15th Temporal Tuesday - 13 October

Wendell_Howe: Tea Party, Sunday, 18 Oct. 2656, Office of Dr. W. Howe, History Faculty Bldg., University of Cambridge, UK. All invited. Please RT 6:08 PM Oct 12th from web

mousewords: Wait, Dr. Howe, can you make the tea party on a #TemporalTues so we can borrow Time Machines to attend? @Wendell_Howe

Wendell_Howe: @mousewords You could come from Tues?

Wendell_Howe: Tomorrow is #TemporalTues http://temporaltues.blogspot.com/ If anyone can't make #TemporalTea next Sunday...well, you have a Time Machine.

Wendell_Howe: @puelladocta Tomorrow is #TemporalTues http://bit.ly/UlmT8 You could always jump ahead to next Sunday. Photo of office Faculty of History Building

puelladocta: Oh wow. My brain has been to full too even think about #TemporalTues. Well, maybe just one....

puelladocta: #TemporalTues Set date and time to make it to @Wendel_Howe's birthday. I hope dress pants, long sleeve top and wrap sweater will fit fashion

puelladocta: #TemporalTues Okay, maybe not birthday, but I'm not quite sure of the occasion. There's his office! Lots of glass windows....

puelladocta: #TemporalTues I hope they don't have too many old janitor closets-turned offices! I need to get back in time for supper. Just a quick visit.

puelladocta: #TemporalTues I ran into the janitor. He looked rather bored, but pointed me in the right direction.

puelladocta: #TemporalTues Ah! People huddled around a tiny room, chatting with cups of tea in hand. Found it!

puelladocta: #TemporalTues I'm actually giddy! I feel like I'm about to meet rock star!

puelladocta: #TemporalTues Eeee! There he is at his desk. And he's pouring the tea himself! What a gentleman! Squeezing through the crowd to get to him

puelladocta: #TemporalTues OH MY GOSH! @Wendell_Howe is awesome! Seemed quite pleased I had joined him from the past. Had to add cream & sugar 2 my tea

puelladocta: #TemporalTues @Wendell_Howe and I chatted for a while, mostly him telling me a/b future. I kept wondering if he was going to interview me...

puelladocta: #TemporalTues That was AWESOME. I need to visit the future more often! Hope I'll have a chance to chat with you more, @Wendell_Howe!

puelladocta: #TemporalTues Highlights of convo w/ @Wendell_Howe. He told me people still listened to the Beatles & Tolkien was canonized.

puelladocta: #TemporalTues He also told me that no one remembered Twilight or Lady Gaga or Ugg Boots anymore. Just temporal anthropologists do.

puelladocta: #TemporalTues But people still pilgrimage to visit big exhibits on Elvis and Michael Jackson, whose original homes are long gone.

puelladocta: #TemporalTues I also had him do me a favor: send a friend of mine a letter from the future. That will blow my friend's mind! ^_^ So much fun

Wendell_Howe: @puelladocta Nice to chat with you, too. My birthday is 3/3. Sunday tea party will be...erm, WAS for some of you...no particular occasion.

puelladocta: @Wendell_Howe Ah, yes, it did end up being your birthday. I wasn't sure :D

Wendell_Howe: @puelladocta What!? I don't remember a big birthday party like that. My word! Now you've told me MY future! Don't tell the Institute.

puelladocta: @Wendell_Howe Well, it was at least a cozy number 12-15! I won't tell anyone! ^_^

puelladocta #TemporalTues Took a quick jaunt back to @Wendell_Howe 's tea party. Very small group, black currant tea, scones, lovely conversation

puelladocta: @puelladocta #TemporalTues Apparently overshot the tea party by a few months! >.< But two tea parties in one night, how lovely!

dannyson1: Hmmm I didnt have time to think of a good #TemporalTues story... I think its time for some time traveling HIJINKS!

kibitzette: @dannyson1 @Wendell_Howe #temporaltues sounds like a good place to spend time. Will be thinking about it til later today, after tasks. 1 day ago from web

dannyson1: @Kibitzette Yeah I usually try to make #TemporalTues into a nice little story. He also puts them on the site so you read it later! :D

kibitzette: @dannyson1 "she" makes an interesting guy?! ; ) Decided to put together a quick semblance of #TemporalTues B 4 tasks instead of after!

kibitzette: Again - @Wendell_Howe & @dannyson1 #temporaltues will be spent eating biscuits with Poon Lim December 1942 http://kibitzette.com/2009/10/13/133-days-on-a-raft/133 Days on a Raft

shadowsinstone: RT @Wendell_Howe: RT @markeroni Today is #TemporalTues http://temporaltues.blogspot.com (I'm thinking the Zero Dynasty, Egypt.)

shadowsinstone: #TemporalTues Could I return to 52 BC? Right about Rome. Yes. Research.

WebbWeavers: I believe this...Twilight Tuesday! RT @Wendell_Howe RT @markeroni Today is #TemporalTues http://temporaltues.blogspot.com...

Stonewoodforge: Today is #TemporalTues so I will be going to the tea party today. I'm in the mood for some oolong and I would like to meat Dr. Howe

Wendell_Howe: It appears @Stonewoodforge is using #TemporalTues to jump to Sunday's tea party since he will be busy next Sunday.

Wendell_Howe: That means @Stonewoodforge will be in Kennewick, US & Cambridge, UK at the same time. Bit of a Time Paradox. #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: Good thing I'm serving tea. It's very good for Time Paradoxes. No time traveler should be without it! @Stonewoodforge #TemporalTues

DeborahBrent @Wendell_Howe #TemporalTues If I can catch the early shuttle from Atlanta I'll be there with my special dbl chocolate chip cookies/biscuits

Wendell_Howe: @DeborahBrent Double chocolate chip cookies? Well, you are certainly invited! #TemporalTues

The_Kamikazen: @Wendell_Howe Has that ever happened to you, meeting yourself in time by mistake? Must be quite a baffling experience. #TemporalTues

Wendell_Howe: 2656 - @The_Kamikazen Heavens, no! The Institute of Time Travel is very careful that we NEVER run into ourselves! #TemporalTues

scablander: HA! I happen to know that's not true! Wendell has run into himself, just doesn't remember! http://bit.ly/qHtEY #TemporalTues @The_Kamikazen

indykitty: #temporaltues goin 2 da future 2 steal Porthos & take his place as ENT mascot!
lousmom313: @indykitty that's all you're going to do on #temporaltues?

indykitty: @lousmom313 I am also going 2 acquire MR's wardrobe & sell it on ebay #temporaltues

indykitty: @lousmom313 bbl need time 2 think. #temporaltues

scablander: @indykitty OMG! You did replace Porthos! Okay, what did you do with the beagle? Didn't shove him out into space did you? #TemporalTues

indykitty: @scablander No I sold Porthos on Ebay 4 big $ 4 the catnip fund. #temporaltues

scablander: @indykitty Well, as long as it was for a good cause. #TemporalTues

indykitty: @scablander I wonder if capt archer misses him? #temporaltues

scablander: @indykitty Unless Porthos was litterbox trained, loosing him might be a relief for Capt. A dog on a spaceship is stupid idea. #TemporalTues

indykitty: @scablander I agree but being a cat I am biased. DOGS SUCK! #temporaltues

mattlabs: #TemporalTues clocks were more accurate when there where less of them

trip_tucker: Usin' my #TemporalTues time machine to attend @Wendell_Howe's #TeaParty. Bringin' my own mug, chair and some Andorian Ale for the Professor.

Wendell_Howe: @trip_tucker I'll be glad to finally you at the Tea Party. Not a drinker, but I'll have taste of Andorian Ale, to be polite. #TemporalTues

trip_tucker @Wendell_Howe Cheesecake it is then, sir.

theladyisugly: I should join #TemporalTues someday. I'd love to meet Spencer and TS Eliot. :D

punktorian: #TemporalTues Oh to be at tea within the garden. The year: late 1920's. The china real. The tea strong. My gown flowing. Age of spiritualism

captain_erika: And boy, do we need it. RT @trip_tucker: RT @Wendell_Howe Today is #TemporalTues http://temporaltues.blogspot.com

ontheblob: #temporaltues Going to Rome July 18, 64 CE to swap Nero's fiddle for a drum set. Talk about some hot licks!

mrrustymonkey: Today, on #TemporalTues, I'm traveling back to the 30's, when I was brand new. I had mohair, no moth holes & I was filled with anticipation!

vonHogflume: For #TemporalTues last week, I'm visiting Tuesday this week. It's as dull as I expected. So, I'm off again. Cheerio!

ColinEnglish: on #TemporalTues I would like to got to Rome in 55BC to see if I can find any coins with 55BC stamped on them. D'oh...

Captain_Zaphod: #TemporalTues Went back a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away & altered the Death Star plan's specs from meters to centimeters.

CHCatMom: @Wendell_Howe #TemporalTues After Oprah's show on missing children, I would go back a 1/2 hr before known time of abductions.

Wendell_Howe: Lot of interest in #TemporalTea Sunday. Wish could use #TemporalTues to jump ahead & count how many guests show up so I'll have enough tea.

lauravdB: Waiting for an important email. Unimportant messages come by. It's a deja-vu from my dream, I realize. #TemporalTues

SusanDEisenberg: @Wendell_Howe I'm heading back to my hometown of @Cohoes (NY) in October of 1857 to see Harmony Mils in operation. #temporaltues

MU_Briana_Storm: Hm? Wonder what would be said if I used #temporaltues & showed up for the tea party? Oh right. Can't get to the otherverse. *sighs*


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