123rd Temporal Tuesday - 8 November

Wednesday, 2 November
ZAmmi: Quick Question: If you had a time machine and could go anywhere, where/when would you go? #Temporaltues

ZAmmi: @Canageek nice! Why that movie in particular? #Temporaltues @dorfird

mousewords: @zammi 27th century & buy a signed copy of @Wendell_Howe's tea book! To afford it I can sell an antique. Today's paper wld do. #temporaltues

ZAmmi: @mousewords If an unsigned copy costs several million, how much would a signed one cost?! #temporaltues

mousewords: @ZAmmi 0_0 Oh...that's true! I should bring a VHS tape too, just in case. I have quite a few with MacGyver.. #temporaltues

KinkyPi: @ZAmmi I'm not sure, but I think it would end up in a bed. #TemporalTues

KinkyPi: @ZAmmi I'd actually probably go back in time to some non-western civilizations&document their sexual moors before Christianity #temporalTues

KinkyPi: @ZAmmi We have a fair number of accounts of very different behaviour, including at least one good study, #temporaltues

KinkyPi: @ZAmmi but no one would admit to it after the missionaries were done. Free lovin' Samoans? bottom of the page #temporalTues

ZAmmi: @KinkyPi Wow, that was a very interesting read. The journalist is right, it's impossible to tell, in hindsight

KinkyPi: @ZAmmi #tempoarlTuesday I heard about another culture where when European explorers arrived women swam out, pulled them onto the beach and

KinkyPi: @ZAmmi had sex with them --After months at sea the men didn't exactly object. ;) From the Hardcore History podcast #TempoaralTues

ZAmmi: @KinkyPi I have a suspicion adolescent boasting was involved, at least in some part

ZAmmi: @KinkyPi Going back in time to study a culture before outside contact sounds marvellous. #temporalTues

KinkyPi: @ZAmmi You wouldn't, but if you timed it to be JUST after contact you could get them before too tainted.

KinkyPi: @ZAmmi Or do it *way* before, like 200 years. You'd get cultural drift, but one person would vanish in an oral culture.

ZAmmi: @KinkyPi Interesting thought about oral culture.We often find oral cultures have longer folk memories than written ones. Did you know [cont]

ZAmmi: @KinkyPi ...that nomads in the Arabian peninsula can still name and correctly indicate the position of mountains that have been underwater--

ZAmmi: @KinkyPi since the last glacial maximum? There are many examples like that. We have shorter memories bc we don't use them in the same way

KinkyPi: @ZAmmi #TemporalTues True, probably because you can't prove that.

ZAmmi: @KinkyPi Actually not true.That's a post-writing culture misconception.Performers of Oral histories prided themselves in unswerving accuracy

ZAmmi: @KinkyPi Things are lost, yes, when invasion or epidemic or any number of factors hindered passing down the stories

ZAmmi: @KinkyPi but the bards and trained storytellers in particular were careful to the point of paranoia about accuracy.

KinkyPi: @ZAmmi I'm sure ONE of those civilizations has the reported open sexual moors. One vasectomy, pick a point in time they wouldn't remember

KinkyPi: @ZAmmi Or at least, arrive in such a way so no signification attached- say in a storm tossed local ship. Step X: Lots of fun. #TemporalTues

KinkyPi: @ZAmmi Anyway, We can't tell which of those is right- so we get a time machine and have some fun.

KinkyPi: @Zammi We should invite that Victorian gentlemen, @Wendell_Howe to come with us: He looks like he needs his ashes raked #TemporalTues

KinkyPi: @ZAmmi Can't it be both? You do so much better work when you are also having fun. #TemporalTues

KinkyPi: @ZAmmi Find a job you love and you never have to work a day in your life #TemporalTues

Tuesday, 8 November
Wendell_Howe: It's #TemporalTues http://temporaltues.blogspot.com/ I'm trying to find Penny Lane.

FamilyTreeUK: @wendell_howe avoid the Barber - he'll show you his photo collection and that'll keep you there for what feels like years #pennylane

TMDWP: @Wendell_Howe It's one of several roads leading off a roundabout if that helps. There's a shelter in the middle of it. #pennylane

vonHogflume: #TemporalTues - I had to leave 1974 in rather a hurry as I was mistaken for Lord Lucan. It seems my "accent doesn't fool anyone".

shinyemptyhead: For #TemporalTues, let's go a-conquering. RT @qikipedia: In the 12th century, the Danish army consisted of only seven men

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