62nd Temporal Tuesday - 8 September

@GallifreyNative: Good Morning People! Guess what? It's #TennantTuesday here in New Mexico!!! It's also #TemporalTues So take DT with you in the time machine!

@GallifreyNative: Okay folks, I'm off to bed now. Have a happy #TennantTuesday & a wonderful #TemporalTues Hop in your Time Machines & tell us where U go! :o)

@openplaques: .@Wendell_Howe the first time I was ever brushed by London's breezes whilst fixed on a wall in 1875 #TemporalTues John Dryden Lived Here Plaque

@mrrustymonkey: * looks around twitter & figures... this is a pretty good time to take the #TemporalTues time machine *

@mrrustymonkey: Today on this #TemporalTues, we're getting all "dolled up" - we'd better hurry up & run! It's 1991.

@mrrustymonkey: #TemporalTues, mommy just got her 1st cell phone call & it wasn't an emergency at all!

@mrrustymonkey: #TemporalTues, mommy throws on her lavender dress & notices that her hair's a mess! She's trying hard to impress...

@mrrustymonkey: ... a handsome man #TemporalTues who said, "Meet me for a drink." Then it happened, quick as a wink!

@mrrustymonkey: My parents 1st date #TemporalTues, had just begun. They stayed out till midnight, having lots of fun!

@mrrustymonkey: Oh #TemporalTues time machine, it's time for that lady @ Carbo's to sing...You Do Something To Me

@Cookiemouse: #temporaltues Aberdare's own Stereophonics - Mr Writer

@Cookiemouse: Sarayu Jones in need of some retail therapy #temporaltues Please Send Chocolate

@Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues The moon July 20, 1969- From the HMS Airship Heart of Gold Lilly & I waved to Neil Armstrong when he took his 1st steps.

@scablander: Want to go back a month before the sage and rabbitbrush were in bloom and I could breath. (Can we use #TemporalTues for medicinal purposes?)

@dorfird: @scablander Sure. You could even grab some penicillin and go back in time to when germs weren't resistant. Take that, bugs! #TemporalTues

@scablander: Going back to watch the greatest Welsh Singer of all time! Tom Jones No, how about this? Tom Jones??? #TemporalTues

@dorfird: #TemporalTues @Wendell_Howe @canageek and I are going back in time to catch some film noir movie premieres. As soon as he washes the dishes.

@Canageek: #TemporalTues I'm done the dishes, off to see Laura in 1944!

@dorfird: I bring my time machine to Canada and pick up @Canageek for #temporalTues.

@Canageek: @dorfird Off we go! 1944 here we come! I recommend we stay in the US for this one! #temporaltues

@dorfird: @Canageek Or Canada? Let's start by seeing "Laura". #TemporalTues

@dorfird: @canageek You may want to wear a uniform though, so you don't get flack. #TemporalTues

@Canageek: @dorfird Point, RCAF Officer? #temporaltues They got the best uniforms.

@dorfird: @Canageek Sure. I'll be sure to wear period clothes and a nice hat. And now, the movie. #TemporalTues

@dorfird: @Canageek Shall we make it a double feature? I hear Double Indemnity is good. #TemporalTues

@Canageek: @dorfird I'd agree to that, could use a distraction before school starts #temporalTues

@dorfird: @Canageek Do you need to stop somewhere on the way home and get some extra sleep before school? #temporalTues

@Canageek: @dorfird I don't have any plans for tomorrow, school starts on Thursday #temporalTues

@Mortythemouth: 1015-Setting sail for England with Cnut the Great and an invasion force of ten thousand aboard 200 Viking longships. #TemporalTues

@Mortythemouth: @beersuds Talk about stealing my thunder,i have a prepared #TemporalTues post laying around here somewhere about the Empire State Building.

@Mortythemouth: 1930-1-22,Excited to be part of the crew excavating the site where the world's tallest building,the Empire State will stand. #TemporalTues

@Mortythemouth: @Hard_Tellyn Thanks,i will.The #TemporalTues idea comes from a very wise time traveler who you should consider following @Wendell_Howe .

@Mortythemouth: March 2nd 2070-Sunning on a beach in Fresno.It has only been 50 years since the great quakes forever altered the Ca. coastline.#TemporalTues

@mousewords: I look like I've been fighting zombies again. My right hook got 'em! photo

@mousewords: I punched; he tumbled into my time machine. Its later reappearance confirmed: I knocked him into next week. #vss #TemporalTues

@mousewords: Clarification: That wasn't @Wendell_Howe I punched, just some scapegrace met mid-adventure! #TemporalTues

@mattstaggs: People still have Juno email accounts? What strange world have I fallen into here? Or have I gone back in tiiiiiiiiiime?

@ontheblob: @mattstaggs Well, it /is/ #temporaltues

@Zammi: #temporaltues Takin a trip to the Moon to write 'Valet Parking $5' in anorthosite at TranquilityBase,&a welcome wagon Smorgesboard of cheese

@Zammi: #temporaltues green cheese, that is ;)


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