47th Temporal Tuesday - 25 May

Wednesday, 19 May
@mousewords: @Wendell_Howe I need to go back to #TemporalTues to give my former self a shake, & remind me that it's TUESDAY not Thursday! @blanghinrichs

@scaree: @Wendell_Howe I missed #TemporalTues. May have a thursday jaunt instead. Or if I sneak it in now, yourtime, I could have a #WormHoleWeds ;-)

@Wendell_Howe: .@scaree The only real rule is that you type in #TemporalTues & it will appear in next week's blog. It is time travel after all.

@KimWarrick: @Wendell_Howe Going to 1787 for the completion of the Constitution; would love to meet those patriots! #TemporalTues

Thursday, 20 May
@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues On the merit of my previous excursions, I have decided that it is now time to undo what was done, before they were undone.

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues That might be confusing, so I will explain. Through my own means, I was able to go back in time, and make...changes.

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues Of course, this was before I knew that there would eventually be time authorities. Those stics in the mud.

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues So, they changed what I changed. However, I plan on changing what they changed. Shouldn't be TOO hard.

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues the first hurdle, is of course attaining a new source of temporal displacement. This may be more difficult than I thought.

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues Utilizing some of my Supervillain connections, I hooked up with one Doctor T.

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues Of course, this was not unconditional. I am supposed to, while back there, prevent the birth of his nemesis.

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues I will, of course, attain this goal through non-violent means. I will introduce the ancestor in question to condoms.

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues Of course, that may be a longshot. I'm better at planning on the fly. My more detailed plans normally have a design flaw.

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues Perhaps not a glaring flaw. But usually one that is severe enough to cause the plan to fall apart in a terrible, explodey way.

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues For example, the time when I only traveled to my off days from work. In theory, this idea was sound. In practice, I got fired.

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues I think the idea was that at some point, I would go to work. But I think the future me is as lazy as I am, and just kept going

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues Well, now, there is nothing to do but what I mentioned before. Or maybe I'll mention it later, and tell you a little bit ago.

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues In any case, my first stop is going to be 1866. Where, I'm not sure. I've entrusted Dr. T to input the proper coordinates.

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues I've been instructed to stand in the booth, with my equipment, and push a button. Easy enough. There's only one button here.

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues Dr. T's booth has been heavily modified, having added a large screen above the button. It reads "Buckle Up".

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues I do as instructed, carefully buckling in, and hearing the battery humming to life. I push the button, and a message appears.

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues "Dear Rev: As payment upon a prior arrangement, I regret to inform you that your destination is changed. Hope you can swim..."

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues The old school, Tesla designed temporal displacer crackles to life, and I feel myself jarred in my seat. This...may be bad.

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues The next instant, the sickening thud of impact, plus the unstable movements of the box, tell me all I need to know.

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues Damn. Water landing. Being a criminal mastermind myself, I should have remembered not to trust people like me.

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues The good news, being untrustworthy myself, I had brought my usual toolkit about. Crowbars, for example, are always handy.

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues As I sit on the now floating temporal displacer, trying in vain to light my pipe with wet matches, it appears I need to hitch.

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues Hitching a ride in time is more difficult than it may appear. For one, decent travelers are discreet. Thus finding one is hard

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues On the other hand, attracting their attention isn't quite so hard. First, I need to find a way to get to dry land...

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues And after that...I need to cause a big enough scene to make a ripple so I can be found...well, wherever I am.

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues Spent the night on floating in the middle of the ocean on the Temporal displacer. This thing is remarkably floaty.

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues Fortunately, I have been retrieved by a frigate named "The Queen Anne", now bound home to England. Err..I'm not English.

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues The good news, however...is that I understand they speak perfectly acceptable english.

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues On a side note, the idea of causing a scene that will attract other travelers will wait till shore.This looks like a rough lot

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues Well, the Captain...who is remarkably haggard to be an officer...is named Captain Price. He has agreed not to kill me.

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues Furthermore, the crew drug the temporal displacer out of the water as well.if I can find someone who can fix it..Tesla, maybe?

@ReverendRogue: #TemporalTues So, it looks as if I'll be out here a while. I'll write as I can, though they are getting suspicious of what I'm doing.

@ReverendRogue: #temporaltues Ok, we just reached the docks. Now I gotta find a way to get my "luggage" onto dry land.

Tuesday, 25 May
@mrrustymonkey: I think it's time to take the #TemporalTues time machine! * steps into the back room of twitterworld to find this bizarre contraption *

@mrrustymonkey: Today on this #TemporalTues, a muddy river in Arkansas = our heaven. It's 1967.

@mrrustymonkey: #TemporalTues, we're treasure hunting / diving in the Saline. Bet you'll never guess what we've just seen!

@mrrustymonkey: You're answer was close #TemporalTues, but no cigar! We stared into the face of an alligator gar!

@mrrustymonkey: We were hunting Civil War canon #TemporalTues, but we never did score. Seems the CCC guys found it years before...

@mrrustymonkey: Oh #TemporalTues time machine... today, for my daddy & me, please sing! Kind Of A Drag

@scablander: @mrrustymonkey: I like your #TemporalTues Tunes. :-)

@Wendell_Howe: It's #TemporalTues <=click on hashtag and see where @mrrustymonkey: & @ReverendRogue: have already been. http://temporaltues.blogspot.com/

@Wendell_Howe: Hmm, hashtag may not work. You may have to type in #TemporalTues (Why isn't Twitter connection working? I'm in the present 2657 currently.)

@familytreeuk: It's #TemporalTues and I've been 'in the mood' in 1939 with Glenn Miller. I played synth and wowed a crowd.

@familytreeuk: #TemporalTues - I'm in 1659, and I just heard Oliver Cromwell's son has resigned - restoring Charles II to the throne. #history #monarchy

@Meredith: i'm going to the 1930s this morning to ride freight trains. i want to get away~ #TemporalTues

@Indy kitty: #Towelday #temporaltues I am going to Deep Thought and the #42

@Wendell_Howe: Would like to take Dr. Howard back to basement in Liverpool in 1962. Cavern Club #TemporalTues Do you think these lads will make it?

@Anya_Potter: For #TemporalTues I'd love to travel to 1980s Chicago, Illinois to witness the era myself! I wasn't born until April 1990; I missed the era.

@Anya_Potter: I love the music (especially the rock music) that came out during the 1980s (Bon Jovi anyone?). If only I'd been alive then! #TemporalTues

@Anya_Potter: Pity I don't have access to a time machine! I don't know anything about the 1980s America, sans a few of the bands of the era. #TemporalTues

@sharontherose: #TemporalTuesday I would go back to Saturday and put the freakin' sunscreen on ...

@MystycalMage: #temporaltuesday I would go back to last night and see my kitty.

@MystycalMage: #temporalTuesday actually, I'd go back to last night and put her in the cat carrier. That way I'd be able to find her today.

@lynthornealder: #temporaltuesday I would go back to 1940 and meet my grandmother as a young woman. Then 1968 and meet my father at 18, just for fun.

@mousewords: @hackerjay Jay, you need to combine Tubbin Tuesday with #TemporalTues day, & you'll have the Hot Tub Time Machine!

@mousewords: It's #TemporalTues day, by the way! When in time would you go if you had a Time Machine? See @Wendell_Howe's adventures for an idea!

@BrighterScribe: @mousewords: I would visit the court of Henry Tudor to meet #AnneBoleyn. Then I'd go visit Elizabeth I, then....I luv time machines! #TT

@mousewords: link @BrighterScribe Sounds like a fab #TemporalTues -Time machines are fun, aren't they? :)

@BrighterScribe: #TemporalTuesday If U could go back to some point in ur life & change anything, what would it be? #TT

@BrighterScribe: @HeatherMcCorkle Hey! Now there is a #story idea! #TemporalTuesday #writing

@BrighterScribe: What is your #favorite book so far this year? #TemporalTuesday #writing #reading #books

@ontheblob: Would like to go back in time to get a better seat at my sister-in-law's high school graduation. #temporaltues


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