197th Temporal Tuesday - 12 June

‏@Captain_Zaphod: #temporaltues Flintstones ... Meet the Flintstones they say. So, I went back and traded with Wilma - Marvin for Dino.

‏@ZAmmi: Today is #temporaltues. I've been asked to do a very special assignment by a group of historians from the 95th Century.

‏@ZAmmi: #temporaltues Time Travel Institute had to halt all temporal anthropology in the 82nd C following a war they feared would seep into the past

‏@ZAmmi: #temporaltues They're permitted to communicate with select individuals from the past who were exposed to time travel & thus know it exists

‏@ZAmmi: #temporaltues They have a curious request for me. It seems a certain @Wendell_Howe -whom I am acquainted with, is a figure of great interest

‏@ZAmmi: #temporaltues Their records on him are limited. It seems, some time after he disappeared, maybe a long time after, most records were erased

‏@ZAmmi: #temporaltues When they found out that I had actually met @Wendell_Howe they asked me if I could go back to the 19th Century

‏@ZAmmi: #temporaltues to a time when he was working in the field, studying the people of Victorian England, to meet with him and make a recording.

‏@ZAmmi: So, today, for #temporaltues, I am going back to the 19th Century to sit and have tea with an old friend.

‏@ZAmmi: #temporaltues usually it was @Wendell_Howe who had to be careful not to reveal anything to those he was talking to, this time, I must.

‏@ZAmmi: #temporaltues he has no idea that he will disappear. And I cannot warn him, or act as if anything is strange. It will be hard.

‏@ZAmmi: #temporaltues bc I fear I will be so relieved to see him after all this time that I'll break down in tears when he offers me the darjeeling


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