21st Temporal Tuesday - 24 Nov.

Wednesday, 18 November
vonHogflume: Am I too late for #TemporalTues ? What day is it today? Oh... Donner unt Blitzen! It's Woden's Day! Ah well, off to 1851 I go, again.

CrapDracula: I keep missing #TemporalTues now. And frankly, that makes me sad.

ontheblob: It's Tuesday somewhen: walking around the day before the end of the world with a "The End Is Nigh" sign & a smug expression. #temporaltues

Tuesday, 24 November
slix00: Just thought of an idea for #temporaltues relating both to my project and time.

mrrustymonkey: Today on the #TemporalTues, it's Thanksgiving week ( any year in the 1970's ) & we're heading home to be with family...

mrrustymonkey: #TemporalTues , look @ the cornucopia of food the Aunts have made & we're helping make the family stockings! The Auburn/Bama game's on...

mrrustymonkey: I miss those days #TemporalTues time machine! Even Norman Rockwell would sing... Sweet Home Alabama

Cookiemouse: #TemporalTues Robert and the gang are building their inner wormhole. Off down the rabbit hole to see Alice.

Cookiemouse: #TemporalTues(day) Cookiemouse

Cookiemouse: #TemporalTues(day) The Lost Symbologist

dorfird: @canageek I'm inviting you to the premiere of It's a Wonderful Life for #temporalTues and then we can watch it next visit! @zammi

dorfird: @Canageek Not having seen an answer to my #temporalTues invite, I'm setting my time machine to noon today & kidnapping you!

Wendell_Howe: #TemporalTues Go back and get this day back because I seem to have misplaced it somewhere. Problems with Time Travel.

Lenscapper1 @Wendell_Howe OOPS! Was that YOUR #TemporalTuesday I saw just lying around? I'm sorry but I gave it to Goodwill for their thriftstore.

Elisabeta_Mina: #TemporalTues RT @badbanana: You can recognize a time-travel tourist by their clean-burning, renewable fanny packs.

dannyson1: Don't forget everyone...today is #TemporalTues Go back in time and cause some mayhem. Dont eat rotten cheese. It will change your future.

CrapDracula: Did you know Mata Hari's head was preserved after death, and subsequently lost? That actually has a lot to do with my absence #TemporalTues

CrapDracula: Mata Hari used my machine to steal her own head in some immortality plot. She locked me in my own machine's bathroom. #TemporalTues

CrapDracula: So today I finally get let out by someone. A Mr. Benjamin Christensen. Apparently I had ended up on a movie set. 1921. #TemporalTues

CrapDracula: Haxan. I'm on the set of Haxan. And Christensen doesn't seem particularly happy with me interrupting his shoot. #TemporalTues

CrapDracula: It's amazing how much showbiz types take to praise. Christensen's mood changed as I gushed about his work. #TemporalTues

CrapDracula: Even gushed about Haxan. As you could imagine, this really confused him. #TemporalTues less

CrapDracula: With relative ease, I was able to convince him to let me be in the film. I'm not a very good time traveler, am I? #TemporalTues

CrapDracula: When you see the fully costumed demons in Haxan, you may be seeing me! #TemporalTues

CrapDracula: Haxan Around 5:50. the scene with the pig devils letting in all their devil pals. Guess which one I am. #TemporalTues

JimGleeson: Well the sign did say breakfast anytime so I ordered French toast during the renaissance. #temporaltues

scablander #TemporalTues In honor of Native American Heritage Month-Trail of Tears Death march of the Cherokees & other tribes.

ontheblob: #temporaltues Quick jump back to rewrite "Gone With The Wind" so it's full of fart jokes. "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a ::pffft:: Damn!"

sharontherose: #temporalTuesday 11/24/1871 The National Rifle Association was incorporated.

indykitty: #temporaltuesday I almost forgot! Stupid me! I want 2 go 2 see real dinos!

mousewords: Lists are cool, but it'd also be cool to share favorite hashtags. Today, for example, is #TemporalTues . Time travel courtesy @Wendell_Howe!

wildfeather: Wots dis #TemporalTues fing about den?

mousewords: For #TemporalTues we pick a time we'd like to visit, hop in Wendell_Howe's time machine, hit the red button & go! @wildfeather Shall we?

wildfeather: @mousewords awesome! I wanna go to a party. :D When's the best party in history gonna be? Also, I want mince pies.. #TemporalTues

mousewords: #TemporalTues @wildfeather We can go 2 15th century, the Thames River froze over & ppl held carnivals on the ice! River Thames Frost Fairs

wildfeather: #TemporalTues *is feelin Christmassy* too soon?

mousewords: #TemporalTues @wildfeather Doesn't have to be today's date, we can go anytime! That'd be a great way to get into the Christmas spirit!

wildfeather: #TemporalTues @mousewords ohhh dat is Teh Awsum™! Better bring some money, so we can buy souvenires.. wait, what money should I bring?

mousewords: #TemporalTues @wildfeather Oh...humm...anybody have some antique coins from 15th century England? :-/

ZAmmi: Can I come? @mousewords @WildFeather..? I have some old pieces from my fieldwalking days. :) also, silver bits for trade. #temporaltues

ZAmmi: #temporaltues I can be Ye Keyper Of Ye Purse ;)

CassieBarrister: #temporaltues @ZAmmi ooh I have coins too from antique shops when I went to London! count me in! don't let me overpay tho, k?

ZAmmi: @CassieBarrister we can practice our haggle on the trip there ;) Squish over @WildFeather it's gonna be a tight squeeze! #TemporalTues

mousewords: #TemporalTues @wildfeather @ZAmmi @CassieBarrister We'll have a real girls' day out! Everyone dress warmly! *borrows @StacyJMT's ski coat*

crescentdreams @ZAmmi @mousewords psssst! (what's with the Temporal Tuesday tag?)

ZAmmi @crescentdreams the epic Temporal Anthropologist @Wendell_Howe loans out his time machine every tuesday for twitterers to use

wildfeather: #TemporalTues *grumble grumble* @Wendell_Howe you shoulda made a bigger time machine! *gets wedged in corner* Can I push the button? :D

CassieBarrister: #temporaltues @mousewords warm coat? meh, who haz coats in Cali? *layers on sweater & hoodie*

mousewords: #TemporalTues *squishes between @ZAmmi & @Wildfeather, gives @CassieBarrister an extra scarf* How did I grow up 2 be a responsible one?

ZAmmi: @mousewords @WildFeather @CassieBarrister long skirts all, they'd be somewhat mortified if we showed up in trous ;) #temporaltues

wildfeather: #TemporalTues so what do I do to make us go there? I don see no controls or nuffink! Just a big red button!

mousewords: #TemporalTues @ZAmmi Not sure what I'm going to do about headcovering...oh well. *wraps scarf on head* Maybe I'll set a trend.

mousewords: #TemporalTues @wildfeather Push the big red button!

ZAmmi: #TemporalTues @mousewords You look charming my dear. *dons large straw hat attached with scarf* best I can do. Are we ready?

CassieBarrister: #temporaltues *stuffs newsboy cap on head* I'll set a trend too. at least it's warm!

wildfeather: #TemporalTues Alright, I'm going to Christmas 1434 to the frozen Thames, and paaaarrrtay! *THWACK*

CassieBarrister: #temporaltues *blinks* isn't it supposed to WHOOSH or something? I don't feel any different...

mousewords: #TemporalTues *listens to gentle hum of Time Machine, feels air get a little colder*

ZAmmi: @CassieBarrister different? it's bbb-b-bloomin f-f-f-freezin! *watches breath come out like smoke signals* #TemporalTues

wildfeather: Woah! What's dat on da winders? All spidery and ferny! #TemporalTues

ZAmmi: *blinks at @WildFeather* That's called frost. Don't you learn anything in school? You must have seen it before, surely?! #temporaltues

wildfeather: @ZAmmi well I dunno do I! *mutters* Grew up wiv central heatin..bloomin luddites.*Ahhhs on glass. rubs it,squints*We here yet? #temporaltues

mousewords: #TemporalTues ooh, that lovely frost! Takes me back to Chicago winters when we used my bedroom closet as a spare refrigerator!

CassieBarrister: #temporaltues *shivers & huddles next 2 @wildfeather, gives @mousewords a weird look* b-b-r-r-r even in Big Bear it's not this cold!

wildfeather: @mousewords BrrRrrRRrr! o_0 #TemporalTues

mousewords: #TemporalTues @wildfeather ...And icicles dripping inside the dining room window...so much fun! Let's go see the snow! *opens door*

ZAmmi: *pulls open Time Machine door, letting in blast of icy air* We're here! Ladies, and.. Ladies. Welcome to London! #temporaltues

wildfeather: #TemporalTues Woah! Its like da Cocacola advert! Dude! Where's Father Christmas? Icicles hangin frm every tree! *scrunches in kneedeep snow*

CassieBarrister: #temporaltues @wildfeather oooooh it's beautiful!! *shuffles thru snow* &...mm something smells good, like BBQ...

CassieBarrister: #temporaltues @wildfeather ...whoof! & somethin smells bad, too, like horses..*gags*

ZAmmi: *dodges round random loose poultry, links arms with @mousewords* hear the music coming from between the wattle & daub huts? #temporaltues

ZAmmi: @mousewords I think we're almost at the river. Odd there's a lot of reed beds here, it feels more like countryside than city #temporaltues

mousewords: #TemporalTues *squees at sight of people* I've spent 100s of hours studying 15thcentury fashions, & here they are live! Hmm..my scarf's ok!

mousewords: #TemporalTues @ZAmmi *hugs* The music is so cool..wish I'd brought an mp3 recorder...

wildfeather: #temporaltues @mousewords Look at da curly shoes! Dey look a lot warmer dan we are..Can we buy summat frm him over there?*points @ clothier*

CassieBarrister: #temporaltues @wildfeather *laughs* omg I'm so buying curly shoes to take back to @RustyNorman :) lol *fishes 4 coins*

mousewords: #TemporalTues @wildfeather Omigosh to actually *own* period clothing--it should be all right, @Wendell_Howe shops for supplies in the field

ZAmmi: *stares breathless at the frozen vastness of the River Thames* It IS different! There's no embankments, it's wider too #temporaltues

ZAmmi: I feel all discombobulated,I've gazed on this view all my life.-it's totally different.The landmarks too.*gasp* London Bridge! #temporaltues

mousewords: #temporaltues @ZAmmi *awe* Isn't that the old Bridge? They tear it down & rebuild later, don't they?

wildfeather: @CassieBarrister That kid mannin da store is younger than me! Oi, whippersnapper, wot's your name?*he blinks,&touches his cap* #temporaltues

ZAmmi: @mousewords yeah, they took it down in summat like 1831 so tall ships could come thru.Old bridge is what made the river freeze #temporaltues

mousewords: #temporaltues *listens to @Wildfeather's accent* @ZAmmi This blows me away--no one here has even *heard* of my country yet! Pre-1492

wildfeather: "William, mistress" William wot? "Caxton" Aintya a bit young for this? "Not in the least, I've traded all the way to Flanders" #temporaltues

ZAmmi: @mousewords that's kinda sad.Tho I've heard it said that fishermen reached there long before columbus.& taught natives english #temporaltues

wildfeather: #temporaltues How could you afford to do dat? "The wool, mistress. *runs hand along rich cloth in front of him* All England is fat on it"

wildfeather: #temporaltues "I thank God & ever shall / It was the sheep that paid for all. Someday I'll use the money I've earned to set up my own shop"

wildfeather: Sellin clothes? "Oh..I have my eye on somethin else I saw in Flanders..*gets faraway look in eye*That'll be 2 & 6 pence please"#temporaltues

ZAmmi: *grabs @WildFeather's arm. Squeals in ear* That's William Caxton! The man who bought the printing press to England! He's only 12 #temporaltues

wildfeather: @ZAmmi whoever he is, he drives a bloomin hard bargain. *haggles* Better hope he has the sense to print his own money! *wink* #temporaltues

ZAmmi: @mousewords what are u gonna buy? I dunno what any of these weird garments are called.. *holds up something with puffy sleeves*#temporaltues

mousewords: #temporaltues *whispers* @ZAmmi William Caxton brought the printing press to England? That makes him like a writer's rockstar!

ZAmmi: @mousewords *giggles* omg I never thought of that.. Shall we get his autograph? *nudges you mischievously* #temporaltues

mousewords: #temporaltues @ZAmmi Yes, lets! And that's a gorgeous linen chemise. I want a gown patterned with artichokes, they're all the rage now

ZAmmi: @mousewords wow, lead on McDuff! @WilliamCaxton I'll have what she's havin, & can we get a receipt? #temporaltues

CassieBarrister: #temporaltues *fidgets from one foot to next* I want 1 of those wool cloaks! & how about some food? I'm starved, the BBQ smell is killin me

wildfeather: #temporaltues @CassieBarrister @mousewords @ZAmmi come on, come onnn! I wanna get to the dancing! *points at moving figures on the ice*

mousewords: #temporaltues @ZAmmi Too bad you can't show off your pretty chemise, though--v-necks showing underdress won't be fashion for 15 yrs yet ;-)

ZAmmi: *peers at flimsy sheet* well,it's not exactly a signature,more of an X,but he made his mark.Seems he's not learnt to write yet!#temporaltues

CassieBarrister: #temporaltues *drags @mousewords away from fabrics* enough shopping, c'mon, I wanna EAT an artichoke, not wear one!

wildfeather: @mousewords in dis weather?? o_0 no fear! *tugs up collar and skips off over the ice, slipping & landing face first* ouch! #temporaltues

ZAmmi: @CassieBarrister this do? *approaches tent on the ice with sign outside*'coarser meats for the poor,more delicate for the rich'#temporaltues

mousewords: #temporaltues @ZAmmi Oh, well--at least *we* know it's William Caxton's "X"!

CassieBarrister: #temporaltues @ZAmmi *ponders coins in hand* am I poor or rich?

ZAmmi: @CassieBarrister *winces* umm.. that one? Poor. Sorry. Got any shillings? *picks up @WildFeather & hands her a ha'p'ney* #temporaltues

wildfeather: *grabs penny from @ZAmmi and runs to counter, slaps it down* Wot can I get for dis? D: Herring-pie??? Eeeaaauugh! #temporaltues

ZAmmi: @wildfeather chin up Wild. Herring-pie's a delicacy for a serf. Better than salted meat and coarse bread! Or veg stew.. mmm! #temporaltues

mousewords: #temporaltues @ZAmmi Vegetable stew sounds awesome right about now!

ZAmmi: *buys strong spicy glazed boar's meat with nutmeg,cinnamon &pasta* @Mousewords want some sweet Vassal?Leave em to the herring? #temporaltues

ZAmmi: @mousewords it's a little watery, and.. unseasoned, but you're welcome to it ;) *bites into meat, juices dribbling down chin* #temporaltues

glowmoment: Yum RT @mousewords: #temporaltues @ZAmmi Vegetable stew sounds awesome right about now!

mousewords: #temporaltues @ZAmmi Heck, I'll try (almost) anything once :-) *Samples boar's meat* mmm...cinnamony...

wildfeather: @ZAmmi D: da cheek!*stomps outa tent lookin for fun*Ooo!Contortiony-wotsits!*turns head upside down* How'd he get his leg dere?#temporaltues

glowmoment: Love use of word "chemise" in a tweet. xox RT @mousewords: #temporaltues @ZAmmi Too bad you can't show off your pretty chemise....

CassieBarrister: #temporaltues *coughs over dry bread* any coffee or tea or anything? y'know, a drink? oh...beer? better than nothin I...ewww, it's cloudy..

CassieBarrister: #temporaltues um, nevermind, I'll lick an icicle somewhere...thanks anyways... *jogs out after @Wildfeather*

ZAmmi: @mousewords *rolleyes* no patience, the young.. ;) *buys cinnamon & apple rolls for WF for later* What are you having Cassie? #temporaltues

wildfeather: @CassieBarrister I wanna go on the stilts! Oh my Goodness! Jugglers! I haven't juggled in years! #temporaltues

mousewords: #temporaltues @ZAmmi Looks like we've lost them ;-) I'll see if I can find some candy for @CassieBarrister later...ooh, look, art booths!

wildfeather: "A juggler? Here, catch" Omg ohnoz! He tossed me da balls! *fumbles* I can't remember how! *struggles to keep em in air* Oops! #temporaltues

wildfeather: #temporaltues Agh! 0_0 I dropped one in da brazier! I'msorryImsorryImsorry I'll buy you another one! I'll buy you another one!

ZAmmi: @mousewords ohh.. Look at the brasswork.. And, carved beads, Venitian glass! *drools* #temporaltues

wildfeather: #temporaltues *gapes at murmuring crowd, juggler steps forward* "tsk, tsk" :(

wildfeather: #temporaltues I'll buy u another! *looks round for @ZAmmi* Jugglerman puts his hand to my mouth an--OMG! He just pulled da ball outa my gob!

CassieBarrister: #temporaltues @wildfeather *grins* whew!

wildfeather: #temporaltues *breathes* phew! Everybody's laughin & clappin..now I'm tryin again, everytime one goes at an angle he snatches it outa da air

CassieBarrister: #temporaltues *gets distracted by puppet show, wanders aside a little* how cute...

wildfeather: @CassieBarrister wow, he's awesome! EEEP! He just put a branch from da brazier to his lips! ::FOOM:: woah fireball #temporaltues

ZAmmi: @mousewords shall we go dancing? :) *feels feet tapping to the sound of the hurdygurdy and reed pipe* #temporaltues

mousewords: #temporaltues @ZAmmi That music is hard to resist! Especially in a swirly skirt! *twirls* *gets dizzy*

ZAmmi: @mousewords *grabs your hand and pulls you into the swirling hoard* (this is the kind of hoard I like ;)) #temporaltues

CassieBarrister: #temporaltues @wildfeather *shrieks @ fireball* *hurries back to group* well...at least it's warmer now! *nervous*

ZAmmi: @mousewords it's sooo good to hear them singing carols with a decent dancing beat instead of a modern funerial dirge. *slips* #temporaltues

wildfeather: @CassieBarrister Wot dey doin off da back of dat wagon? Dey're all dressed in funny costumes..well..more funny dan every1 else #temporaltues

mousewords: #temporaltues @ZAmmi *whoops!* It's hard to dance on ice!

CassieBarrister: #temporaltues @wildfeather wonder if they're going to put on a play? *bounces at music*

wildfeather: It's a play! :D coolness..but,huh? 'worching & wandringe as the world asketh, some putte hem to plow, playede ful selde' Whut? #temporaltues

wildfeather: @CassieBarrister can you understand a word dey're sayin? It's like some funny dialect or summink! Dat's not English, is it? #temporaltues

ZAmmi: @mousewords heck yes.. I wish I had some wooden skates like them lot over there. *pants* these dancers don't tire, do they! #temporaltues

mousewords: #temporaltues @ZAmmi *puffs* I think they're pretty much drinking nothing except wine and beer, so I can understand the jubilant spirits!

wildfeather: *Squeals as back of wagon explodes in puff of smoke, & clings to @CassieBarrister* omg, I fink dat guy's sposed to be da devil #temporaltues

CassieBarrister: #temporaltues @wildfeather dude, this is like Hollywood! *coughs at smoke FX*

ZAmmi: @mousewords *skids to side of dance area where vendor is selling cups of ale, gulps down eagerly* I'm running out of money #temporaltues

mousewords: #temporaltues *scuffles, bumps into @ZAmmi* Ooh, watch out for the pickup football game over here...

ZAmmi: @mousewords Oh fab!Tho..it looks more like a war than a game!*legs it as campball players invade the dancefloor scatterin ppl* #temporaltues

ZAmmi: Help! I've lost everybody *gets jostled into the game, spins round frantically* @mousewords, Cass! Where-- Ouch THAT'S MY FOOT #temporaltues

@wildfeather: @CassieBarrister Oof! Someone bumped into me, HEY! Cass! Where’s your purse gone?! #temporaltues

CassieBarrister: #temporaltues @wildfeather wha--oh, dangit! there it goes, that kid's got my bag! *shouts* stop thief! *runs*

ZAmmi: *squeezes thru throng of people trying to get to @mousewords* no idea where the ball is.. hmmm, everyone suddenly went quiet. #temporaltues

CassieBarrister: #temporaltues /man it's hard to run in a skirt on ice!!/ *slides*

wildfeather: aw crumbs! *chases after @CassieBarrister* STOP! THIEF! #temporaltues

wildfeather: No not her, you silly people, the boy she's chasing! #temporaltues

mousewords: #temporaltues *reaches @ZAmmi* You all right? Hey--that ruckus over there--those two blondes look familiar :-/

ZAmmi: Everyone's standing still, and taking off their hats.. ??? *nearly stomps on @mousewords hand cos doesnt know she's there* #temporaltues

wildfeather: *skids to a halt* Who are da posh geezers on da horses? #temporaltues

CassieBarrister: #temporaltues *falls on ice, skirt flops up revealing jeans &boots. newsboy cap flies off short blond hair. hears: "a boy disguised! thief!"

ZAmmi: @mousewords oh great.. better go and rescue them. Sorry about your hand :-/ #temporaltues (*whispers* why is everybody bowing?)

mousewords: #temporaltues @ZAmmi I dunno--sometimes the nobility visited the fairs...maybe...

wildfeather: @CassieBarrister Oh gawd! Cassie! Right in front of da freakin King n all! *panics* Wendell's gonna kill us! #temporaltues

CassieBarrister: #temporaltues a BOY?? *stuffs skirt down* geez, I know I need to see a stylist, but c'mon! @wildfeather king, what kinig?

ZAmmi: @mousewords Augh! Quick! We have to DO something, she'll end up in the clink! #temporaltues

mousewords: #temporaltues @ZAmmi Ack, if @CassieBarrister winds up in a 15th century jail she's doomed! We need a diversion, to beat a hasty retreat!

ZAmmi: @mousewords How about this... *sings as loud as possible* Deo gracias Anglia! Redde pro victoria! #temporaltues

CassieBarrister: #temporaltues *nervously hides behind @wildfeather as ppl close in*

ZAmmi: Owre Kynge went forth to Normandy,With grace & myght of chyvalry *crowd begins to join in*"Ther God for hym wrought mervelusly"#temporaltues

ZAmmi: *sings louder as King's caravan halts to listen* Wherefore Englonde may call and cry; Deo gracias! @CassieBarrister #temporaltues

mousewords: #temporaltues *Sneaks through crowd toward @Wildfeather & @CassieBarrister, grabs them by the arms while crowd is distracted*

wildfeather: Boy? She's.. uh.. he's an actor! Yeah- he's an actor in a mystery play.. dat's it.. all for ur entertainment! *tugs at Cassie* #temporaltues

wildfeather: @mousewords @cassiebarrister quick, scarper! #temporaltues 6 minutes ago from dabr

mousewords: #temporaltues *whispers* @wildfeather @cassiebarrister Come on, you two, back to @ZAmmi & the time machine!

ZAmmi: Deo gracias! God save the King! God save the King! God save the King *crowd picks up chant,King inclines his head &waves* RUN! #temporaltues

wildfeather: *runs thru deafening chant after @mousewords and @CassieBarrister* gaw.. patriotic dis lot aint dey #temporaltues

mousewords: #temporaltues @ZAmmi Acknowledged by a king, add that to the historic autograph you got! *runs, dragging @CassieBarrister & @Wildfeather*

CassieBarrister: #temporaltues @wildfeather I'm glad they are! *whimpers* *stumbles thru snow with skirt hiked up to knees*

ZAmmi: *slips thru crowd, skirting blood staining the ice from bearbaiting, wincing slightly* ugh. @CassieBarrister Serves you right #temporaltues

ZAmmi: @CassieBarrister what WERE you thinking? After I warned about trousers! *scolds breathlessly* #temporaltues

wildfeather: @ZAmmi ere! We're all in one piece aint we? *clambers into time machine* Dat guy dint look a fing like Lizzie.. or *sigh* Wils #temporaltues

CassieBarrister: #temporaltues @ZAmmi but it was COLD! *stares over shoulder at bearbaiting as they run* omygaw...

mousewords: #temporaltues One, two, three...*counts as friends climb into time machine* all accounted for, thank heavens

ZAmmi: Alright @Wendell_Howe, we're coming home! (And not a moment too soon! *glare @Cassiebarrister*) #temporaltues

CassieBarrister: #temporaltues @ZAmmi *shivers & scrunches down next to @Wildfeather* stupid skirt...

mousewords: #temporaltues *Slams time machine door securely* Ok, somebody hit the red button & take us home!

wildfeather: *giggles and hugs @CassieBarrister reassuringly, passing her a cinnamon & apple roll to munch* Don worry- she's not really mad #temporaltues

ZAmmi: *slaps down hand on button* Home James, and don't spare the horses! #temporaltues

CassieBarrister: #temporaltues *smiles @wildfeather & noms cinnamon apple roll*

ZAmmi: @mousewords well, I think we've successfully proved Frost Fairs went back further than thewritten record *strokes chemise* (#temporaltues)

mousewords: #temporaltues Warmth steals into the time machine, melting the frost from the window. Ah...back to the future!

mousewords: @ZAmmi We've definitely dated Frost Fairs 2 the 15th century...& I've come back with a lovely artichoke dress 4 Christmas :-) #temporaltues

wildfeather: @mousewords @ZAmmi How come I could understand what most people said, but not the dudes on the wagon stage? #temporaltues

mousewords: @jobrieniii Here I planned to give you heads up on fiction events & forgot :-) Do you mind checking the #temporaltues Twapper? Seems 2 b lag

ZAmmi: @wildfeather that ws epic!History in action.I never knew they PERFORMED Langland's poems..Its cos he wrote in Midlands dialect #temporaltues

ZAmmi @Wendell_Howe apologies for hashtaghogging.. Thank you for a lovely trip! ^_^

Wendell_Howe@ZAmmi It's what it's there for. =);{

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