues time machine *

@mrrustymonkey: Today on this #TemporalTues you'll say, "Take my hand & let's run!" Oh boy, this is our kind of fun! It's 1971.

@mrrustymonkey: Late afternoon #TemporalTues - it's my favorite, I'd say! It's that special time of day when just you & I play.

@mrrustymonkey: This is "our" game #TemporalTues, where you help me run fast! I just wish I could make this scene last & last!

@mrrustymonkey: It begins #TemporalTues as you pull into the drive. Then suddenly my world comes completely alive!

@mrrustymonkey: #TemporalTues, you'll be "end of work" tired ( & to the 100th degree! ) yet somehow you'll find extra energy...

@mrrustymonkey:... to make my day #TemporalTues completely complete! My world sparkles with fun, yet nothing can compete...

@mrrustymonkey:...with this time #TemporalTues, when I am small & you are tall ... & we run & we run... hand in hand & all.

@mrrustymonkey: * screams as he is lifted up by the strong #TemporalTues hand about to carry him, @ lightning speed, running...running down the sidewalk! *

@mrrustymonkey: * he lifts off @ the driveway & doesn't touch down again until they reach the #TemporalTues screened porch @ the end of the house *

@mrrustymonkey: #TemporalTues Then I'll say, "Oh daddy, let's hurry up & do that again!" We'll run back to the car & once more we'll begin.

@mrrustymonkey: * closes his eyes & skips ahead over four #TemporalTues decades into the present day of now *

@mrrustymonkey: That's what it's about #TemporalTues... a hand that helps me to fly - consistent & loving & never wondering why.

@mrrustymonkey: And so it goes #TemporalTues, now that hand holds a phone. You see... when I'm talking to you I am never alone. :)

@mrrustymonkey: Your advise #TemporalTues is consistently strong. As long as you're here, nothing can go wrong!

@mrrustymonkey: *he talks to his daddy/grandaddy in little #TemporalTues squeaks - the kind that only old & rusty monkey dolls make when their heads bobble*

@mrrustymonkey: * his little glass eyeballs glisten in the late afternoon light from yet another precious #TemporalTues *

@mrrustymonkey: Now I must thank you #TemporalTues for this pleasant rewind. A little rhyme & a song.... it always helps clear my mind. ;)

@mrrustymonkey: Oh #TemporalTues time machine, I'll put my hand in your hand as we run & sing ... (song)

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